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Friday, January 29, 2010

What Should I Blog?

Haha.. Lately, I dun have any idea on what to blog.. And, I dun have a mood to hold my camera and snap my baby's picture.. Usually, I'll always capture everything he did, almost every single thing okay! So that I'll not miss any moment of it.. Macam papparazzi la plak kan.. hahaha..

Owh~ I miss the moment we went out together and have our outdoor photoshoot.. Eventho hubby has 4 days off from his work, but we didn't manage to do everything that we plan to do.. Every day we'll wake up quite late coz Arsyad usually will be sleeping around 1 to 2 am in the morning.. And, I'm the one who'll be the sleepy mommy, coz Arsyad sometimes will wake up every 1/2 an hour for his milk.. Lately, Arsyad mcm mengigau mlm2, tiba2 je nangis macam mengamuk.. Bagi susu pon, still nangis.. I dun know why.. I'll recite 3 Qul, Kursi, Al-Fatihah, Zikir, Selawat and any Surah that I can remember everytime I breastfeed him.. Hopefully tonight he'll have a nice sleep.. Mama nak tido jugak sayang~

And I can't wait this coming 3rd February coz we're going back to our hometown.. Yea~ Actually, we're planning to go back home this Chinese New Year holiday, but hubby has to work and besides that the flight ticket is quite expensive at that time.. Owh~ can't wait!! Nak makan keropok lekor, nasi dagang, laksam, ikan celup tepung and many more.. huhu~ Hopefully Arsyad will behave along the way..

Btw, I managed to capture this picture of Arsyad few days ago.. Caught him trying to climb up on his baby box.. Tiba-tiba je diam, rupa2 nye tgh berusaha nak panjat atas tuh.. Sabo je la anakanda oooii...

It is so easy for him.. Mmg tak bley duduk diam lgsg.. :-)

Ada jugak nangis coz he thought mama's gonna yell at him.. haha

Okay, need to go to sleep now, tomorrow has to wake up early.. I've a breakfast date with my sista, Jem.. Then off to SDMC to visit my sista, Yanie.. Hopefully she'll be excited to see both of us tomorrow.. :-)

Have a nice day guys~


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