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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Precious Milk

I've started pumping my breast since arsyad 4 days old as my breast started to engorge very badly..since that day, i've never stop pumping..usually i'll pump around 5 am, when i wake up in the morning (around 8 am), 11 am n 1 more time in the lil Arsyad will have his milk about 30 - 45 minutes once, n i just give him 1 side only at a time to make sure he got enuf supply (so that he'll get not just water but fat as, for the first 5 - 10 minutes, our milk just contains if u change too fast, ur baby will not get enuf n that is why people always said they dun have enuf milk as their baby always cry..of coz baby akan nangis klau tak kenyang), its ok if u just give 1 side of ur breast until ur baby is full, then u can pump on the other side..

n since that day as well, my milk dah penuh in my freezer n i'll discard it when it is more than 3 months..i know people will always said that i'm with my baby 24-7, so why still pumping??for me, i'm not just pump bcoz i want to use that milk, but it is to stimulate the that my milk supply will be more n more, n InsyaAllah enuf till he is 2 years old..n who knows if anything happen in the future, n i need to use that, doesn't matter whether we use it or not, tak rugi pon kita pump kan..

actually, my story is about all my precious milk (EBM) has gone..not gone bcoz of kene curi but then my freezer happened when we went back to our hometown on labour day..when we reached at home, i've told my hubby "ape yg bau busuk sgt ni??"..scared at first as i'm thinking something else..haha..then suddenly i've heard my freezer's will beeping if it is open..aaaaaaaa!!at that time, i'm just thinking about my EBM..semua dh hubby siap ckp sabar ek coz he knows i'll be so sad n tension as need to clean up everything..yeah~ i'll not use that milk, but still it is very sad to see all my milk wasted just like that..

Ni baru suku..actually there are more :(
Now, i've to start all over again.. :(

Monday, May 25, 2009

- What A Bad Day -

As i mentioned in my last entry, today we'll go out again for sandal, after doing some laundry, washed all the dishes, off we went to The Gardens & Mid Valley Megamall..had a quick lunch at Teppanyaki, then window shopping at Isetan n Robinson, The Garden..while searching for the lucky sandal, suddenly my hubby changed his mind..

- Hubby - " saya nak beli kasut la..tanak la nak kasut yg pakai tuk gi jln2, bukan tuk gi keje"..
- Me - "Urm..then takyahla gi keje"..

then, dia gelak kaw2 nye..actually i wanna said "then tak payahla pakai time nk gi keje" terpendek plak..hehe..of coz u've to go to work okay :p ..back to the story..urm, after looking for about an hour i think, still didn't find the sandal that he wants..then, arsyad started to cry n a bit cranky..then we went to nursery room at the 2nd floor of the room so is the first time i went is cold, comfy n clean..even all daddies can wait at the very nice far, i think this is the best nursery room compared to The Curve, Parkson  1 Utama, Jusco Sunway Pyramid..can't remember other places..n dun even mention places that doesn't provide the nursery room at all..btw, i didn't snap any piccas in the room coz Arsyad was soo cranky..he'll always be like that a week before he turns to a month older..hurm~ sabar je laa..usually people said, baby will have a fever when he wanna turn to another month..but in my case, he is just crying n want to be held n cuddle all the time (like what Zaky said)..hehe..n coz we forgot to bring arsyad's toy/teether, papa bought him a new Nuby's teether.. :) he'll be quiet for a while as long as the teether is in his mouth..he'll bite the teether keys sampai abes basah baju with his air liur..arsyad2~

Arsyad's new teether :D
3 hours later, we went back n headed to my sis, Jem's house..lepak2 for a while n after maghrib we wanna go back usual, i'll drive the car n papa will hold Arsyad at the co-pilot our house just 3 - 4 minutes from my sis's house so papa just hold him for a while..then when i wanna make a u-turn, just in front of my sis's house..suddenly there's a weird sound at the front of the car..i was so shocked n trus matikan kete..then my hubby told me to start the car again n drive..i'm so damn scared to drive, so i've asked him to drive..when i went out from the car, then i saw the front tyre (the left one) was like tercabut, or i can say terkeluar from its shaft..we were so damn shocked as hubby's just sent the car last Saturday at the Proton Edar service centre to change the timing belt n do the bearings n what not where i can't really understand what its all about..n hubby said, it will not be like that if they (mechanics) didn't "overtoque" the bolt ..i dun even know what does the word means, but that is what his friend, an aircraft engineer said..huh~ luckily we are not at the highway n nothing bad happens to all of us..thank GOD!!all of us stay at my sis's house tonite..

Our car in front of neighbour's house :(

Lots of things need to be done tomorrow..hubby has to take EL..the Proton Edar people will come here n take care of everything..i don't know how the bolt boley tercabut n patah..logically, for me who doesn't know anything about cars, the bolt must be strong enuf to hold the tyre..gggrr!!really pissed off with Proton Edar's people..we've paid a lot for maintenance at the Proton Service Centre itself to ensure our car is very well taken care of rather than just send our car to other workshop..but then, they themselves do not guarantee the quality of their service..really2 frustrated wif our local car..

p/s: my hubby said he was very2 sad n dissapointed wif the car n now NewCastle United has been relegated from the EPL.. *ape kaitan pon i n hahaha..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Boring Weekend~

woo~ its about a week after my last entry..sigh~ well..there's no special occassion for the past 1 week n i've had a bad bad day..not just 1 day, but few days..first, bcoz of my eyes..i've had an eye infection, quite bad..its like my right eye kene tumbuk jek..everytime i woke up at night to bf Arsyad n every morning, it was so damn hard to open my was really2 hurt..n everytime solat, especially when i 'sujud', huh~ it hurts sampai ke kepala..i was so worried if my little one n hubby would affected as far, Alhamdulillah dua2 nya what did i do??just sat at home, watching tv, read novels (aarrgghh!!so unproductive)..but there's a time i just went out to buy groceries @ Giant n have a lovely dinner @ Tony Roma's, eventho my eye bengkak+merah very badly (people just looking at me..its like they're saying "iskk minah ni, mata camtu pon nak kuar jln2 lg"..haha..who cares~ as long as i'm happy.. :p )

So today went out wif hubby n of coz my lil one..went to The Curve & Bangsar Village for birthday present n sandal hunting..luckily, we managed to buy the birthday present that both of us were agreed on..but on the other hand, still couldn't find sandal for hubby..went to Clarks;

-Hubby -"Urm~ kasut dia ok laa..tak suka sgt design sandal dia"..
- Me -"ok dear".. then we went to Aldo;
- Hubby -"nice la this one..mmm~ got sale or not this one?"..
- Me -"no discount for sandals dear, only shoes have discount..its ok, just buy it"..

Then we just went out from that boutique without buying anything (actually did buy something for me..haha)..aiyaa~ tomorrow have to go out n look for a sandal it so hard to buy a nice n good looking sandal??i love the Clarks one, but he doesn't..the Aldo is nice too, but its so damn expensive for just a simple sandal like that..maybe man is just so hard in choosing things when it comes to "shopping" actually man is more "cerewet" than us, ladies..true or not??hehe..whateva it is, better luck tomorrow~

Btw, really love Arsyad's outfit today, he is like a big boy now..he'll turn to 5 months old next fast!! 1 more month for ur first solid Arsyad..n we'll going back to see "Tok", "Tokki","Wan","Ki" n all ur uncles, aunties, cousins..can't wait to go back to Terengganu again :)

My handsome little boy :)..
he's so moody today, doesn't talk n smile too much..
He likes to make that sound lately..
n sometimes shouting to test his voice i guess..haha

Happy Family :)

p/s: i've received few wedding invitations this coming 30th May (Saturday)..sorry peeps!!i've to go back to my hometown - have family occassion...thanx for all the lovely cards n invitations & "Selamat Pengantin Baru" to all :) ..dun forget to upload all the lovely piccas on ur big day u all!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Arsyad's New "Fan"

Yeah~ Arsyad got new Mini Laser Safety Clip-on Fan..when papa came back from work, papa surprised arsyad with this mini fan..arsyad was so excited n can't wait to play with the fan when papa put batteries in is safe as the blades are made of soft foam n it will not hurt his fingers when he touches them..mama wanna bought it last time at Mothercare, but there is no yellow or blue color..but this one is more attractive as it has fascinating light patterns!!

arsyad tergaru2 kpale, terasa angin kat kepala ke arsyad??hehe..

Thanks a lot papa!! arsyad loves it soo much~ :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Arsyad @ 5 am In The Morning

He woke up as early as 5 am this morning..after breastfeeding him, suddenly he was talking but still closing his eyes..oh noo!! i knew he will wake up after that..then, he opened his eyes, looking at me with his smiling face..eventho mama felt sooo sleepy at that time, but when i look at my baby's cute chubby face, ngantuk pon mama just snap all the piccas using my phone..papa on the other hand was fast asleep eventho arsyad was talking loudly beside him..hehe

then after puas pusing sana pusing sini (360 degrees), then he fell asleep again..huh~ 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arsyad - Falling Asleeeep!!!

Arsyad's falling asleep while talking..luckily i've recorded it as he was talking all alone non-stop..mama n papa was talking with each other then hey!!i wanted to talk here he is, talking about what pon mama tak tau..

BUT, few minutes later we realized Arsyad was in silent mode, really quiet..hmm~ my lil Arsyad was actually sleeping..haha..its so funny~ mama told papa n just laughed looking at Arsyad..

Loves u baby~

Sunday, May 10, 2009


To all mommies out there~ SubhanaAllah..Begitu banyak sekali pahala untuk kita para, be the best mom to our children.. :)

Untuk renungan bersama sempena this Mother's Day:-
  1. Apabila seseorang perempuan mengandungkan janin di dalam rahimnya, maka beristighfarlah para malaikat untuknya..Allah S.W.T mencatatkan baginya setiap hari dengan 1000 kebaikan dan menghapuskan darinya 1000 kejahatan..
  2. 2 rakaat solat dari wanita yg hamil adalah lebih baik dari 80 rakaat solat wanita yg tidak, jgn la mengeluh setiap kali kita melangkah dgn berat kandungan yg kita bawa..ingat ganjaran Allah S.W.T kepada kita para ibu.. :)
  3. Wanita yg hamil akan dpt pahala berpuasa di siang hari..bayangkan 9 bulan kita pregnant, betapa byk pahala puasa yg kita dpt.. :)
  4. Apabila seseorg wanita mulai sakit hendak bersalin, maka Allah S.W.T mencatatkan baginya pahala org yg berjihad pd jln Allah S.W.T..
  5. Wanita yg bersalin akan mendapat pahala 70 tahun solat & puasa dan setiap kesakitan pada 1 uratnya Allah mengurniakan 1 pahala haji..
  6. Apabila seseorg wanita melahirkan anak, keluarlah dia dari dosa-dosa seperti keadaan ibunya melahirkannya..after giving birth to a baby, Allah makes us mommies like a new baby too, taking away all the dosa.. isn't that wonderful??the pain that we go thru, gets the benefit of taking away our dosa.. :)
  7. Sekiranya wanita mati dlm masa 40 hari lepas bersalin, dia akan dikira sebagai mati syahid..
  8. Wanita yg memberi susu kepada anaknya (susu badan) akan dapat 1 pahala dr tiap2 titik susu yg start breastfeeding our baby now..
  9. Jika wanita menyusui anaknya sampai cukup tempoh (2 1/2 tahun), maka malaikat2 di langit akan khabarkan berita bahawa syurga WAJIB baginya..
  10. Jika wanita memberi susu badannya kpd anaknya yg menangis, Allah akan memberi pahala 1 tahun solat dan puasa..
  11. Wanita yg m'habiskan mlm nya dgn tidur yg tidak selesa kerana m'jaga anaknya yg sakit akan m'dpt pahala spt m'bebaskan 20 org hamba..
  12. Wanita yg tidak cukup tidur pd mlm hari kerana m'jaga anak yg sakit akan diampunkan oleh Allah S.W.T akan seluruh dosanya dan bila dia hiburkan hati anaknya Allah memberi 12 tahun pahala ibadat..
MasyaAllah, SubhanaAllah..I'm so thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to be a mother..Yes, Allah put us to test, the patience to gain HIS rewards in bringing up our children ..May Allah give barakah to us, mothers..Amin~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Solat Hajat & Mother's Day Celebration

Alhamdulillah, our family gathering (kenduri doa selamat, solat hajat n tahlil) was succesfully held at my sis, Yanie's house @ Damansara (2 - 3 minutes from our home)..the event was started around 1230pm (waiting for our bro, pak imam a bit late..hehe)..started with solat hajat, continued with bacaan Yassin, Tahlil n Doa..then followed with Solat Zohor berjemaah just before we had our lunch..

Bacaan Yassin, Tahlil n Doa led by Abang

so, what did we have for the day??the main course as usual nasi dagang & pulut kepal from Ulik Mayang - sponsored by Kak Yah (next host, other menu plak kay), Laksa Utara - sponsored by Yanie (dun know where she bought it but its delicious!!)..n dessert for the day were akok from Ulik Mayang - sponsored by Kak Yah, Keropok Ikan from Batam - brought by our sis, Zie (kids love it..crunchy2 gituu) n last but not least fruits n dadih from me..everything was soooo yummmyy!!hubby n i went to our sis house again that nite to have our dinner..hehe..

our yummilicious food!!
everyone enjoying the meals :)

later when everyone was busy catching up with each other, Yanie surprised everyone with the delicious chocolate indulgence cake from Secret Recipe..its a little celebration for us, mommies as the next day is Mother's Day..thanks sis!!its my first Mother's Day celebration ever.. :)

Happy Mother's Day to all :)
our cutest nephews n nieces..actually they are more,
others are bz playing upstairs!!
i didn't snap the pictures on that day, busy with my little one..all the piccas were captured by our main family photographer, Abang..hehe..can't wait to have our next family the next venue will be at .....???wait for the announcement by the event organiser yerr.. :)

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