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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Favorite Spot - Modern & Simple Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe

I'm so excited typing this entry, coz i'm waiting for this for quite some time, 3 months to be exact.. This will be my favorite spot now.. hehe.. As I'll always cook and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner to my family.. :-)

As promised, this is my new kitchen cabinet with solid surface top.. I love it so much, easy for me to clean and maintain, so far.. hehe.. Still have lots of empty spaces up there, waiting to be filled up.. We'll start unpack all the boxes in the guest room after this and put all the stuff in this lovely cabinets..

We want something that looks modern and simple.. So here it is, after few times we did the changes here and there.. Maybe someday we will put the bar counter there.. :-) I love the white top as all the scratches can't be seen.. But then need to be careful as it might easily leave a stain on it especially serbuk kunyit.. So make sure u wipe it as soon as u drop it.. hehe..

The L-shape cabinet with 70mm solid surface top..

I've started my cooking for the last few days and I enjoy every minute of it.. It feels different as we pay a lot for the kitchen and of coz I took an extra care everytime I use it.. I even taught my hubby on how to use and clean up the hob, and what he needs to do everytime he washed all the dishes.. Luckily he just follow every single thing coz I know deep down inside his heart, he has to take care of the kitchen too.. hehe.. kene la pandai jage kan baru tahan lama :P

Tall unit to hide the fridge and washing machine..

Other view..

Actually our initial plan was to put the washing machine outside, but then we've to extend a bit to cover it.. So, we've to hold it first coz of our tight budget.. Later  on, we still can put the cabinet there, so should be no problem.. :-) With these L-shape and tall unit cabinet, our kitchen still looks spacious.. :D

I love this sink coz sungguh dalam, senang I nak basuh periuk belanga semua.. hehe

For our wardrobe, we can't do the L-shape one coz of our downlight.. As hubby doesn't want to move it, so we just do the simple one.. And we put another 2 feet on the left to make it like a walk-in wardrobe eventho it is not.. haha.. Actually we just wanna put like a board there to make the wall looks bigger, so that we can put the LCD tv there.. However, the salesman said that we've to support the board so he suggested to make a small cabinet there.. We just agreed as we can still fully utilized the space..

our wardrobe

Big enuff for us so far.. Still lot of empty spaces..

This is the one that suppose to be only board.. Got 3 doors and 1 of them, I hang all my tie rack scarves :-)

Btw, we did our kitchen cabinet and wardrobe at SCI Kitchen.. I'll make a special entry about their services, workmanship and prices.. Lots of things need to be shared and luahan perasaan jugak.. hahaha..

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Little Update..

Wow~ It's been a while since my last update.. I'm quite busy lately (eventho I'm not working, I'm still busy u..haha).. Last 2 weeks, my mom came here from Trg to look after my sista and her twins for a week.. So, I spent most of my time at her house, and of coz I'm the one who drove her to the hospital for the jaundice and post-natal checkup.. I'm glad I can help her.. I dun know how I'm going to handle 2 newborns and a toddler.. huh~

And, within that week also, my kitchen cabinet and wardrobe were successfully installed.. It took them 2 days to install everything, but we're still waiting for the magic glass window and sliding door to be installed next tuesday.. With the solid surface top installation yesterday, Alhamdulillah, finally we've our dream kitchen cabinet.. Huh~ penat tak payah ckp coz how many times we've to clean up all the  messes and dust.. I can't wait to cook in my new kitchen.. hahaha..

So, our next projects are our living hall, decoration and also Arsyad's room.. Wow~ loong way to go.. :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome Aidan & Aryan to The Family

My sis Yanie had delivered a beautiful baby boys  (yeah~ 2 boys) at SDMC on 5th March 2010.. Both of them are so cute, tiny and fragile especially Aryan with only 2.06kg while Aidan is 2.7kg.. Abang jgn buli adik sudah .. hahaha..



Congrats sis.. :-)

p/s: will update more photos after this..

Mama's Little Helper

Hehe.. I've got a new helper, helping me doing the house chores.. Lucky me kan? 

my cute lil helper :-)

setiap sudut sapu okay.. haha

angkat bekas2 tu sume.. bagus tol..

rest kejap..

mcm2 gaya.. :D

duduk pon nak sapu lg okay.. teddy on his lap..haha

Everyday tgk mama sapu umah, dia pon dh terer dh.. hahaha.. good boy~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Batik Stock..

Hi peeps!!

Do visit my sales blog.. New batik design is now available..

Drop me an e-mail at or sms/call me at 013-7732728 for quotation. :-)

Happy shopping guys~

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

When He Got A Chance to Play with Mama's Lappy..

Everytime I want to surf the internet, check my e-mail or facebook, Arsyad will always come nearby and cry out loud to climb up on the bed..He'll pretend like he is sleepy and wanna have some milk, so that I'll pick him up on the bed.. He'll have his milk, only for about 3 to 4 minutes.. Then, he'll start to turn around, and crawl towards my lappy.. Mula2 buat2 ckp dulu "tu tu" and point his finger at the screen.. Pastu mula la tekan2 keyboard, and use all his fingers to move all the images.. He loves to see everything moves left, up and down.. Mine is MacBook, so u just can move or change the layout by using 4 fingers or 2 fingers.. He loves doing it.. Mula2 try and error je, once dh tau siap gelak lg..hahaha..

watching Bob The Builder.. pastu gelak bila kuar another window there..

Before he can "knock-knock" on my keyboard, instead of typing..hahaha.. I'll put him down, on the floor and of coz he'll cry out loud.. Nak2 skrg dh pandai merajuk, lagi la dahsyat nye dia meraung.. Coz I'm a bit tense today, so I just let him play with my lappy for a while (dlm hati klau rosak, biar papa tanggung..haha), asalkan tak nangis sudah.. It was so damn funny watching him, trying to do the same thing like me and his papa did everytime we're in front of our laptop.. 

he was very excited bila screen jd camni.. haha

Just exactly like mama and papa.. hahaha
kejap pause, kejap play Bob The Builder tuh..
Siap tarik laptop tuh atas paha dia.. hahaha
excited coz kejap bunyi "tut tut" kejap bunyi Bob..
how to solve this problem haa? :D
Hmmm~ maybe like this..
gaya mesti ade.. hahaha
menaip sambil bunyi aaa~
this time, mama bukak words so he can see every single alphabet that he key-in..
besar nnti nak jd mcm papa ke?? haha..

Watching him doing all that makes me smile eventho I'm a bit moody today.. Love u baby and sorry if mama "ter"- yelling at you sometimes.. I'm not a perfect person :-(

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