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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Olay Total Effects Ultra Nourishing Body Wash

I went to Giant Hypermarket with Arsyad, while hubby is still having his meal at the restaurant.. I've to go first as Arsyad started to cry and cranky.. While walking and searching the things that I wanna buy, one girl came by and approach me with a smile.. I just whispered to myself, "Aaaarrgghhh!! Not now!! I dun have time to listen all these things!! No need to promote me anything!!".. But then, I didn't act like I dun wanna hear the things that she wanna say.. So, I stopped by at her counter and started to listen..

First, she tested the moisture level at the back of my hand.. And, guess what??!! It was 20.5 which is very very dry!! The normal one is 50 above.. Wooo~ It made me think of just how little care I take of the skin on my body (terpaksala merajinkan diri sapu lotion bagai kan?? :P) .. Then, she started to promote me this Olay Total Effects Body Wash, new products from Olay.. I've never use any of Olay products before.. I know about their face skin care with all the "anti-aging" formula.. But when I heard the "anti-aging" for body? I need to buy this!! I picked up the Olay Total Effects body wash in Ultra Nourishing for roughly RM11 for 295ml.. There are 3 versions actually - Moisturizing (for those has normal skin), Extra Nourishing (for dry skin) and Ultra Nourishing (for very dry skin)..


The body wash squeezes out like a mousse, but when I spread it, it has a very smooth creamy feel.. I don't use any bath sponge or puff (I don't like it so much), so I just use my hands.. For a body wash with body butter in it, I thought my skin might feel greasy after the shower or maybe a lil bit oily, but nope!! It washes off clean as a whistle.. My skin does not feel dry after that, so it helps!! But it does not exactly feel super moisturized either.. Owh~ I love the smell and so does my hubby.. :D

So, can a body wash help moisturize your skin? I'd stick my head out and say NO!! Just like facial cleanser, anything you wash off your skin can't help it very much.. I like the fact it does not make my skin feel dry after shower and that my skin does feel a little less dry eventho it doesn't last long enuff.. I think I'll stick to my Crabtree & Evelyn - after shower moisturizer.. It's just that I have to apply my body wash first, then the moisturizer.. Do I have time for that?? Hurm~ I doubt it!! Hahaha.. Whateva it is, it is worth to try this Olay Total Effects Body Wash.. All-in-one.. 7 in 1 anti-aging and body butter and reasonable price also..

Btw, there were another set of Olay Body Washes with colourful ribbons swirled in them but I was not keen on them..

picture -google-

So, have you tried this one? Like it? Hate it? Keen to try it? :)


  1. Hi..i fell like trying skin esp my feet are also dry..

  2. Hi dbalkis.. cuba cuba jgn tak cuba.. bau dia best~


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