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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Active Lil Boy

Since we moved in to our new house (almost 3 weeks already), I dun have so much time for myself.. I've to watch my active lil boy all the time!! It is so dangerous to leave him all by himself, playing in his room or even watching tele at the family area coz he'll climb up on the sofa and try to get down at the other side.. Huh~ I was so damn shocked when I saw he did that!! Luckily, I grabbed his feet as soon as I saw it..

See how he climbs up the sofa, then smiling at me just
before he put his feet to climb down at the other side..

Try to open the gate and put his feet on the stairs..
He discovers a lot of things nowadays and even understands more and more words.. Everytime he watches the tele, he'll press the button at the remote or at the tele.. Then, he'll pass the remote to me to switch it on or change the channel back.. Or sometimes, I'll ask him to get me the remote for me to change.. He understands it, and will pick it up and give it to me later on.. :)

Barney's CD must be in his hand!!
He loves to read books.. :)
Thanks to Ummi Ya and Wan Cu for all the lovely & colourful books..
Ever since we moved in, I've to clean up the floors everyday, every single day!! Arsyad loves to eat biscuits, and there's always some leftover here and there.. And of coz, "cik mut" pon berderet-deret dtg.. Well, everytime he wanna have his biscuit, he'll pick up the tupperware or tin biskut yg besar tu to me and say "Nak".. It is so damn funny watching him, trying his best to pick it up and walk towards me with it..

Mama.. Nak biskut.. :)
Owh~ did I mention that our house is just about 5 minutes from the Subang Airport?? So, we can see the aeroplane high up in the sky from our window.. And, everytime we heard the sounds, Arsyad will point his finger up, and look out the window to see the aeroplane.. He even can recognize the picture of an aeroplane in the book and point his finger up, telling me it is an aeroplane.. And I guess he understands the word aeroplane, coz he'll act the same thing everytime I say the word.. :)

Suka geledah handbag mama, try to get anything from the chest drawer,
pass me the remote control to change the channel and mcm2 laa..
He loves to help me doing house chores.. He'll help me put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine (mine is front loader, so he can reach it easily), then once I'm done he'll wait till I finish put all the detergent and softener.. Then, he'll press all the buttons there eventho it was not the correct one (luckily it has the child lock function).. But, he knows step by step on how I'll do it.. I guess he really watch what I'm doing every single day.. haha..

It is not just laundry!! He helps me clean up the floor too.. He'll be very excited everytime I took out the vaccum cleaner.. He'll help me by switching it on and off everytime I said so.. But most of the time, he'll just switch it off and immediately switch it on back after that.. Last time, he was afraid with the vacuum cleaner's sound, but not anymore.. Hehe..

He loves to play in his bathtub, with all the bubbles and toys.. But, everytime I asked him to go to the bathroom to have his shower, he'll run away from me so that I'll chase him.. He enjoys it very much.. He'll laugh out loud as if I'm chasing him from behind (padahal tak pon).. Once I managed to catch him, I'll take off his shirt and pant in front of the bathroom.. He'll stay put, waiting for me to take off the diaper, then he'll walk into the bathroom and having his looonngg shower.. Once he's done, he'll run here and there, naked!! Hahaha..

Owh~ lots and lots of things he learns and discovers everyday!! I'm so amazed with what my lil boy can do.. He knows the meaning of open, close, in, out, book, comb, stand up, sit down, drink water, kiss and many more.. He'll open his mouth everytime he wanna kiss me or his papa.. He loves to play peek-a-boo, always main cak-cak ngan mama n papa.. He recognizes car, Thomas train, cat, duck, Barney of coz and lots more, can't remember already..

Siap menyandar tgk tv, relax btol..
Okay enuff for now.. Need to go out for dinner and hubby has to go to work tonite.. :(

p/s: Alhamdulillah, I'm still fully bf my baby eventho sometimes it really2 hurts when he bites my nipple.. sigh~


  1. walking pagi ni..jumpa umah ikha...baca n3 ikha pasal baby boy ikha ni..mmg nampak aktif, mesti tak boleh duduk diam walo akak tengok..mesti ikha penat kat umah ngan dia hehehe...salam kenal

  2. hi akak.. thanks for dropping by.. mmg active pon, takle duduk diam.. penat yg teramat and mama dia pon dh kurus kering..hehe.. salam kenal jugak.. keep in touch ya~

  3. dear.. huhu.. cerdik tol arsyad skrg nie.. anak lana pun x jalan2 lg nih.. bila dia nk jalan n active cam arsyad..

  4. takpe sabar2.. nnti dh bley jln tak terkejar dh.. hehe..


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