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Saturday, March 31, 2012

4 Months Old Farrel

Cepat sgt la anak2 mama membesar.. Nanti mama rindu nak pegang baby lagi camane?? Papa selalu ckp kat Farrel besar cepat sikit.. Mama plak ckp jgn la besar cepat sgt yer sayang.. Sure Farrel dah confuse mane satu nak ikut.. Haha.. Janji anak2 mama sihat, ceria dan cergas selalu, syukur Alhamdulillah.. :-)

Hmm~ dah masuk 4 bulan ni schedule tido Farrel still tak berubah.. Alhamdulillah.. Bangun subuh hari, siang hari take nap kejap2 jer then bila mlm, once dh tido kul 8 ke trus straight sampai ke subuh.. Tp skrg mlm2 eventho Farrel bgn 2 kali je tuk minum susu, tp sekali minum sikit punye lama.. Penat mama sampai kul 4 5 pagi je sure mama dh mula rasa nak gastrik, perut dah masuk angin.. So trus turun bawah minum milo and mkn roti or biskut..

Bila mama or papa letakkan Farrel meniarap, Farrel dh pandai angkat kepala sendiri.. Skrg pon dah ade tanda2 nak pusing, sikit je lagi nak lepas sayang.. Usaha lagi kay.. Hehe.. Bila Farrel baring atas katil, Farrel suka tolak2 kaki Farrel sampai la makin lama Farrel makin ke atas..Bahaya dah klau letak Farrel atas katil skrg, dh takle nk duduk diam.. Kalau mama nak shower je for sure mama letak Farrel dlm cot,  baru tenang mama nk mandi.. :-)

Now Farrel dah pandai pegang teether, rattle and any other toys.. Pegang je trus masuk dlm mulut.. Suke sgt2 especially jari jemari Farrel yg gebu tu, suke tol masukkan dlm mulut.. Arsyad plak takle tgk klau Farrel isap jari, for sure tarik trus tgn adik kuarkan, then sometimes ckp no no no.. Kdg2 nak tergelak pon ade looking at them.. Si abg suke buat action, berlari, melompat, buat2 jatuh then si adik plak gelak sakan tgk abg dia buat camtu.. So funny looking at both of them.. Mama pon gelak sama sbb dgr Farrel gelak.. He will laugh out loud.. Haha.. Happy mama tgk anak2 mama pandai main sama2.. Harap2 sampai ke besar la mcm ni yer.. Mama tau Arsyad dah tak sabar nak main dgn Farrel tp Farrel still tak paham lagi la Arsyad.. Kdg2 siap excited main wordworld dlm iPhone tunjuk kat Farrel.. Farrel pon suke jgk tgk sbb colorful.. Sharing is caring kan Arsyad?? Hehe..

Farrel skrg nak org ckp2 je ngan dia.. He loves to smile and laugh.. Ckp sikit je trus senyum and gelak2.. Happy btol anak mama ni.. Hehe.. He will just cry when he didn't see mama or papa in front of him or bila poopoo or bila nak susu.. Alhamdulillah senang nak jaga Farrel and Arsyad.. Just sometimes ade la jgk bila dua2 nangis serentak, mau rasa nak pengsan kejap especially Farrel yg makin berat skrg nak didukung.. And at the same time abg nak ditepuk2 bermanja2.. It is hard sometimes nak layan dua2 serentak and not to mention to give my full attention to both of them equally.. Last2 mama yg stress coz rasa tak dpt nak bg sepenuh kasih sayang kat both of my kids.. But I'll try my best to give everything to both of you.. Selagi mama larat InsyaAllah mama akan bagi sepenuh kasih sayang kat Farrel and Arsyad.. Dengan syarat jangan buat mama stress2 selalu tau.. Hahahaha..
Ape pon pegi checkup, berat Farrel dah 6.8kg kg and dah 64 cm panjang.. berat naik sikit je dr last month.. Farrel is 300 gram heavier and 2 cm longer than Arsyad when he was 4 months old.. Tapi Farrel takdela sebulat and setembam Arsyad dulu.. Arsyad dulu pipi mcm nk jatuh dh, Farrel lagi tegap tp tangan tetap sama berketak2.. Hehe..

Farrel skrg suka sgt main air liur.. Rambut mama pon dh keguguran yg teramat byk.. Farrel suka test suara sendiri.. Mcm2 style dia buat sambil kuarkan air liur skali.. Arsyad slalu geli and for sure dia akan trus tunjuk kat mama suruh lap.. Haha..

I have to stop first, Farrel dah memanggil2.. Hehe.. Till then~

Monday, March 19, 2012

Anti-Aging Skincare

Since me myself in my late 20s now, I always looking for something that can stop my skin from aging. I am one of the loyal Clarins's users, however, I can't spend my money on their anti aging product range. I feel that it is a waste of money spending too much and I don't even know whether it will work on my skin or not. The whitening range is the best. But I think I wore it so damn long, so I need to change to something new. I keep on looking for other anti aging products. Dior, Lancome, Chanel, SKII, all are so damn expensive. Huh~ I keep imagine myself applying the RM100 bucks on my cheeks instead of the moisturizer. Haha..

me without any makeup..

After thinking for quite some time, I wanted to try Mary Kay anti-aging product range which they call Mary Kay Time Wise. I asked my friend to come over and explain to me the benefits and demonstrate a bit on how to use it. I just told her, I want something that is easy and fast for me to apply on. I just want to do 2 simple steps which is cleanse my face then I can immediately use the moisturizer after that. I don't want to use any toner or essence or serum. But I want to have a very good result eventhough I only use cleanser and moisturizer. Boleh tak?? Customer yang pemalas tapi nak result yang hebat.. Hahaha.. I know I have to use the serum or essence and mask to get a better and faster result. But, I don't have enough time to do all that anymore with my 2 kids around. 

without any makeup also..

Btw, once my friend demonstrate it to me on how to use it, I immediately fall in love with the cleanser. It makes my skin feel very smooth and brighten up my skin a bit. Then I decided to buy the Time Wise set which includes the 3 in 1 cleanser, age-fighting moisturizer (day moisturizer) and night solution (night moisturizer).

Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser - RM105

The 3 in 1 cleanser is not a foam based but milky based. You just squeeze a small amount on your finger, dot it to 5 areas (left cheek, right cheek, nose, chin and forehead). Make sure you wash your face first with a clean water. Then started to apply evenly starting from your chin, your cheeks and nose then forehead. You will feel the cleanser has something like the scrub but just a little, so that you can scrub it on your nose where your blackheads or whiteheads always appear. After you feel your face is well cleansed, rinse it off. Then, no need for you to wipe your face with a clean cloth, just leave it as it turns as a toner. But, if you are in a hurry just wipe it till dry. Hehe.

Time Wise Age Fighting Moisturizer - RM115

During the day, you have to use the Time Wise Age-Fighting moisturizer. Same as the cleanser, just squeeze a small amount on your finger, dot it to 5 areas then started to apply it evenly on your face. Make sure you massage your face upwards. And, don't forget to apply it on your neck too. Once you're done you're ready to go. You can apply on your makeup after that.

Time Wise Night Solution - RM150

At night, just use the Time Wise Night Solution. I love this one the most as I woke up the next morning I can feel my skin feels different. My skin is firmer and my pores become smaller. Love it love it love it!!!

muka baru bgn tido tak basuh muka tak gosok gigi lg..hahaha

So far, I've been using this Mary Kay Time Wise for almost 2 months time now. And I can see the difference already. I don't have any breakouts and mind you, my skin is very sensitive. I can't just use any skincare products as my skin will breakout and become redness. But, this Mary Kay Time Wise is good for a sensitive skin like me.

My skin is firmer, brighter and I can hardly see my blackheads and pores now. Most of the time I didn't apply my makeup anymore as I feel very confident that my skin looks great. Even some people ask me in the surau at the mall what skincare did I use for my daily routine. Can you imagine that? I guess I'll be loyal to Mary Kay plak after this. Haha.

For those who want to look younger and see the difference right away without breaking out your purse compared to other top branded skincare items, you can give it a try. All the products to boleh tahan sampai 6 - 9 months I think coz mine is still byk lg. Btw, when I say can see the difference right away, it doesn't mean that in a day you can see it immediately. But you have to consistently apply it on your face. Even me sometimes forgot to apply the moisturizer but still it gives me a good result on my skin. 

E-mail me if you want to give it a try at :-) 

Mary Kay still has other priduct range as well, whitening, botanical and makeup also which I did review in my blog. I will story about other range later. 

p/s: seriously mmg nampak berkesan and takde buatkan skin kita menggelupas mcm certain product. benda yang bagi faedah haruslah dikongsikan bersama kan? hehe.. sape yang tak nak nampak cantik n muda kan? yang penting.. niat tuk suami..hehe

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easy Way on How to Handle Your Cloth Diaper

Before I start cloth diapering both of my sons, everyday I'll google on how to handle these cloth diapers (CD) starting from on how to use it, how to maintain it and how to make sure they are all clean easily without making me feel it is the hardest thing to do. I know most of us mommies think that there are so many things to consider before start CD-ing our kids right? Me myself always think like this at first "ala..leceh la pkai CD ni..nak kene pre-wash dulu, takle basuh pkai tu pkai ni..bile dh leak nak kene stripwash la plak..susahnye..baik pkai disposables je,takyah susah2 nk pk".. That was me 3 years back, before I get use to the routine and before I started to realize byknye duit boleh jimat bila pkai CD..

some of my CDs

After you already confirmed that you wanted to fully cloth diapering your baby, doesn't matter if you want to start only wearing it during the day or only at night, at least you start to think wanna give it a try, the first thing you need to know is how to wash it. I tanak cerita la pasal jenis2 CD yang memang dah terlampau byk dlm pasaran skrg kan, pocket CD, fitted CD, AIO, AI2 mcm2 la.. I just want to share with all of you on how me myself handle all the CDs.

Firstly, takyah susahkan diri or terlampau merajinkan diri pegi basuh tangan. Sangat la penat okay nak basuh tangan tuh. Habis tangan u all ber-muscle nanti tau. Haha.. Everytime nak tukar CD, letak CD yang kotor (kencing sahaja, bkn yang poo-poo) dalam baldi yg kering dan bersih. I just put it in the dustbin yang tertutup to avoid bau yang kurang menyenangkan, yang ikea punye warna putih. Lagi bagus if you beli skali diaper pail liner letak dlm bin tu. So semua CD kotor sumbat dlm baldi. No need to bilas dulu, just kumpul sampai la you nak basuh. If baby you poo-poo, what you have to do is, buang poo-poo dulu dlm toilet bowl or bagi baby yg still poo-poo dia cair, just bilas mcm biasa. Jangan pkai berus, just bilas dekat paip and tenyeh2 sikit guna tangan. Memang akan still ade stain. So, if you rasa geli and risau takut nanti tak tanggal stain2 tu semua, what you can do is use a little bit of sunlight, tenyeh2 sikit and you can see it is all gone. Bilas sampai takde buih, then just put the CD in a different pail. Don't use the brush kay.

I sumbat dlm ni je..

Once you nak basuh semua CD yang kotor tu (usually I akan basuh once in 3 days time, jangan simpan terlampau lama, nanti you punya CD akan jadi berkulat), first thing you need to do is bilas CD yang you letak dlm bin tertutup tadi. Bilas je dekat paip to make sure air kencing tu dah takde. Dah siap, masukkan dalam washing machine. Inserts boley masukkan macam tu je, cover sila masukkan dalam laundry net. Jangan sumbat sampai terlampau penuh dlm laundry net takut tak bersih plak kan. So sediakan laundry net secukupnya. Beli laundry net murah2 je kat Giant pon ade. Hehe. Then, masukkan detergent. Make sure detergent yang sesuai, takde softener, takde bleach, takde enzym. Banyak yang you boley pkai, contohnya Pureen HAD, Lunacare, Autumnz detergent, Kuat Harimau, Ekonomi Handalan, soapnut, Cosway Kiddiewash, and many more. Just use small amount depends on berapa banyak yang you nak basuh. I basuh semua CD sekali ngan baju anak skali takde hal punye. Hehe.

I bilas camtu je after my son poo-poo..still ade stain no worries.. :-)

Bile dah siap wash, usually I akan extra rinse skali lagi then baru spin. Once dh siap tu bila you kuarkan CD2 tu semua, takkan ada bau hancing and you punya CD tak rasa keras. Means that you punya CD btol2 bersih. If you rasa keras sikit and still bau hancing, rinse lagi skali. Keras tu usually becoz of detergent build-up, rinse tapi still ada sisa-sisa sabun. That's why jadi camtu. And for CD yang ada stain, don't worry bukan CD you tak bersih. Normal la kan klau ade stain, for example klau kids minum air coklat ke minum milo ke tumpah kat baju kdg2 ada stain jgk kan eventho dah basuh. So don't worry. Just jemur you punya CD di bawah matahari terik, stain tu semua akan hilang. Trust me coz all my CDs mmg takde stain lagi so far. :-)

So easy kan? Takde la susah pon, basuh pon skali ngan baju anak-anak and dibasuh oleh washing machine. Hehe. If you btol2 follow these simple steps, you don't have to do the stripwash anymore. Later on if I ade buat stripwash, InsyaAllah I akan post on how to do it. But so far, all my CDs still okay takde leaking kat mana2 even pkai mlm2 pegi jalan2. So, malas la nak buat kan. Hehe.

Till then, happy cloth diapering.. :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sama Tak?

Both of them in Bumbo seat.. Ade iras ke? hehe..


Eeeeee geram dgn anak sendiri!!! hahaha..

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New to Babywearing? And Want To Try One For Free?

I think all of you must have heard about the baby wearing thing right? I didn't have a gut to give it a try for my first baby and I don't think it was necessary for me to carry him all the time. Besides he was okay lying down on his baby rocker while I'm doing all my chores.

me with my Jumpsac ring sling

But, Farrel is way different from Arsyad. He always want us to entertain him and always want to be cuddled most of the times. So, I can't get my chores done and even can't entertain Arsyad as well. So the only solution is I should try the baby wearing thing. I do have the Chicco baby carrier, but he seems like not comfortable at all. So at last I've decided to buy the ring sling, the simplest baby wearing as I just can easily pop in and pop out the baby without any knot here and there. It is just as easy as A B C. 

If you want to give it a try but don't want to invest, afraid if you can't wear it properly or your baby doesn't want to be put in the sling, you should try this Giveaway Contest. Easy, just click LIKE on their page here and spread the words to others. Maybe you're the lucky one and get your hands on their yummylicious ring sling. Good luck~

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