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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids and Cats

Does your kid loves cat? Or you just totally forbidden them to go near the cat? Hehe.. Arsyad really2 love to play with cats and he doesn't afraid to touch or even to pull their ears or tails.. Haha.. Everytime we go to Wan Cu's house, he'll definitely play with the cat..

Last week, he had a chance to play with the cat and the kittens as well.. This time around he can't touch the cat coz they're in the cage, sleeping.. And, Arsyad was not the only one who crazy about the cat, his cousin, Maira also the same.. Hehe.. Both of them are so cute playing together with the cat..

I don't have the picture of them playing with the cat.. But, I do have their solo pictures.. It has been so long I didn't capture my nieces' and nephews' pictures.. Hurm~ I need to practice a lot to snap great photos, especially the kids.. So, here are some of the photos.. Is it okay?? or K.O?? or so-so?? hahaha..

Ibu kucing yg sleepy~

Maira koyak2kan daun pokok Wan Cu.. hehe

Arsyad kacau cat tido..

Posing sikit Maira.. :D

Both of them geram btol dgn cat.. hehe

Of coz suami tercinta yg snap.. :-)

Suke dgr maira ckp.. pokpekpokpek non-stop..hehe

Tgk dari luar je la yer.. hehe

Mama nak jgk b'gambar eventho nmpak jaring2..haha

 Nanti papa bela kucing tuk arsyad kay.. Mama tlg tgk jer eventho mama yg suke kucing.. :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nice Canvas Printing..

I love to hang the canvas printing on my wall. Be it in my room, arsyad's room or living hall. It doesn't matter as long as it looks nice and simple. Our house is still lack on decorations, satu bunga pon takde (tapi I bukan la jenis yg suke bunga..haha). Both of us were thinking of to print ayat2 suci Al-Quran on the canvas and hang it, maybe in our living hall or papa's wall. Haha. He claims it his wall, so that he can do whatever he wants on his wall. I've no right to say "NO" when it comes to his wall. Haha.

And, I'm thinking of to put our family photos as well. But we still don't have enough budget to hire a professional photographer to take our family portraits. So, we've to put it on hold. Whatever it is, I do love this kind of printing. Very nice..


What do you think guys??

Testing My Broken 50mm Lense

It was so hard to snap my lil one pictures nowadays.. He didn't want to stay at one place even for a second.. So, in order for me to test my 50mm lense, whether I can still use it or not, I have to snap his picture while he is sleeping of coz..

Mr hubby accidentally dropped the lense from the bag, when he was trying to take out the camera. I don't know how on earth the lense was on top of the camera. It shouldn't be there. Maybe it was my fault, coz I'm the one who use it. But, as far as I remember, I 'll never put it there. Nevermind, dah jatuh pon kan. :-(

I can still use the lense, but have to be more careful coz it will break into two parts if I'm not. And, I cannot use the auto focus anymore, have to do it manually. Nevermind, as long as I can still use it. Quite sad coz the lense was only about few months old. Nanti beli lense baru kay sayang, camera baru pon bagus jugak.. Hahaha..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Indahnya Syawal 2010 - Part II

Okay, cite pasal Raya Part II plak.. This year, three of my sisters were not celebrating Aidilfitri together with us. So, that was why I don't have so many pictures this time around - takde geng yang giler bergambar ni.. hahaha.. I was the one yang akan snap the pictures, others didn't bother to snap.. Hubby on the other hand was busy entertaining Arsyad, kejap2 nak tgk cat, rooster, duck, cow and macam2 lagi..

This year, we didn't manage to cover all of the aunties' and uncles' houses, only on my side I think. Tak dpt nk pegi coz Arsyad was having a bad fever on 3rd day of Raya. :-(

Anyway, these were only the pictures.. No pictures of me, sedey jek... :-(

eh ade jugak 1 gambar.. hehe

 Arsyad malu2 kucing..

kepanasan dan kekenyangan..

my bro and his lovely wife..

Arsyad tertido kepenata.. and still tanak lepas orange tuh.. haha

p/s: sistas, jom amek gambar raya beramai2..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Indahnya Syawal 2010

How's your Raya? Hopefully all of you enjoy celebrating Aidilfitri with family and friends. Mine, as usual - fun, fun, fun and tired of coz. Hehe. This year, I just managed to snap few photos. And, I just have few family photos, only on 1st day Raya. I don't know whether my bro and sistas have our family photos, don't have time to transfer any photos from their camera.

This year, Arsyad was not so behave, and cranky all the time. Hurm~ He didn't want to salam everyone, only few, depends on his mood. He always wanted us to hold him, didn't want to walk at all. But, when he came back home to his "Wan's" house, he'll be happy and playing non-stop with his cousins. Sabo je la. Mama pon dh malas nk jln2 coz he'll cry and cry and cry.

Okay, enuff with the stories. Dun know whether there will be part II or not. Haha. Maybe I just put some photos only, then there will be part II, part III and so on. Hahaha.

Ni bukan pg raya, tp dh ptg muka pon dh berminyak..haha

Ni je gambar yg arsyad senyum..

Macam2 gaya..

Arsyad & papa..

Arsyad & mama..

Tu je la gambar kami sekeluarga.. Huhu~ Nanti sambung balik la part II.. malas dh nk upload.. haha

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dikesempatan ini, kami mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin jika ada sebarang kesilapan. Eid Mubarak. 

Berhati-hati di jalan raya, ingatlah orang tersayang.

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