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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Makan-Makan @ Ku Yah's House

Had our makan-makan and get together time at our big sis, Ku Yah's house last weekend.. I dun have mood to story anything, so just enjoy the piccas..

Our big sista.. thanks sis for the makan2..
nyum2.. :)

Yanie & Mr Hubby..
Jem & His Hero, Amsyar..
p/s: I'm so damn tired nowadays.. So, forgive me for not updating my blog everyday.. I tried my best to do so.. But then again, my baby won't allow me to stay in front of my lappy that long.. :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Progress..

I'm so damn excited everytime we went to our house to see the progress.. The developer already repaired the defects eventho there are still few more.. My hubby already scolded them a bit coz they didn't look at our defect list properly.. InsyaAllah our contractor can start all the renovations within this week.. And hopefully by this weekend i can see some progress and something different in our new house..

For our kitchen cabinet, we thought that we already finalized which one we will hire.. but then, after surveying few more designers, we already confused.. It is not bcoz of the price, but then bcoz of the material that they were talking about.. Different manufacturer called the material that we want with a different names.. Some said that it is not good, it will not last forever and some said otherwise.. The price of coz is so much different compared to Kian Classic that we booked earlier on.. So how?? I dh pening pk pasal kitchen cabinet nih.. I'm so damn afraid if the one that i want is not the same with what they are talking about.. Hopefully they can understand and can visualize every single thing that we're talking about.. InsyaAllah, by this week we can finalized the kitchen cabinet thing.. sigh~

For fans and lights, hurm~ so far we just did the survey at Subang and Kota Damansara.. Still didn't manage to go to Puchong.. Will do it this weekend.. If it is cheaper there, then we'll buy all the fans and lights trus.. byk tu nk angkut.. huhu~ Specifically i want the Alpha fan at our living and dining, coz it has a modern design that i love so much.. But then, it is quite expensive compared to other brands.. Hopefully, i can get those fans kay sayang?? hehe.. :P For our master bedroom, hubby insists to have 5 blades fan.. Maybe we can just buy a cheaper brand like Euro Uno.. and for other 3 rooms and family area, just the 4 blades fan.. Any brand is ok for me, as long as it is nice and have a good warranty.. :) For the lights, we just use downlights and one or two wall lights.. so tak payah pening2 nk pk which design to buy.. as long as it is simple and cheap.. haha.. sape tak mau murah kan?? :P

For the grill and plaster ceiling, we've already finalized it.. We don't want the wrought iron grill coz the design is so classy and quite dark.. As we opt to a modern style, so we just use the simple horizontal one, urm~ maybe a bit different.. hehe.. Just wait and see.. :P While for the plaster ceiling, we choose the simplest design, takde kerawang2 dekat tgh tu, just simple and plain.. But then, the simplest one tu la yg the expensive one.. hahaha..

Enuf for now.. Just a sneak preview of our home sweet home.. :)

Gambar depan je la.. dlm tunggu siap la..hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If You Happy And You Know It...

Arsyad loves watching Barney & Frens show.. He'll clap his hands when Barney sang a song.. And sometimes dancing with his own style.. hehe.. I really enjoy watching him clapping, dancing and sounds like he is singing along.. :)

Khusyu' btol tgk Barney..
He is so active nowadays.. He loves to play anything as long as it is not his toys, loves to put everything in his mouth and loves to talk too.. byk mulut anak mama ni.. hehe.. Everytime he discovers something new, either he makes a new sound from 2 things in his hands or new sound come out from his mouth, he'll laugh out loud.. haha.. he thinks that it is so damn funny.. and he'll do it again and again sampai bosan..

tembamnye pipi!!
dancing up & down..
if u happy and u know it,
clap ur hand..

tgh2 clap, look at his both hands..
haha.. so cute~
He loves to explore new thing, not afraid at all.. Now he can stand up without support, but then still can't make a step.. And he can climb up the stairs, of coz with our supervision.. We still need to stay behind him, afraid if he missed one step.. And the thing that i love the most is when he wants his precious milk, he'll say mamamamama.. hehe.. :D

Dh abes tgk Barney, belasah Barney cukup2..haha

How time flies~ my baby is growing up so fast.. after this he can walk, and then run till we can't chase him.. haha.. oohh~ i really miss the time when he is still small, tiny lil baby.. love u baby :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Tired Weekend..

So damn lazy to story, and even dun have any interesting story to share.. last weekend, as usual our routine activity, went to our house at Subang Galaxy to check whether the defects have been repaired or not.. and met few contractors for grill, kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.. Alhamdulillah, we've already decided which contractor to do the grill n plaster ceiling, and yet to decide for the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.. the price is reasonable or i can say the cheapest we can get especially for the wiring and installation for all the fans and lights.. so, just wait and see whether their job is excellent or not.. then, i can post my new house picture once it has been done..

And, we managed to survey fans and lights's prices.. just went to the shops at our house area coz we were so damn tired to go somewhere else.. need to go to Puchong as many people said that the price is the cheapest there.. that'll be our activity for next weekend.. huhu~ need to buy 6 remote fans, 38 downlights, 2 wall lights, fluorescent lights, and 1 or 2 decorative lights.. agak2 how much tu habis.. waaaa~ botak kepala.. almost forgot the sink and tap.. hurm~

Enuff for now.. more updates tomorrow.. :)

p/s: just got 2 new cloth diaper (CD) for my lil one.. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My 9 Months Old Baby

Went to my hubby's aunt's house at Gombak.. Arsyad really enjoyed himself as he can crawl everywhere he wants.. I managed to capture his cute lil face, playing around all by himself.. hehe..

steady jek.. few seconds after that,
trus terhantuk dinding tuh..huhu~

playing wif his key teether..

bite bite and bite!!

posed for mama..

watching tele dari jauh..

say something to mama..dunno what..

mama ni?? tak paham ke??
He knows how to clap, understand simple instructions like "come here", "clap clap", "no no" and "bye bye".. he is now able to stand without support for few seconds.. hehe.. he even dun realize that he is already stand up without holding anything, and sometimes clapping while standing.. :) and, he is really an active boy.. crawling here and there, panjat sana sini, helping me by sepah2kan all the toys and sometimes wanna help me cooking.. hehe.. eventho i'll be so damn tired chasing him around the house, but i really enjoy watching him doing all that kind of stuff, with his cute lil face, laughing and giggling.. :D

amazed looking at the tiles, as he saw his face..

so damn excited dpt merangkak sana sini..

taktau apa yg dia bebel..

asal pegang telinga Arsyad?? azan eh??

something caught his attention..
p/s: It is a very nice house Cik Pah.. really love the simple design and deco especially ur dry kitchen.. hehe..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Contractor Hunting!!

Huhu~ this weekend both of us were so damn busy - meeting with contractors, went to open house and also surveyed the furnitures.. Alhamdulillah, we managed to see 4 contractors.. Actually, we just did 2 appointments, but then another 2 just came to our house and quote us the price..

Lots of our neighbours already started the renovation, even our next door's neighbour already moved in.. waa~ so jealous!! We need to push the developer to repair all the defects at our house.. if not, we can't start the renovation yet.. So, this week need to sit down with hubby, compare all the quotations and then choose the lucky contractor.. We already have the design in our mind, luckily hubby was quite good in drawing.. haha.. it was easy for him to sketch the design to the contractor.. kalau suruh i, confirm contractor tu tak paham.. coz my hubby can't visualize at all when i sketched our kitchen cabinet's design.. :P

Huh~ i've learnt a lot about home renovation, the terms and so on.. Of coz need to study a bit about all the kitchen cabinet, the grill, plaster ceiling and etc., not just for our own knowledge but then to avoid from kene tipu jugak.. I always thought that the wiring is not that expensive, but then way i was wrong.. it is actually quite expensive!! But, if u got lucky, certain contractors are willing to do it for free if we do the plaster ceiling from them..

Hurm~ lots of things need to be considered.. we've already booked our kitchen cabinet, already bought the hood and hob.. Just need to decide the contractor for plaster ceiling, grill and together with the wiring for all the lights and fans.. For the wardrobe, 50-50.. It is not our 1st priority, maybe we need to hold it first coz of the tight budget.. Oh~ i almost forgot!! The curtains!! I haven't survey anything yet for the curtains.. Any suggestions??

Hurm~ that's all for now.. maybe i'll always talk about our home progress.. haha.. coz that is what we always discuss for the time being.. sleepy and tired already.. nite!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Raya - Day 3

Me & My Love
On the 3rd day of Raya, we spent the whole evening at our bro's house.. so all the piccas were captured there.. lots of photos but then i just managed to upload few coz Arsyad won't allow me to do so.. heh~ so enjoy our big family's photos.. :D

Me, My Love & My Precious..
Sleeping with the moo~
Mama & Arsyad
Me & My Lovely Sistas.. same ke?? hehe..
Me, Sistas & SIL..
Parents wif anak2 yg bermcm2 ragam..haha

Anak2 buah yg cute mute.. :D

Raya - Day 2

On 2nd day of Raya, we managed to cover 5 houses.. 2 of them were my bro's house.. so of coz, we spent most of the time at their house, catching up wif each other and of coz eat and eat again and again.. haha.. nothing much to story, just enjoy the photos.. hehe.. :D

Mama & Arsyad
Arsyad, Adieb & Aqil
Sistas & bro (tuan umah)
Yanie & Co
Zie & family.. just with their youngest..
I just realized we didn't have our family photo on 2nd day of Raya.. :(

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