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Friday, February 27, 2009

Majlis Cukur Jambul

Monday, 26th January 2009

The day where Arsyad's hair was trimmed. Arsyad was really behaved on that day. He slept soundly eventho people were talking loudly around him, touch his cheeks, pass him around. He only cried when poopoo and of course when he wants his precious milk.

All piccas are captured by Ayda, beautkids photographer. I'm very happy to see all the piccas. It's really meaningful to us. Just received the album few days ago.That's why this entry a little bit late. :D

Thanks to "Wan" and "Ki" (his grandparents) for all the preparation and wonderful moments.

My Cutie Pie~

The special dayArsyad wif mama n papa
Mama n papa love u so much baby..muahhss~

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Batrisyia's 7th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, 20th February 2009, all of my siblings in KL gathered together at Victoria Station, Damansara..all of us around 14 adults, 9 kids if i'm not mistaken..At first, we just wanna celebrate Batrisyia's 7th birthday, as usual just small celebration together with my sis Jem, Yanie..then the plan was changed as our beloved mom was here.. :) so everyone gathered together for Batrisyia's birthday even my sis, Zie from Singapore came down here..

Batrisyia was so excited as everyone was there to celebrate her usual Zafran also excited when everyone sang happy birthday song to kakak..haha..while Amsyar thought it was his birthday too, so he wanna blow the candle too..All of us have fun last nite, its quite some time we didn't gather will be much much fun if all of us, 14 of us were there last nite.. :)

Enjoy the piccas~

Arsyad + Mama + Papa


Yanie n family

Jem n family

Birthday girl - Batrisyia-

The food & Juices -yummy~-

Hope we can gather together again ya sistas n bros..Love u all!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zara Arissa's 1st Birthday Celebration

Friday, 13th February 2009

Today, Arissa turned 1 year old, 5 days after our anniversary. My sis, Jem invited us to the birthday party, not exactly a party actually, just a small celebration at Tony Roma's Cineleisure.
Arissa was so excited with the gift that we gave to her and extremely happy when everyone sang her a happy birthday song.

On the way to TR


Arissa with her sis, bro n mama

Happy Birthday Arissa!!

We're waiting for the next invitation sis, Batrisyia's 7th birthday :) ..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

Sunday, 8th February 2009

How time flies..I still can remember the day we got married..and now we were blessed with our little Arsyad..I feel so complete.. :)

We've celebrated our anniversary at The Apartment, The Curve..The place is so nice, it is decorated exactly like an apartment..a corner that looks like bathroom, living hall, dining hall and etc..And the food is not that bad..

Papa + Arsyad + Mama

The Apartment, The Curve

Our dinner..forgot the name already..

Our lovely night..

Thanks honey for the lovely dinner..Love u so much~

So Cute~

- 6 am -

I managed to capture this beautiful picture of Arsyad and his papa..Papa holds Arsyad for a while to burp him..then both of them fall asleep cute~ both of u soo much..

Arsyad and papa..Arsyad loves papa so much~ comfy~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Arsyad In Action

He loves bear so much..he will look, stare and talk to the bear especially after changing his diaper or after shower..But not so long tho, 20 minutes is the longest, then he will start to cry..

Now, arsyad is capable to smile when mama n papa talk to him..n sometimes he sounds like he understands every single thing that we told him..he smile back to us when we talk nicely, make a sad face when we told him not to be so manja, always wanna people to hold him..He likes to play on his tree house playgym, has someone to talk with him, less sleep during daytime and sleep well at nite (but, every 2 hours he will cry for his precious milk tho)..Good development for 1 month old baby :)

Arsyad with little bear

Arsyad watching tv on his tree house playgym

Papa n mama loves u baby :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Mama Breastfeeds, What About Yours?

When i first found out that i was pregnant, I always telling myself that i'm gonna bf my baby up to 2 years with GOD will. I started to google everything about breastfeeding through net. And luckily, i have 2 sisters who really2 into this breastfeeding. I got a lot of information and full support from them. This is the most important thing, moral support from ur family as it is not easy to bf ur baby especially for caesarean birth, like me.

I'm not here to say that i'm already successful in bf..its just 1 month plus, i'm exclusively bf my little Arsyad..InsyaAllah i'll continue bf him till he turns to 2 years old..I just wanna share my experience with all moms out there, especially for c-sect moms..

Well, what i can say is the most challenging part of breastfeeding is the 1st week after ur delivery..ur breast will start to engorge, ur nipple will start to crack and maybe some of u have experienced mastitis or breast abscess like me..U can read more about it in

Yes, it is very difficult and painful to bf ur baby, but plz DO NOT give up and DO NOT stop feeding ur baby..coz once u stop feeding them, ur brain will send a msg or signal that ur baby does not need the milk.Ur body's milk supply is closely tied to ur baby's needs. When the baby breastfeeds, signals travel from the breast to the brain to release the hormones (like sms'ing to ur mind :D). These signals are very strong. Hearing ur baby cry, or even just thinking about ur baby, can cause milk to flow. So, once u stop bf them, thats when the brain stop producing milk and ur milk supply is getting low. That's when people keep on saying that they do not have enuf milk supply. Actually, breastfeeding has a natural supply and demand rhythm. The more often u put the baby to ur breast, the more milk u will produce.

If u have the same prob with me, where u can't feed ur baby due to certain reasons, breast abscess, etc..u still can stimulate the milk by pumping them, make sure u pump every 1 or 2 hours..On the 1st week after my delivery, my breast started to engorge and my nipple started to crack very2 badly and it hurts me a lot. But still i continue pumping (make sure u use the best for me i use Medela Freestyle Pump and i think its efficient and does not hurt me that much). I think i'm very lucky as i managed to get,urm sometimes up till the first 1 to 2 weeks of ur milk is colostrum..some people will not even get 1oz.

my colostrum - I managed to get 3 1/2 oz -

Colostrum is a thin, white fluid excreted at the end of pregnancy and contains more lactalbumin and lactoprotein than regular breast milk. It is rich in antibodies, proteins and vitamins that are crucial in providing massive immunity to a newborn, that's y it's called "liquid gold". Colostrum is enough to nourish ur baby until u start producing breast milk.

Right after my little Arsyad is out, the nurse immediately place him at my breast and gently touch my nipple to his lips to get his attention. It is very important to breastfeed ur baby ASAP after ur delivery. As i was still in drug, i can't move even a bit to bf him. It is very sad to see him cried but the nurse and myself didn't giveup to keep on trying bf him. I tried the lying position even its so damn difficult to move. People said the side-lying hold is a good position for c-sect moms, yes its true. But not for the first 1 or 2 days or even 1 week. U've to stretch out on ur side wit ur baby tummy-to-tummy with u. Without a proper support, it may hurt ur wound.

For me, the best position to bf ur baby for c-sect moms is football hold. Place a pillow at ur side, or u can use the nursing pillow. Lay the baby on the pillow. Place the back of ur baby's head in the palm of ur hand. Ur forearm should support ur baby's shoulders and spine.

Football Hold

However, u may varied the position to avoid breast engorgement that can lead to mastitis or breast abscess. That's what i learnt as i've already experienced it. If u notice parts of ur breast are red, sore, hard and painful, and even worse u experience symptoms like high fever, immediately go to the hospital and get an early treatment. U may recover it earlier or else the doc will cut a bit to drain out the "nanah". It hurts a lot, u've to clean it up everyday and it is so difficult to bf ur baby. However, i still don't give up even a bit as everytime i feel the pain, i keep on thinking about my little Arsyad and i want the best for him which is keep on feeding him with my milk.

my weight = 4.6kg and my height = 56cm

Whateva it is, DON't GIVE UP, gather all the info and support. And most important thing is pray to GOD. InsyaAllah, with ur effort and doa, Allah will make it easy for u. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Childbirth

Saturday, 27th December 2008

Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hardwork, energy and emotion. Whether u opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, i would say giving birth would be one of the best experiences in life. Yes, it is for sure very painful, but it's the kind of pain that comes with joy and it is indescribable. And, how does it feel to have a new addition to our family? Of course, we are extremely happy right? That is what my hubby and i felt once we first hold our little Arsyad.

Well i have to say that my Arsyad's birth is something i will never forget. It was the middle of the night and i was wide awake dealing with contractions. Hubby on the other hand, was fast asleep. At first, i thought it was just another BH contraction, so i've tried to sleep and as usual dodoi my baby with "Lailahaillah" and "Zikrullah" so that he will sleep as well.

At about 5am, i woke my hubby up and told him about my regular contractions as i couldn't sleep at all. U know what he did? He just put his hand and rub gently on my tummy. Then he fell asleep again. Sabo je la laki aku ni. hahaha.. Anyway, at that time i was like "is this it"? It was my first time experience so i didn't know what to expect. I just waited for the signs to come, bloody show or water break before calling my sister Jem. And i really2 hope the sign showed before my sis went back to Trg.

Then, around 6 am, Yes!! blood tinged mucus. I was in true labor after all. My hubby was so relax and cool when he knew it. Actually berlagak cool je kot in front of me. hahaha! I called my sis, told her about the sign. After taking our bath, bought breakfast then off we went to my sis's house. I keep on recited "Lailahailla anta subhanakainni kuntu minazalimin".

10 am, we went to the hospital. Contractions come and go, and they were getting stronger each time. My sis herself checked whatever it was that needed checking. I was 2cm dilated at that time. Then i decided to go back home rather than admitted at the hospital.

4 hours later, my sis checked on me again (at home this time), i was already 4cm dilated. After having our lunch, we went to the hospital. We were led to the labor room and i got changed into a labor outfit. The nurse did the CTG. At first everything is normal, Alhamdulillah.

Then suddenly my baby's heartbeat is very low everytime contractions. I just heard my sis and her friends said "Type 1". I dun know what exactly it means, but i knew there must be something wrong. I just prayed to GOD, hopefully everything will be fine. Then after 1 hour waiting,there is no progress and my baby's heartbeat is still the same.The docs finally decided to do caesarean. It just happened so fast. The nurses changed my outfit and at that time i'm just thinking my hubby, my parents and my family. I keep on praying, really2 hope miracle will happen. Really2 hope i can have normal delivery.

I was in OT around 7pm. My little Arsyad came out around 7.27pm. Yes, i didn't feel anything, just can feel that someone pull and godek2 inside my tummy. But, seriously after all the drugs gone, only GOD knows how it feels. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Thanks to my sis, Jem, my hubby and my family for always being there for me. Support me to go through the tough time. I still can't forget every single thing on that day, and yes i'm a bit trauma. But, everytime i watch my little Arsyad sleeping, smiling, i can't feel the pain anymore. Itulah hikmah menjadi seorg IBU :)

My sis managed to snap pictures once my little Arsyad is out.

The next 2 days, i was discharged. Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything went on smoothly.

Hi everyone!! Call me Arsyad kay.. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Very First Entry

Finally, i manage to create my own blog. Even before i was pregnant, i always wanna have my own blog. But, i dun think i'm persistent enough to update my blog.

Well now i created one, mylovely-moments..

This blog is specially dedicated to my lovely hubby and my adorable Arsyad..i love both of u with all my heart..Every moments being with u is so valuable and beautiful that i wanna keep it in this mylovely-moments..Hopefully, this blog will still exist even in 100 years time so that Arsyad can read and appreciate every single thing i tell and share in this blog..

Let us pray to GOD, hopefully we can live happily ever after..

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