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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Superbaby

It is so hard for me to put on his diaper everytime after taking his shower.. I think most of us experience the same thing when our baby starts to turn over rite? So, I'll let him play rather than forcing him to lie down on the bed.. He'll become more and more cranky if I did that.. But he can do that just a few minutes, afraid if he'll "wee-wee" while walking here and there..
So everytime after taking his shower, he'll stay put for awhile while I'm putting his hooded towel on his head.. Then, he'll start walking and playing.. Just look at his cheeky and happy faces as I'm allowed him to play without his nappy, shirt and pants on.. It is good actually if we let our child play without their clothes on sometimes, coz they will feel free and fresh.. Hehe..

I love watching him playing like that.. He even didn't take off his hooded towel everywhere he goes.. And, he'll not be cranky anymore when I want to put his nappy on.. It'll be much more easier.. :) No need for me to struggle and force him to lie down anymore.. :D


  1. alahai...cutenye superbaby nih tak pakai diapers..hehehe

  2. aauwww.. cekciii nyerrr.. hehehe.. chommeyyy je kalau budak2 nih kan.. kalau lah kite yang buat.. lintang pukang orang lari.. muahaha

  3. hihihi...blh dah buat costume super hero pic yg 2nd tu pandai u amik angle tak nampak bebird arsyad..ahaks!!! cute..

  4. comelnya arsyad ngan hoodnya...\

    akak selalulah kene berkejaran ngan si irfan kalo lepas mandi...dia suke nyorok tepi petiais..konon2x ibu dia tak tau ler....

    kids...gituler..layan je apa yang dia seronok..esok2x dah besar panjang takdenye nak cak2x ngan ibu gitu kan.....

  5. Hajar: Haha.. cute mmg cute tp jgn smpai terkencing sudah.. haha..

    L@n@: cekcii kan?? klau kita, tak publish plak kat blog..hahaha

    Fiza: Haha.. most of the pictures nmpak bebird dia tuh.. susah tol.. dpt jugak amek 1.. hehe

    Kak Hanis: Mmg selalu berkejar jek.. tu la kene layan jek.. klau tak, lg trok dia buat perangai.. :)


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