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Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Make My Boy Sit In His Stroller And Car Seat?

I dun have a mood to blog about anything coz I'm so damn tired entertaining my lil boy the whole day.. With his crankiness and crying all day long makes me sooooo~~... urm~ dun know how to put it in words.. Sometimes he was okay, playing along with his cousins but sometimes he'll be so damn cranky and always want me to hold him all the time..

We went to KLCC this afternoon, just to have a quick lunch with my sistas and did some window shopping.. He was okay, sitting in the car seat, playing with his toys and books.. Then, he started to cry when I want to put him in the stroller.. He cried for few seconds, then started to enjoy his ride when I pushed the stroller.. After having our lunch at Little Penang Cafe, I'm having a trouble again putting him back in his stroller.. He was crying out loud, kicking me and pushing his body forward so that I can't buckle him up.. Huh~ everyone was looking at me, like I'm torturing my boy.. I dun even care what other people will say as long as I'm buckle him up.. And again he stopped crying once I pushed the stroller..

As we went out from the cafe, we stopped by at Kinokuniya book store to buy some books for him.. Actually, I just want to distract him a bit with all the colorful books, so that he'll forgot that he was actually in the stroller.. haha.. He was happy for a while, then he started to cry again once I pushed him out from the store.. I dun wanna let him walk on his own coz there were so many people at that time.. I'm afraid if I lost him coz he is little, u know what I mean.. Si kecik di tengah2 org ramai, mane nak nmpak kan? I dun know what else I should do to stop him crying and make him sit in his stroller.. I've fed him, change his nappy and he's already took his nap.. I even made silly faces in front of so many people just to make him stop crying.. :(

As I can't handle his behavior anymore, I asked my sista to just go back home.. Both of us came with a different car.. So I have to face one more problem to put him in his car seat at the back of the car.. He even started crying before I put him in his car seat, then crying out loud all the way from KLCC to Kota Damansara.. With the heavy traffics and raining some more, so you can imagine how long it took us to arrive.. I've tried everything to make him stop crying.. Sang all the nursery rhymes that I know, played peek-a-boo, trick him by showing him the aeroplane, cars, bus, truck, and anything that we saw on the road.. I gave him all the toys and books, but he threw them all away.. I can't focus on my driving with his shouting and crying.. So, I just recited Asmaul Husna, Selawat, Zikir, Al-Fatihah and any Surah that I can remember.. Eventho he won't stop crying, but at least it makes me feel relieve and sedikit tenang.. (Usually he'll stop crying once he heard the Asmaul Husna.. But not today.. :( )

Once we arrived at our sista's house, I took him out from the car seat right away, hugged him and try to comfort him by telling him that I was there, I'm not going anywhere.. I felt so damn guilty as he was crying out loud sampai dah tak keluar suara, mata bengkak, and muka pon dh merah menyala.. I'm sorry baby.. :(

Camnila Arsyad nangis.. sedey tol.. :(

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I dun know what else I should do to make him enjoy his ride in the stroller and car seat.. I did put him in his car seat and stroller from day 1.. So, I think doesn't matter if you put him from day 1 or later than that, maybe at this age of time, baby sometimes react like that huh? I dun know.. Anyone out there can help me with this? Really2 appreciate it if you can give me some advice on this..


  1. same wiff me jue, ariqa pun takmo duk lam stroller or car seat... mmg buat perhiasan tang car seat tuh, sy change ke seat depan... mmg bahaya tapi terpaksa kalu drve sorang2 coz kalu kat blkng... mmg die akan jerit sekuat hati n meronta2 nk kluar..kalu seat kat depan die cam enjoy tgk kete kat depan or lampu2 jln.. tp skang neh buat perangai balik.. tamo duduk dah.. haishh..

  2. jue, this phase mmg semua budak macam tu. kalo ada yang tak berpeel, untung mak dia. Faris pun sama, but then kami guna portable dvd player gantung kat belakang seat drive..bagi dia tgk cartoon/digital flash card. i recommend the digital flash card (cd/dvd) sebab nanti dia banyak belajar vocab dari situ. the best way nak layan dia, kita sebuat sekali apa yg flash card tu sebut, atau bila dia tgk clubhouse mickey mouse..kita tanya dia apa yg nak kena pilih bla bla. akak ada beli satu nursery songs kat Anakku, sekali dgn suami akak nyayi teman Faris. since dat, itu jelah yang buat dia ralit. lepas dia dah boleh cakap n faham, bila letak dia dalam car seat akak kata kena buckle up sebab papa n mama pun buckled up. tunjuk kat dia bila kita tgh buckle up belt. so dia tahu, yang semua dalam kereta pakai belt, bukan dia saja yang kena dera.

    bout stroller tu...heh, bila dapat kaki mmg susah sikit. yang ni akak tak boleh nak buat apa dgn faris. kalah terus.

  3. Laili: tu la susah kn klau kita sorang2 drive.. nak tanak terpaksa la biar je nangis.. tp tu la, hati pon tak tenang nk bwk kete.. hurm~

    K.Jua: Good advice~ bley try jugak kat arsyad.. hopefully it works.. at least he enjoys sitting in his car seat.. thanks a lot for the advice.. :)

  4. i was googling the exact keywords regarding this issue and bumped into your hiii there!*waves* and btw, i just had a baby and he's 3 months now and what can i say is..he totally detests sitting in his carseat/stroller when he's awake!is it normal for babies around his age to show this kind of resistance?if it's not, i have no idea how am i going to make him sit in there when he's a toddler.huuuge problem aye?haha

  5. ya facing the same problem when maira was 1 yr old..It just happens in sudden coz she usually enjoyed sitting in the car seat playing with her toys n books. we've tried so many tricks but then we bought a new car seat n it works! She just doesn't like her infant car seat anymore..Just to share with u that we bought a car seat with penghadang kat depan. so that, i can locked her first before buckled her up.. Memang dia x berjaya keluar. haha

  6. Aimie: Hi Aimie.. kalau 3 bulan dh tanak duduk dlm carseat/stroller tak tau la plak nk buat camane.. biase babies senang jek.. klau dh pandai jln tuh susah sikit.. maybe bg dia main ngan toys or make sure dia comfortable dlm carseat tuh.. btw, do keep in touch ya~

    Ya: Brand ape carseat yg ade penghadang kat depan tuh? tak penah plak jumpe.. arsyad ni kdg2 ok, kdg2 buat perangai tanak duduk dlm carseat.. yg kdg2 tak ok tu geram tuh.. hehe

  7. my baby pun takmau duduk stroller and car seat.. leceh sangat kalau nak berjalan berdua dgn dia.. especially bila my hubby outstation.. my trick now is give hime food/biscuit.. okaylah, diam sekejap sampai makanan dia habis.. then, i give him some more.. huhu..


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