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Monday, November 25, 2013

Lego Sale at Bangsar Village II

We went to BV II last saturday just to see the price of the Legos, whether it is really cheap or not. Anyway, the sale is from Toys r us. We reached there around noon, there were lot of people que to pay at the cashier and lot of people with their kids in the middle of the sale area to choose their favorite lego.

The space is too small. We even can't stroll our stroller inside the area. The lego is quite cheap, there were legos that are 30% off, 35% off and 50% off. Luckily Arsyad just wanted to buy the small Lego Chima which got 50% off. So 2 Lego Chima for him. While for Farrel, he chose Lego duplo of course. And I bought another lego for the future. 30% off is a really good catch. Usually I always buy their Lego around RM1++.. Got this kind of cheap price, it is a must thing to buy!! Haha..

Some of the legos that I bought. There are few more I didn't manage to snap. :D

I forgot till when the sale will be there. But for sure till Dec 2013. If your kids love to play with the lego, this is the right time to buy. :-)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Little Big Club, Johor

We went there again for the second time. Our last visit was a year ago when Farrel was 1. There were not so many changes at the place, just some new shops open nearby and Trader's hotel as well. 

The entrance fee is still the same RM55/person for The Little Big club only with MyKad/MyKid and free for kids below 3 years old. If you have legoland ticket, Or RHB credit card or Petronas Mesra Kad you will get extra 10% discount from the total price. :-)

Arsyad and Farrel were so excited playing in the theme park. We were managed to watch Barney and Friend's show as well as Thomas the Number One Train's show. All of us were having fun playing all the games over and over again. Luckily there were not so many people as school holiday not yet started. So, we don't have to que and just enjoy our time there.

Next time we will go to Legoland as you wish Arsyad.. Wait until both of you are big enough so we can play all the games together 😊

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The ABCs of Raising A Thinking Child

A is for Ask

Instead of answering your child's question with an answer, ask her to think of what a possible answer might be. This practice forces your child to think about possible solutions, hypotheses or reasons instead of lazily accepting a spoonfed answer. (It also eliminates an endless string of nonsensical "why?" questions).

B is for Brave

Dare your child to be brave and to march to the beat of her own drummer. Try to find examples in everyday life when you are making a choice based on your own reasons of what others are ding. If other families are staying late at the park (past your child's naptime), explain to your child that even though most other families are still there, you are going home to get some rest because you want to have energy for an evening walk later. By explaining your reasons and the consequences of your choice, your child will understand why you are making her leave earlier than others and that  it is okay to be doing something different when there is a reason for the different choice. Let her know it's okay to color outside the lines, inside the lines, or off the coloring page completely!

C is for Choice

When your child doesn't know how to solve a particular problem or an answer or definition of something, give her choices (like clues) and let her work out the solution on her own. This helps her learn how to assign value to and compare pieces of information and engages her critical thinking skills. Choices are also effective in teaching appropriate behaviour without scare tactics or a follow-the-leader mentality. For example, if your child wants to go out into the snow in her tank top, let her make that choice and see what the consequences of the choice are. Use this opportunity to explain the factors that go into making a well-thought out choice: like observing the weather to see if a turtleneck would make a more reasonable choice when it's snowing because it is warmer.

D is for Discover

The more your child is exposed to different scenes, people, cultures, food and experiences, the more she'll be able to understand the world around her and the idea that there are numerous ways of doing things and thinking about things. Even if you can't travel to far away places, have fun on local outings to ethnic grocery stores and try new foods, or just take a drive to the next town, the zoo or a children's museum. You can take little adventures online (like through the Around the World in 12 dishes series) or discover new adventures in books borrowed from the library.

E is for Experiment

It's never too early to experiment. Not just science experiments, but experimenting with different outcomes in art, math, science, reading and life lessons. Let your child engage in sensory plays as an infant and toddler to give her a direct, hands on experience with discovering the world around her. Let your toddler touch too hot bath water (under your supervision) to learn about hot and cold as well as a life lesson in testing out the water before jumping in. Little ones can even be trusted with glass or china so they become familiar with the weight and handling of objects.

* tips from The Outlaw Mom Blog :-)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Short Holiday to KSL Resort, Johor Bharu

We went to KSL Resort, Johor Bharu last Thursday, just before the school holiday started. Arsyad was the one who is very excited and looking forward to go to the Dinosaur Water Theme Park. Everyday, he will mention about it and keep on asking when we will go there. Finally, when the day comes he woke up early in the morning, get his shower done, brought his pillows and sit down quietly on his booster seat. Haha.. Just after few hours later, both of them getting bored in the car, then started to argue with each other. Sabo je la.. Kids will always be like that.. Haha

After about 3 hours journey, Alhamdulillah we safely arrived at KSL Resort, easily find via waze or google maps. The resort is attached with the shopping mall. We had our lunch at the mall and checked-in into our room. By the way, we booked our room at It is indeed a nice room, not so big but enough for 4 of us.

After got some rest for 1/2 an hour, we went down to the water theme park. It is free for all the hotel guests. The dinosaur water theme park is not that big but good enough for our children. They love it so much especially Arsyad. Luckily there were not so many people during our stay. So they can play happily all day long. :-)

There were 5 dinosaurs at the theme park, all of them were moving with sound. Arsyad and farrel were so afraid, so they were just playing in the pool that is far away from the dinosaurs. Haha..

Overall, we enjoyed our stay there. Maybe one day, we will visit the place again. :-)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Treehouse Sports Day 2013

Arsyad's school sportsday was held last month, October 2013. It was indeed a very successful and fun event coz it is not just about the children, but the whole family of the Tree House Islamic Montessori Playschool including the parents. The event were also called as picnic day/family day. We have to bring our own basket, blanket/mat, any other food to enjoy the precious time with our children during the break. I love the concept coz I know most of the parents don't have so much quality time with their children. So, this is one way for the parents to get to know of their children at school, how excellent they are and what they are capable to achieve. :-)

The event started with the marching parade starting from Baby Khalifah (age 1 1/2-3 years old), Little Khalifah (3-4 years old) and Junior khalifah (5-6 years old). The fun part was, most of the babies in Baby Khalifah's group were marching with their parents coz they got cranky when they knew their moms and dads were there. Then the Little's coming in with their Froggy mask and the Junior's with the bird and horse theme I think.

After the marching parade, then the game started. I didn't get to watch all the games. Arsyad was playing hop hop the froggy game. Eventhough he was a bit shy to hop in front a loott of other people, but he managed to finish it. I was so proud of him. Hehe. 

I can't believe watching my boy doing all those. He is such a big boy already. Another one more year then you will be in standard 1 Arsyad. I hope you can stay this young forever!! Mama loves u baby..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Trip to KL Bird Park

As we didn't go anywhere on that particular week (Deepavali's holiday), we've decided to bring the kids to the KL Bird Park. Alhamdulillah, the weather is very nice on that day, not too hot and it was not raining.

The fee for adult with MyKad is RM25 each and kids with MyKid above 3 years old is RM12 each. Below 3 years old is free. 

The park was quite big. There were not many birds that freely fly compared to years ago when I was 7/8 years old I guess. Haha.. But, at least the place was still nice, clean and properly taken care of.

There were bird's show which you have to take note the time of the show as it is not available all the time. And you can take photo at their photobooth as well with all the birds sitting on your lap, hands and on your shoulder. I forgot how much you have to pay for the photo, but if you use your own camera you just need to pay RM10. We didn't take the photo at the photobooth though coz Arsyad and Farrel was afraid with all the big birds. Haha..

All I can say is the place is very good for the kids to explore the outdoor. Lot of things they can learn, not just about the birds but all about the nature. We spent our time there for about 2-3 hours, then we went back home with happy faces. :-)

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