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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Bundle of Joy

Whenever i'm not in a good mood, there's only one thing that can totally cheer me up.. It's my lil one, Arsyad.. When he's not crying of coz.. haha.. Really love watching his face, especially when i'm brestfeeding him.. rase tenang jek when i'm looking at his cute and innocent face.. :)

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching our baby doing all sorts of things.. Either smiling, laughing, babbling, rolling over, crawling, trying to walk, climbing, sleeping or even playing peek-a-boo with others.. That is why they are called bundle of joy, they simply bring joy to our life rite??

Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Update..

Sorry for not updating my blog.. almost a week already.. hurm~ no mood at all!! just wait for my next entry.. dun know when.. till then~ chow!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update on My Lil One

It's been a while i didn't update his milestones.. hehe.. being bz nk masuk umah baru, didn't manage to story a bit on my lil one.. He can do a lot of things nowadays.. Very very active!! He crawls so damn fast.. And sometimes, he knocked himself on the floor.. Dh pandai merajuk skrg.. If i didn't give him to play with something that he wants, he'll put his head on the floor, on the carpet, sofa or on the bed.. Doesn't matter where, he'll immediately do that and cry out loud of coz..

He loves to watch Barney & frens.. He'll stand up, clap his hands and dance once he heard Barney & Fren's song.. It is so damn cute watching he did that.. Hahaha.. And, after a while watching Barney from the sofa, he'll crawl towards the tele, and end up he'll stand up, hold the tv rack and watch Barney.. I'll switch off the tele, tell him not too close, then he'll crawl back to the sofa.. Oh~ He sometimes try to imitate all the actions that lil children do in the show, like clapping, laughing and dancing.. Of coz dancing in his own way, up and down.. Hahaha..

Tgh khusyuk tgk Barney..

He can say lots of words now.. "Mama" and "Papa" of coz.. And, this time he understands those 2 words will refer to me and hubby.. Last time, he'll say mamamama, papapapa.. Now, he can really2 say "Ma-Ma" and "Pa-Pa".. Other words "nananana", "dadadada", "tatatatata" and few more.. Sometimes he can copy exactly what i said such as "Abang","Nak","Kakak".. "nananana' will either refer to his aunty Cu Na or sometimes he wants something, he'll say nananana.. When he wants his precious milk, he'll say "ma" that sounds like milk.. hehe.. pandai anak mama :)

Arsyad drinks from a cup now.. He understands when i say drink water especially after he has his meal or snack (biscuit, bread or fruits).. He really loves to explore, and doesn't afraid at all.. He'll just crawl to the room even if it is dark, and sometimes try to climb on anything.. I'll not put him on his highchair alone, coz he'll climb out and sit on the table.. It is like he's trying to be on the top of the world.. hahaha.. So dangerous!!! Everytime he plays with his toys, he is like thinking on how the thing works.. For example, when he plays with his blocks.. He explores on how to make the things spinning around and he'll put one block on the top of another.. Good boy!!

He likes to play peek-a-boo especially when he wakes up every morning.. I'll use the blanky to cover my face, then he'll pull it and laugh out loud.. Hehe.. So cute~ Everytime he wanna go to our room, he'll crawl very fast!! haha.. Coz he thought that we're chasing him from behind.. I can't imagine when we move to our new house.. Tak larat la mama nk kejar sayang~ hehe..

One thing that i realized he'll do everytime before he sleeps is he'll crawl towards his papa and land his head on papa's tummy.. hahaha.. Sometimes, he'll fall asleep either on papa's tummy, shoulder or hand.. So easy!! :D

U're growing up so fast baby!! Love u soo much!! mmmmuuuaaahhhhsss~

Friday, November 6, 2009

Breastfeeding Tips

So many people asking me about breastfeeding.. I am not an expert, but i can share a bit about the breastfeeding tips based on my experience..

Well, i can simply say, breastfeeding my child is one of the best things i can do for my lil one.. It offers a variety of healthful benefits.. Here are some tips on how to make it easier for u to breastfeed ur baby:-
  • Try to place ur baby at the breast as soon as possible after birth.. Ideally, this will happen right in the delivery room.. Please ensure that the practitioner will allow u to nurse in the delivery room if all goes normal..
  • Babies only minutes old will often crawl up to the breast from our abdomen, and start breastfeeding all by themselves.. This process may take up to an hour or longer, but we should be given this time together with our baby to start learning about each other.. Babies who "self-attach" run into far fewer breastfeeding problems.. This skin to skin contact will also help keep the baby warm..
  • Try to get some professional help, such as a lactation specialist.. In the hospital, u can ask if a lactation consultant or a nurse who is knowledgeable about breastfeeding can observe ur technique.. If u leave the hospital before receiving any guidance, make sure that someone with breastfeeding expertise evaluates ur technique..
  • If possible, try to stay in the same room with ur baby.. Tell the nurse that u want to fully breastfeed ur baby and want the baby to be with u in ur room.. Make sure u tell them at the beginning coz they'll consider u want to have some rest and they will take care of the baby at the nursery room.. Private hospital usually practice this..
  • Mothers and babies learn how to sleep in the same rhythm.. Thus, when the baby starts waking for a feed, we, mothers will also start to wake up naturally.. The baby shows long before he starts crying that he is ready to feed.. His breathing may change, for example.. Or he may start to stretch.. We, mother, being in light sleep, will awaken, our milk will start to flow and the calm baby will be content to nurse..
  • A baby who has been crying for some time before being tried on the breast may refuse to take the breast even if he/she is ravenous.. Mothers and babies should be encouraged to sleep side by side in the hospital.. This is a great way for mothers to rest while the baby nurses.. So that breastfeeding can be relaxing, not tiring..
  • Babies will take whatever method gives them a rapid flow of fluid and may refuse others that do not.. Thus, in the first few days, when the mother is producing only a little milk and the baby gets a bottle from which he/she gets rapid flow, he/she will tend to prefer the rapid flow method.. Just bcoz a baby will take both, doesn't mean that the natural method is not more beneficial..
  • Nurse on demand, up to 12 feedings a day.. This will keep ur baby happy and will increase ur milk supply to meet the demand as it grows.. Also, dun let ur baby sleep thru a feeding.. If it's been 3 hours since ur newborn last fed, then it's time to wake him or her up..
  • Nurse for as long as the baby wants.. Most newborns require 10 to 45 minutes to complete a feeding..
  • Try not to impose too many restrictions on the length or frequency of breastfeeding..
  • A baby who drinks well will not be on the breast for hours at a time.. Thus, if he is, it is usually bcoz he is not latching on well and not getting the milk that is available.. Get help to fix the baby's latch, and use compression to get the baby more milk..
  • Dun try and feed ur baby if he/she is screaming.. If crying has begun, do some rocking and soothing before u start nursing.. U can also try offering ur finger to suck on until the baby calms down..
  • The key to successful breastfeeding is a proper latch.. Before u leave the hospital, u should be shown how to get ur baby latched on properly.. U should also know that he is actually getting milk from the breast..
  • Position urself comfortably with back support and pillows supporting ur arms and in ur lap..
  • Position baby close to u, with his hips flexed, so that he doesn't has to turn his head to reach ur breast.. His mouth and nose should be facing ur nipple.. If possible, ask ur spouse to hand u the baby once u are comfortable..
  • Support ur breast so it is not pressing on ur baby's chin.. Ur baby's chin should drive into ur breast..
  • If u are feeling pain, detach baby gently and try again..
  • As long as you are comfortable and baby is nursing successfully, use whateva works for u.. There are a variety of breastfeeding positions to try..
  • It is very important to bring the baby to ur nipple height.. Leaning over ur baby can cause backaches, neck and shoulder strain, or sore nipples..
  • Whatever it is DUN GIVE UP!!
I watched this video during my pregnancy to prepare myself on how to breastfeed my baby.. Enjoy~

Hope these tips can give u some overview to start ur breastfeeding journey.. Happy breastfeeding.. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Finding the perfect countertop for the most active room in our home is really a big challenge to me.. The countertop must be durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and attractive right?? Is it possible to have all these in 1 countertop?? Sure, if we're willing to pay more.. :P

Let me share with u some info that i get from surveying all kind of countertops.. Eventho i've all the info, but then i still dun decide which one we will have in our kitchen.. haha.. It is so damn hard to decide as we need to invest a lot of money on our kitchen cabinet.. Some people might say that we just do it once, so just go ahead.. Others might say any material would be ok, as long as it meets the purposes.. Yeah~ true, but then we also have to think whether it is attractive or not?? haha.. As long as it is nice (at least to our own eyes) and meet ur house's concept, then it should be ok..

I'm sure most of the contractors will suggest u to do the concrete countertop and covered with ceramic tiles on it.. It is cheaper compared to others, durable, heat and water resistant.. Yeah~ for sure it will last forever, but then, u've to remember the tiles will have lines between it.. Even if u use 2 x 2 tiles coz it will look nicer, but then the lines are still there.. And it may be hard to clean between those lines, unless u use a darker color.. If u've 2 kitchens, i would suggest this kind of countertop for ur wet kitchen as u'll use it in daily basis..

Concrete Countertop
Picture - Google-

And nowadays, everyone would prefer the solid surface countertop.. Yes, it is nice as it won't have any lines.. And they come with lots of colors too.. It is durable, smooth, no visible seams and water resistant.. But then, u can't put the hot pan directly on the surface as it is not heat resistant.. Scratches can easily seen on the surface, but then it can be sanded out.. And, for sure it is quite expensive if u buy the imported one.. For the local solid surface, u can get rm120 to rm180 per square feet..

Solid Surface Countertop
Picture - Google-

What about the plastic laminate countertop?? It is cheap, easy to install and lots of color options.. But the cons are it won't tolerate direct heat, not water resistant and thin surface color can fade.. I won't suggest this kind of countertop as it is not durable..

For granite countertop, i would say it is good.. It is smooth, durable, heat resistant and great for baking preparations.. Some say that it is water resistant, but some say it is not.. After a long use, it will affected the cabinet.. It is expensive and for the large size countertop, it will have visible seams as they will come in one size only.. It is not smooth like solid surface top where they can be cut to the exact size that we want.. And, the granite one comes with limited colors only..

Granite Countertop
Picture - Google-

While for melamine countertop, i would say a big no.. It is clearly not heat and water resistant.. Sooner or later, it will affected ur cabinet coz it absorbs the water.. Unless u're really take a good care of it, always keep the surface dry.. Then u may consider this one..

Whateva it is, it is up to ur own preferences.. For me, i may choose either solid surface or granite countertop.. hurm~ still thinking.. I wish if i can have 2 kitchens, so i'll choose concrete countertop for my wet kitchen and solid surface for my dry one.. hehe.. I wish~ :P

So, which one u would prefer??

Seri Batik Gallery

Some of u might already know bout my batik business, which was started in April 2009.. For those who dun know about this, well this is the time for u to start visiting my sales blog at Seri Batik Gallery site..

FYI, those exclusive batik that i'm selling is solely from my family business and designed by our lovely brother.. Just take a look at some of our Hari Raya's picture.. Most of us were wearing batik which is from our own batik gallery..

Me on 1st day raya..
Dun look at me (malas nk pkai bj kurung :P)..
Look at my 3 lovely sistas.. :)
My bro's wearing kemeja batik from our gallery as well.. :)
The most right one is not batik.. the other 2 is..
My sista posed to show her lovely batik..
Dun look at the most left one.. haha..
my lovely sis..u can add on
some bling2 to ur batik to make it more gorgeous!!
This is our lovely bro, the owner of the business..
her wife of coz MUST wear Batik..huhu~
and btw, songket also from our gallery..
anyone interested, can email me coz i'll update based on request..
So peeps, feel free to browse thru my Seri Batik Gallery site and if u're interested just give me an email at or call/sms 0137732728.. Happy shopping!!

p/s: Thanks to all the models tak berbayar yer.. hehe :D

Monday, November 2, 2009

Watching My Baby Sleep

Watching my baby sleep is like watching a part of me breathe outside my body.. It is very peaceful.. I wonder if it'll be like this forever.. I love to watch my lil one sleeping.. Even if i'm dead tired and should be taking a nap or sleep myself, i can't help to just stare at him..It's been 10 months, the way his sleeps, his hands, the sweet arch of his lip and crease of his chin are still the same, unchanged.. :)

Here's Arsyad at his 1st week of life..

And here he is at 10 months and 6 days old..

Do u watch ur baby sleep?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dun Know Where To Start..

I dun know where to start, coz my head is so exhausted thinking, designing, calculating, reviewing.... and my body is so damn tired, shopping here and there.. oh btw, shopping for our home sweet home of coz.. not for my own self, hubby's or even Arsyad's.. hurm~ it is quite some time we didn't buy anything to him.. sorry kay baby.. mama and papa needs to focus on our home first.. hehe.. but hey!! we did buy him a highchair and cutlery from Ikea for him.. so it counts la kan.. :P

We managed to go to Puchong at Top Ten shop yesterday.. seriously!! u can get the cheapest price for ceiling fan there (i did compare it with other shops).. so for those who wanna buy the cheapest and affordable fan, this is the place u should go.. we did buy 9 ceiling fans, all 5 blades fan.. 2 for my sistas and the rest are ours.. and yeah~~ hubby did buy the Alpha ceiling fan that i want.. a bit expensive, but then we just buy it once kan sayang?? (cover sbb rasa bersalah..hahaha).. and we also bought 1 wall light-at the stairs, 1 censor spotlight-at the back of our house, and 4 6-inch downlights at the porch.. for other downlights at living, dining and kitchen, we need to buy at other shops coz they dun have the one that we want.. i'm not the one who is choosy, my hubby is.. hahaha.. jgn marah ek sayang.. :P

this is the one that we bought for living and dining hall.. :)
picture credit to Deko Bersama Eric..

So for other downlights we just buy it at Subang.. the one that hubby always want from the beginning.. but then need to order first coz sudah abes stock.. its okay, we just pay the deposit, and ask them to keep all the lights.. oh, and we also bought 1 decorative light for family area, upstairs.. hurm~ need to buy few more lights, fluorescent light (need to wait the contractor measures which size should we buy), lights for 2 bathrooms and store.. huh~ dun ask me how much did we spent for all the fans and lights coz i dun wanna remember..hahaha..

Our grill and plaster ceiling will be completed by this week, InsyaAllah.. can't wait to see the transformation.. hahaha.. hopefully there is no more leaking anywhere in the house, our contractor will check it before he starts the reno.. actually we have one at the porch, exactly in front of the front door.. the developer will fix it tomorrow, hope so~.. our autogate and aircond already installed.. but then they need to re-installed the aircond back coz they didn't cover the hole properly.. oh~~ i can't wait to see some progress in our house.. aircond and autogate doesn't count kay..haha.. :D

Now i need to think about the bathroom accessories, curtains, kitchen cabinet and alarm.. help help!!!

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