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Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Working On My New Layout..

As you can see, I'm changing my blog to a new layout.. And still working on it.. So sorry if it makes you difficult to browse thru the page.. I'm so damn sleepy right now and can't finish it tonite.. I'll continue my editing tomorrow.. And hope all of you will visit my blog eventho it doesn't look good.. hehe.. 

Till then~ wait for my new entry and my new layout!! :)

p/s: Why my counter jadi 1171 je?? Uuuwwaaa~ mane lg 10000?? :(


  1. takpe2...take ur time..ehehehehe...

  2. hehe.. tak sempat nk buat jugak.. berebut laptop ngan si kecik nih.. :D

  3. hi jue, waa dh bertukar design, dh ready ker dsgn nih??.. hurmm berebut ngan arsyad yer.. hehehe same wiff me, asal nk bukak lappy jer mula laa si cinonet tuh dok tarik2 nk tgk samer.. aish tak mo kalah =P

  4. tu la laili.. asal bukak je laptop ni mule la dia nangis2 nk ketuk sekali.. klau bg laptop mainan pon same jek.. dia nk yg mama punye jugak.. :D


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