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Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Time In the Pool

We never brought Arsyad to any swimming pool since he was born.. He loves to play in his bathtub, and I thought he'll enjoy himself in the pool.. It's just that the water will be so damn cold in the pool and that's the only thing that gonna makes him cry.. And I was right!!

Papa slowly put his feet first in the pool.. After few seconds trus nangis.. haha
We went to our sis's house at Casa, just to swim.. I didn't go into the pool with him, only his papa.. At first, he was crying out loud.. Maybe bcoz of the very very cold water.. And bcoz of there were so many people at that time.. But after playing with him for a while, and people started to leave, he enjoyed himself in the pool.. Splashed the water using his feet and hand, walked in the pool.. Hehe..

control macho lepas nangis..haha

start playing and splashing.. :)
Dah ok dah.. Tak takut lg.. :)
I should bring him more often to the pool coz swimming is good for babies.. It can improve our baby's confidence, a good exercise, gives him/her freedom of movement and has a positive effect on psychological and motor development.. And, it's fun!! :)


  1. yup2.. nani ada baca satu blog dia bawak baby dia g swimming masa baby tu 4 months old lagi.. slamber je boleh floating baby tu..

  2. Tuh la.. Kene slalu bwk arsyad pegi pool ni.. hehe.. klau tak berendam dlm bath tub je la.. haha


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