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Monday, April 27, 2009

My Baby Today

Welcome to the world of the 4 months old Arsyad, where everyday is filled with exciting new discoveries..n not to forget u're preparing to take on the universe, Arsyad..hehe..about now, my baby's laugh is likely to be the most welcome sound in our home..he's truly learning to communicate with us n others around him..what fun!!

so, his milestones this month:-
  • arsyad can raise himself up on straightened arms while lying on his tummy n look all around
  • he can grasp a rattle
  • he laughs out loud
  • he smiles spontaneously
  • he pays attention to very small objects
  • he experiments by making new sound
  • he recognizes mama n papa :D
what Arsyad is discovering:-
  • Hands - bcoz he can't crawl n of coz walk yet, my little one literally is trying to pull the world toward him..i noticed that he intently studying his hands (before this only his right hand, now both) some point he'll bravely stuff them into his mouth, surprising himself with the knowledge that these fascinating appendages actually are part of him!!n once after he has mastered this skill, he tried the tricky stuff, grabbing 1 hand with the other..usually he did that when he's having his milk.. :)
  • Toys - Arsyad loves brightly colored, squeaky n soft toys..he loves playing with his 'dino' as it has loops, easy gripping..n he still love his playgym, lie under the toys, bat away n kick at the brightly colored objects that hang within his reach..
  • Laughter - now he can laugh out's a high pitched giggle n the 1st few times it erupts from his mouth, he surprised himself..haha..his eyes will wide open..
Oh, sweet sleep..

He's starting to sleep on schedule!!usually he will sleep around 11pm (take a nap before that about 1/2 an hour), and wake up for his milk about 3 to 4 hours later..sometimes 2 to 3 depends..n his daytime sleep is more predictable now, typically morning n afternoon naps that each last for 1 to 2 hours..sometimes only 1/2 an hour or even 15 minutes..he likes to play more now..

Let's "chat"!!

arsyad is finding all sort of ways to communicate..
  • he's becoming our family's one baby band as he tries lots of new ways to connect with us n satisfy his own curiosity..doing a high pitch babbles again n again..
  • his smiles are more frequent n sometimes he fake a cough to get our attention..clever boy yer!!n i know he'll be very2 excited when mama or papa wanna lift him out from the baby rocker, by the look in those bright, eager eyes with his hands n legs kicking here n there..
  • he loves our chat time together..when he made "ah gooo" or "oohhss" or "aahh" n i answered him with the same tones n inflections, he will really2 enjoy it especially if i spice up my end with facial expressions n gestures..
And, one of the activities i enjoy doing with my lil one nowadays is reading him a book (doesn't matter my book or his)..we would lay on the bed together n i would hold the book above us..he would listen n stare at the bright colored pictures..sometimes he would sing along or maybe i can say "aaaa~~", "oooo~"..hehe..mama will buy u more books after this kay.. :)

Arsyad khusyu' baca buku :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Me Babies~

Got the link of the website from my sis, Yanie's blog..its so damn funny..hahaha..when i read the entry in her blog, i keep on laughing as the picture of the baby doesn't look like zafran at all..hahaha..

Just upload yours n partner's picture then the face of ur baby will come out, no need to wait up till 9 months..haha..its just for fun, so just try, i tried it few times, n the result as below..hehe..

wow!!rambut just like arsyad, when he was born..hehe

both of the girls' piccas, hmm~ what i can see is their nose..
looks the same..haha

so funny!!hahahah!!do they looks like me n hubby??whateva it is, my lil Arsyad is still the cutest..hehe..of course puji anak sendiri :D

1 day old Arsyad :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Playtime

Play is a child's "work" bcoz it accomplishes so many developmental tasks..when children play they learn about themselves n the world around them, how to relate to others n how to communicate..a baby's playtime is equally important for parents..lucky for us, as parents, we are our babies' best friend n first toy..yeah~ the mobile with the interesting color combinations n  the musical stuffed animal provide entertainment, but do they really promote cognitive skills n emotional interaction??

Playtime allows a parent n baby to share a glee, n draws a parent into a baby's magical world..tickle-tickle, peek-a-boo, n those made up interactive games are not only fun, but also bond baby n parent..the smiles n giggles that emerge make the simplest activities rewarding..research shows that our baby's 1st years are profoundly formative n that skills necessary in development, both physical n emotional, can be nurtured thru play..they're developing motor skills, responding to touch, smell, n most importantly gaining trust n self-image..

Parents appear to be genetically "wired up" to enjoy being with babies..1st movements, burps n yawns provide parents with lifelooong memories..a baby's 1st sound teach parents to talk in a special language called "motherese" that helps develop language skills..haha..only mom knows what her kids my nephew, Zafran..only her mummy knows what actually he is talking about..either lofty, mark, train, lorry, excuse me can become "abi" n the list go is during playtime that parents n babies come to know each other n learn to communicate..

Playtime is fundamental in the development of our baby's ability to express himself, interact with others n learn..he loves to communicate n we as parents are his receptive caring partner n audience in all stages of development..kicking, reaching, touching, gumming, wiggling, n babbling are all ways babies experiment with body sensations n motor me, babies were like small scientiests who experiment with their bodies n the world around them as they invent knowledge..

Although healthy babies tends to play whenever n wherever they can, there are some ways that parents can help turn ordinary moments into fun learning opportunities..create a playful environment..babies don't need expensive toys as much as they need time n a child safe space to discover themselves n their for me, games or talking during bath n diaper changing time are wonderful ways to interact n help my baby learn about the routines of life..arsyad's now knows when is the time he has to take his bath, n when mama will change his diaper..n let play happen..don't over plan for play or structure too many activities for our baby..quiet time n shared interactions that follow from baby's natural body movements n actions are the best way to help a baby learn through play..

So go ahead, start playing with your baby today!! As a baby, we are the best toy on the he/she grows, only a few objects are needed to stimulate n fascinate him/her..we as parents, are remain baby's favorite toy, teacher n fren..from playing, we're encouraging our little ones to become of the family encourages self-esteem n the confidence baby needs to take on the world n contribute to it as well..

Every parent wants to do the best job we can supporting our baby's growth..rather than buying lots of expensive equipment, what babies really need is our attention, observation n our the 1st year of life, babies are learning trust..they're figuring out that the world is a place where they will get their needs met, where they can make things happen n where they can explore safely..our job is not to teach them these things so much as to get to know them, to enjoy them, to provide safe n interesting learning spaces, to learn their unique communication systems n to be responsive to them..

So, play as much as u can while your child is still with for me, being with my lil Arsyad 24-7 is something special n rewarding..see him growing up n discover his new abilities everyday can make me smile all day long..

Arsyad's talking wif papa..
his papa just look at him, doesn't do anything..
but he was so excited..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Myra's 1st Birthday Celebration

Went to my hubby's cousin's house @ Putrajaya yesterday to celebrate Myra's 1st birthday..the birthday celebration actually supposed to be last week, but then rescheduled a week after as Myra was admitted due to high fever..poor little Myra..but now, she is healthy n really2 excited on her big day..

Eventho there was no cake n candles, it was still fun as all of us were there..with all the yummylicious food~~, siap tapau lg..hehe..all of us eat n eat n eat..again n again..hahaha..btw, my precious one was so behaved on that day..he slept soundly eventho people were talking loudly around him, kids were shouting, crying..but, he was not in the mood to smile when people touching his cheeks, play with him..maybe, it was so damn hot..even its already 5 o'clock in the evening, its still hot like 12pm in the afternoon..huh~ but, when we were in the car, he started to talk with his toys, n smile when mama sang him a song..

Ok, enuf with all the stories..enjoy the lovely piccas of Little Myra n our familia.. :)

Birthday Girl~ little Myra ~
Myra wif Mommy n Papa
Kiddos - enjoying the party
My precious~
Happy Birthday Myra~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arsyad At Play

Love these piccas of Arsyad..just captured it this afternoon..

Isn't he adorable?? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Like Papa Like Son

Arsyad is just looks like his papa..haha..
his papa always said "mini me".. :p

Arsyad will always laugh as long as papa is in front of him

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arsyad's New Discovery

Arsyad can rolls over now..didn't manage to capture the picture yet tho..n he can hold his head up..he enjoys it so much.. :) cepat merangkak ni nnti anak mama..n he push n push n push using his leg, smpai jatuh all his toys..can't leave him alone on the bed dangerous!!

First time he did it..yeay!!
He loves to see the caterpillar in front of him.. :)

Arsyad's trying very hard to roll over :)

Loves u baby~

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Weekend @ Sunway Pyramid

Its been a looooongg time we didn't go to sunway pyramid..went there for a walk with hubby,arsyad n my sis-in-law last Saturday..just wanna see its new wing..nothing much special or unique at the new wing, just the decoration inside it..i love it!!its nice and looks traditional..

After had our brunch at Pappa Rich, then off we go for photography session..haha..hubby captured all the piccas (only few that was snapped by me)..its just a short session coz arsyad started to cry, hungry of coz..went to Baby's Room @ jusco..its so damn hot inside the room!!at last, we've decided to go back home as arsyad dun wanna have his milk inside the come there's no air-cond, its a new building!!haaiisshh..sabor je laa..

Another thing that i don't like is the parking area..we parked our car at the theme park basement parking..we thought that it is link with the shopping mall as it is stated there "LG 1 - Access to the Shopping Mall"..when we went out, erk!!ingat sambung kat dlm building, kat luar rupa2 first, its ok..coz its not so hot at that time..then we saw stairs..we have to lift up the stroller, luckily its just few stairs about 10 i think..apo la mgmt ni, buat la proper planning..and think about mommies with pram ok!!iiskk2!!enough of complaining n enjoy the piccas~ ..hehe..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Solat Hajat n Doa Selamat @ Apeng's House

Last Sunday, all of us went to Apeng's house (just 2 - 3 minutes from our house) for solat hajat n doa selamat..All of us gathered together again!! yeah~ we went there around 12pm, solat hajat, then recite Yassin..i can't stay together to recite Yassin as Arsyad a bit cranky that day..coz its time for him to sleep..when mama stop baca Yassin, focus on him then he was ok, trus went to sleep..

After that, all of us menjamu selera with 'nasi dagang', 'keropok lekor'..yummy!!!lately, i always told my hubby to go back to Trg, wanna eat nasi dagang, laksam, keropok, and the list go on..then, suddenly nasi dagang at apeng's house..yea2!!i'm very happy, siap tapau lg bwk balik..hehe..thanks a lot bro..


everyone enjoys the food smpai menjilat jari..yummy!!
Photography learning session..sempat lg tuh..sabor je la!!

p/s: Alhamdulillah, doa kita dimakbulkan Allah..semuanya dah selamat and hopefully we were 
        blessed in everything we do..InsyaAllah..Amin~

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