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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Latest Update..

Wow!!! My last post was a very long time ago.. Suddenly I feel like wanna post something here while my kids are taking their nap.. Alhamdulillah I am still here, busy with my daily routines taking care both of my kids, sending Arsyad to school and homeschooling Farrel at home..

Arsyad will be 5 by end of this year and Farrel will be 2 this November. Time flies so fast. Later, I need to stop breastfeeding Farrel and one more year I need to send Arsyad to school for standard 1. I need to get ready and I also need to get him ready. So much things to do on my side and so much things to learn on his side. But me myself also still learning on how to make learning is fun. Doing activities with my kids are so much fun, but after that I just feel like wanna lay down on bed and just close my eyes and sleep.

I would really like to share my daily activities with my kids, which I think can give ideas and tips for all moms out there to do something that is beneficial with your kids too, rather than let them watching televisyen or ipad. Maybe one fine day I will share it with all of you. But for now, I just wanna say Hi there, hope all of you can still remember me and still wanna come and visit my blog eventhough I seldomly update any posts in here. :P

with both of my kids :-)

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