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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having Fun @ Yukids Island, The Curve

We went there on last Monday as there will be not so many people on weekdays compared to weekend. The place is just small so if there were so many kids playing around, it will be so crowded and they won't have a chance to freely jumping, running, climbing and so on.

We need to pay RM20 per entry for the kids only during weekdays and RM30 during weekend, parents are free. And it is for unlimited playtime but no Re-entry. So main je la puas2 dulu baru pegi jalan2 coz dah takle masuk balik dah. And don't forget to bring your own socks. Klau lupe bawak pon takpe, coz ade dijual kat situ. Parents pon kene pkai socks okay. Yukids Island ni pon ade kat Tropicana City Mall. So sape2 yang takde plan ape2 for their kids, boleh la bwk diaorg dtg main2 kat sini. :-) 

Btw, it is located at 2nd floor at the Curve. Sape2 yg nak buat birthday party pon bley kat situ. Ade tempat disediakan and of coz unlimited playtime for the kids. :-)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Makeup In Less Than 5 Minutes

I'm not actually very good in makeup. In fact, I don't even know how to put a proper makeup on my face. I don't know how to apply on the eye liner or even the eye shadow. So those the only 2 things that I will not put in my makeup list. But, eventhough I don't know how to do a proper makeup on my face, I still wanna look good and fresh and the most important thing is I wanna make it very quick. At least, I can finish my makeup by the time my hubby is getting ready to go out.

So, the only thing in my makeup bag are the liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation and the brush, mineral cheek color (blusher), lip balm and also the lip gloss and all are from Mary Kay. I did make a review loooongg time ago I think. I love it and I still stick with it till now.

 Muka b4 makeup..

I'm not a big fan of foundation coz mostly I found it so hard to wash it off from my face. And everytime I wanna take my wudhu' I have to remove it first using the makeup remover coz the texture is very thick. But after trying this Mary Kay liquid foundation, I'm immediately fall in love with it. It is very light and I didn't feel like wearing any foundation at all. Just squeeze it a little bit on your hand, then apply it evenly on your face. I even apply it under my eye to cover up my dark circle coz I didn't want to wear any concealer.

Just use a little bit of foundation.. Ni tersqueeze byk plak..

Once I am done with the liquid foundation, my 2nd step is using the Mary Kay mineral powder foundation. It is like a loose powder, just apply a very little amount of it on your face just to make your face look smoother. Owh~ I apply this mineral powder foundation using its brush. The brush is made of goat's hair so it can easily be washed whenever you want to clean it!!

I just apply the liquid foundation on the right..

After applying the liquid foundation from the side view..

My 3rd step is apply a little bit blusher on both of my cheeks. I use the Mary Kay mineral cheek color using the compact cheek brush. My 4th step is applying the lip balm on my lips then last but not least, the lip gloss on top of it. I use the Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss in Pink Diamonds. I love the shine and the color.

This side tak apply ape2 lg..

Dah apply evenly all over my face.. 

Si kecik ni kacau so mama sengih mcm kerang busuk..haha

So, all the 5 steps can be done in less than 5 minutes. I even can do it in 3 minutes. So, if I add on the eye shadow and the eye liner, I think I still can manage to do it in 5 minutes time. Haha. But, this type of makeup is just suitable for us who want to have a very light makeup and wanna look good and fresh. That's all. If you want to go to dinner, you still have to add on more. Hehe.

Ni after apply all..mineral powder, blusher and lip gloss.. 
blusher tak nmpak sgt dlm gambar.. Simple as I want it to be!!

Interested to buy those makeups, do e-mail me at I am now having a promotion, anyone who purchase RM250 above from me are entitled for RM20 voucher for the next purchase with T&C applies. So hurry up before the promotion ends which I don't know till when. So, grab it before I decided it is over Hehe :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cracked and Dry Lips..

I always have this chapped, cracked and dry lips, especially everytime I woke up in the morning.. I think it is because of the air-cond and sometimes I just drink a little bit of water at night.. Eventho dahaga still malas nak bangun and minum air even air kat sebelah je.. Bila dah breastfeed kadang2 tekak rasa kering sangat, tapi disebabkan malas trus tido je.. So blame on me for the laziness..

Btw, usually when I woke up in the morning my lips will be so dry and cracked.. Kadang2 nak pkai lip gloss pon nampak tak nice dah sbb bibir dah kering sangat.. I did apply lip balm before applying lip gloss on my lips.. But somehow it still didn't work.. I've tried apply the vaseline but it didn't make my lips better as well like some other people said.. 

So, I try the Mary Kay lip balm as I heard lots of good review about it.. I bought the Lips Satin set, the lip balm and lip mask.. I apply the mask once a week and I always apply the lip balm everytime before I went to bed and before I apply my lip gloss.. It works well on me so far.. My lips didn't feel dry anymore and no more cracked and chapped lips..

Lip Balm - RM35
Lip Mask - RM45

I love the balm!! Takde bau and rasa yang pelik2.. My lips will feel smooth je after pakai..The lip mask is used once or twice a week to remove any dry/dark skin and restore the structure of your lips.. Sometimes certain people bila pkai lipstick bibir akan jadi gelap, so this mask will help you to remove it and get back your natural color..I tried it and I loved the effect!! My lips are chapped no more! For those with dry lips, I highly encourage you to get this lips satin set..

Interested to try, do e-mail me at 

p/s: Malas plak nak amek gambar before and after.. Once rajin, I update the post with pictures.. :-)

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