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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Applying Calamine Lotion on Baby

Arsyad had bad rashes for the past 3 days, I think bcoz of the hot weather nowadays.  His face especially on his nose and under his right eye area got quite bad rashes, very red and sometimes it was like swollen. Last night, we gave him rhinathiol, he got better for a while, not scratching his nose and face anymore. 

I dun know whether today is better than last night. But I just applied the calamine lotion to his face, the same one that we use when he had the rashes all over his body. Hopefully, it will sooth his skin a bit and he can sleep well tonight.

I love this roll-on calamine lotion, just like our deodorant. :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey guys~ The Homedec will be held again at KLCC on 29th April till 2nd May 2010.. For those who are looking for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom accessories, fan, furniture and lots more, should not miss this big event.. 

Before you went there, make sure you have the list what you want to survey, floor plan for the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and of coz bring some cash to pay for the deposit.. Once you've all the list, got all the quotations, seat together with your partner and decide which one is the best!! Unless you have time to go back there again and face the crowds one more time, you can discuss it at home.. 

Last time when we went there, the price was not so much different with outside shops.. But then, it is the best place for you to do the survey as most of the top suppliers were there.. So, it is easier for you to do the survey at just one place.. You just have to be there as early as possible to avoid the crowds.. :-)

We might be there to survey the sofa.. Maybe we can find something that we want at the best price.. Hehe.. So mari lah ramai2 ke Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yea~ :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elyza's Curtain Review

I love to write reviews lately.. haha.. I just wanna share with all of you, hopefully it can be a useful information.. :-)

We did our curtain at Elyza's curtain at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.. It is a big name in curtain industry right? We did our survey at Beverly Hills, Crystalace, Baagus, Master Home and few more.. It was hard to find the one that we want - abstract design, simple, thick and heavy cloth and the most important one, cheap and affordable.. hehe.. Between those that we survey, I just love the one in Elyza and Master Home.. Finally we chose Elyza coz it is way cheaper than others..

There was only one problem that I faced with this Elyza's curtain - there was only 1 staff who handles everything.. She was the only one who did the sales part, the only one who need to go to the site to do the measurement, the only one who has to bring the cloth to the tailor and she also has to come over during the installation.. So, when there were hundreds customers within a week or even a month, she tends to forgot and messed up with the cloth, the hook and hard for her to schedule the installation date..

After confirming our cloth and paid the deposit, we've been waiting for about 3 weeks I think for the curtain to be installed.. And during the day of installation, the van was had an accident.. They don't have other transport so we need to wait a few more days.. 2 days later, Alhamdulillah the curtains were successfully installed except the one at the living hall coz the material was not available at that time and I insisted to just wait till the end of the month.. I was satisfied with everything except that they didn't put the higher hook for my master bedroom's curtain and the tiebacks were supposed to be velcro, but then they forgot to do that.. They promised to change the hook and bring me back the tiebacks when they came for the living hall's curtain installation..

As promised, they came over at the end of the month to install the curtain, change the hook, and again, that made me pissed off, they forgot the tiebacks, 2 at the living hall and another 2 at the master bedroom.. She promised me to give it back to me 3 days later, but then I've to wait for about more than a week to get those tiebacks back.. It is just a simple thing to do.. I dun know why it took them that long to do that.. And supposedly they come over to my house and send it to me rather than asking me to go to their office and pick it up on my own.. I didn't want to spoil my mood at that time, so I just let my hubby did the part of calling and scolding.. hahaha.. She gave us so many excuses, which made me more and more pissed off..

The workmanship is very good.. The installer did a very good job.. They even put something on the floor everytime they wanna drill.. I think maybe it was just the one in Kota Damansara, other branches might be good.. hehe.. Happy reviewing then~ :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoe Cabinet or TV Panel..

We still didn't figure out what to do with the deposit that we've paid earlier to Kian Classic.. We need to come out with something as the money is not refundable.. So, hubby and I thought that it would be good if we just do the shoe cabinet instead of TV panel.. Coz we think that by doing the shoe cabinet, we just need to add on few hundreds more compared to the TV panel which is slightly more than a thousand.. 

But, I still didn't find the design that I want.. We just want to install it outside, so I think the mirror one is not applicable at all.. I like the one that we saw at my sista's house, I think it is their show house.. The design is so simple and modern.. But then I forgot to take picture of the cabinet.. Aaaarrgghhh~ I tried to google it, but none of them looks interesting to me.. 

Owh~ I like this mirror too.. It is actually in the Subang Galaxy's show house.. I wish that Kian Classic can do this.. They just can give us mirror with a simple frame.. Kalau camtu baik pegi kedai cermin jek kan.. Does anyone of you know where can I do this kind of frame for the mirror? Really appreciate it if you can leave a comment here.. :-)

It makes the hall looks spacious..

Btw, these are some picture that I googled.. Most of them were installed inside the house.. hurm~

I just want a simple one like this.. just straight up, not so big..

Just look at the cabinet, not the one in it.

Nice also.. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Fine Day..

Hubby is on his 3rd day off today.. Tomorrow is his last day off, then here we go again - arrived at home around 8pm, had dinner together and off to sleep, woke up early the next morning.. Usually we didn't go anywhere on his working day, just spent time together at home or at least went to my sisters' house..

Same for today.. I dun have any mood to go out, not just bcoz of the weather but I dun have enuff rest these few days.. Arsyad was a bit cranky lately and he always stayed up late.. Sometimes he is still wide awake till 2 or 3 am in the morning.. And, he will ask for his milk more often as he didn't eat much.. I'm so damn tired and didn't get enuff sleep especially when hubby is not around.. It was so hard to handle him at night alone especially when he started to cry out loud without a reason..

Like now, Arsyad is still playing outside all by himself.. When I asked him "Nak tido tak?", he answered "Nanak" sambil geleng2kan kepala.. Kejap mintak Thomas cup, kejap mintak biscuit, kejap nak read books.. Haaiiisshh~ dun know when he wanna sleep..

By the way, we went to The Curve and Ikano this evening.. Actually we dun have any plan, just went out and finally decided to go to Ikano.. There were SALE everywhere, Aussino, Macy and Harvey Norman.. We went to Aussino's sale earlier and bought our king bed fitted sheet and the quilt.. I love some of the sofas at Harvey Norman but then the price was still expensive eventho it was 50% off.. Huh~ maybe later.. haha..

Arsyad was really enjoying himself everytime we went out.. Maybe he knows a lot of things now.. He will point his finger to anything that he knew - car, cat, Thomas, Jay Jay the Jetplane, lights and many more.. He was such a good boy, seating in his stroller and just enjoy his ride.. Not like before, we were struggling to put him in the stroller and at the end, hubby has to dukung him all the way..

We went to our sista's house before went back home.. Arsyad was happily playing with all the toys and mama took the opportunity to do a simple facial.. haha.. So relaxing.. :D

-The End-

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SCI Kitchen Review

I just wanna share with all of you out there - especially for those who are looking the place to do your very own kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, about my experience dealing with this SCI Cabinet Industry Sdn Bhd.. Before I start, just a little bit info about this company.. Basically they have 6 showrooms; Damansara Utama (Uptown), Shah Alam, Subang, Cheras, Puchong and Bangi is the new one.. And I did mine at Damansara Utama (Uptown)..

I went to 2 of their showrooms, Damansara Uptown and Shah Alam.. And it was surprising coz the price was different.. We did ask the same material, same design and we gave them the exact measurement, the floor plan itself actually.. So of coz the measurement must be the same, and the way they calculate it should be the same also.. But then the price were different, quite a lot actually and we can see that the salesperson in Shah Alam showroom and Damansara Uptown are so different.. The way they did the quotation.. Shah Alam one was not so professional and even looks puzzle everytime we asked them something.. They even can't give us more discount and of coz no freebies.. Personally, I like the one in Damansara Uptown, by the way his name is Ryan.. He gave us more discount and freebies and the most important thing is he didn't promise something that he was not unsure.. Usually, salesperson will do that, promise something that they didn't know whether it can be done or not right? but then he is not that kind of salesman.. I like that.. :-)

Okay, move on to the next chapter, enuff about the salesman.. hehe.. After changing the design and confirming the color, we paid them 40%  from the total payment.. Please read their policies or any rules that they wrote in each drawing that they gave to you.. Coz they wrote it in very small letters, sometimes customers tend to ignore them.. How many times they will do the touch up, what the salesperson promise to give must be all written in the drawing coz it is really2 useful when there was any misunderstanding between the salesperson, their factory and the installer..

The day after we did the 40% payment, we received a call from their factory, informing us that their installer will come on 10th March to do the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe installation.. We were so impressed at that time coz they were so damn fast.. The salesperson told us that it will took 2 or 3 weeks for the material to be prepared.. But then it was just about 1 week.. I was so relieved, everything went well so far.. But the next two days (I did remember every single details huh~) we received a call again from the factory and guess what??!! "Kilang kami terbakar la.. So tak dpt install 10hb ni.. Paling awal pon dpt dlm mase 2 minggu lg..".. Huh?? My husband was like "WHAT?? Betol ke ni??" Then after arguing about the tragedy, she asked my husband when can they come to our house and install the cabinet (I think she is just their clerk or receptionist).. Then my hubby just said on 15th coz that was the day he was off from work.. Okay, obviously that was a stupid question coz supposedly she's the one who should give the date instead of asking us.. How should we know when the material will be ready?? Then here it goes again, arguing here and there.. Yup my hubby did scold her coz of that stupid question.. We just so damn worried coz we've already paid a lot.. Few days later, we received a call from them again and Alhamdulillah it was confirmed on 15th their installer will come and install the cabinets.. At that time I didn't believe their story - kilang terbakar.. Ade ke kuar paper??

On 14th March, we went to the showroom and pay the full payment.. The next day the installer came and it took them 2 days to install everything.. But still it was not complete.. The installer was the third party, so they didn't know about the materials.. They just came and installed the cabinets based on the drawing that they received.. That's all!! I was quite pissed off at first coz their factory didn't sent the sliding door of the wardrobe and the magic glass for the kitchen cabinet.. So, the installer could not install it at that time and they said there will be another installer will do the rest.. I love the workmanship, it is very good, nice and clean.. They even clean up all the messes, put the fridge and washing machine back to its place, and touch up a bit on the scratches and dirt at the cabinet..

On 17th March, the solid surface top installer came to measure our cabinet.. Owh~ SCI kitchen also outsource their solid surface top, it was not directly from their factory.. So, there were so many miscommunication between the SCI factory and the solid surface top people.. They even gave the wrong address, that was why the installer couldn't come on 16th itself.. So many calls, arguing here and there.. Huh~ It was tiring!! Alhamdulillah on 17th, they came by and measure everything and promise us on 25th the top will be ready to be installed.. And yes on 25th my white solid surface top was successfully installed :-)

We've been waiting for the factory to call us regarding the sliding door and magic glass installation.. However, we didn't receive any calls from them after few days of waiting.. Mr hubby finally call our salesman, Ryan and asked him about it.. A few minutes after that, we received a call from the factory telling us that they'll come on 30th March morning to install the rest.. 2 days before the installation, the girl called me again confirming the date and time, and this time around it was 3pm.. Last time they promised us they'll install it in the morning.. I did argue a bit and then she apologized coz there'll be no installer at that time.. Before hanging up the phone, I did remind her about what to be installed and don't want any miscommunication and anything left behind.. And she said "okay okay"..

On the day itself, the installer didn't came at 3pm as they promised.. Around 330pm hubby called the factory and of coz scolded them a bit.. Around 6pm, they arrived with the doors.. I dun know whether they forgot about the appointment, their system is stupid or what.. If my hubby didn't call them, for sure they'll not come on that day.. Usually after 5pm, they didn't bother to come over anymore.. Even the last installer went home exactly sharp at 5pm.. They even made me more pissed off coz they forgot to bring the soft close for the sliding door and till now, the soft close is still NOT here!!!! I did remind them to bring everything, NOT TO LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND!!!! But still.. Taktau la bodo ke bangang ke ape ntah.. Bila org pesan elok2 bley plak jwb main2 okay2.. Kalau la I record suara dia tuh..EEEEEEE!!! Geram tol!!! I even scolded both of the installers at that time.. And he promised to bring the soft close the next 2 days.. Till now, habuk pon takde.. Bila dh bayar full camni la layan customer.. Layan tanak layan jek.. Tomorrow we'll call them again!! I dun know how many times dh nk kene call.. Call call tapi satu pon tak jln!! BUDUS!! Maybe kene pegi serang kat kilang kot..

Luckily the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe turn out well.. Of coz I'm happy to see the result.. But still I hate their services and stupid system.. So, for those who want to do your cabinets at the SCI Kitchen.. Do think twice.. Their prices are good but then their services are SUCKS!! Really2 SUCKS!! I dun know about their other customers, but I think most of their customers will say the same thing.. Coz I did hear bad complaints about them also from others.. It is all about their stupid services!!

Here is the outcome..

These are all from my experiences for your info and overview about this SCI Kitchen.. Don't buy on what the salesperson tell u.. Do your study and survey before deciding which one is the best.. Gud luck :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Baby Refuses to Eat.. Need Help Here Plz...

It has been a while I didn't update about my baby in here.. Alhamdulillah, he is now 15 months old, very active lil boy and always make me smile and sometimes make me goes wild and crazy, especially when he started to cry and threw his tantrum everytime he didn't get what he wants.. 

baring sambil tgk bob the builder..

closer picture.. duduk hujung2 katil tuh.. bahaya tol..

He can say a lot of words nowadays - dog, cat, tido (everytime nak sleep sebut tido and he'll say papa sleep bila nmpak papa atas katil..haha), nak, nanak (refers to tanak.. he will say it dgn geleng kepala skali..hehe..), bye bye instead of bye,  aney (refers to barney), baby (especially when he saw aryan and aidan), car and few more.. I can't remember already.. Owh~ yesterday when he wanted to climb up the stairs, he said two right after I said one.. Waaa~ He actually listened everytime I count when we climb up the stairs together.. hehe.. Good boy (He'll clap his hands everytime I said this in front of him..haha..paham2 je maksud good boy tu ape).. I'm so impressed with him coz he is just not knowing the words, but he actually understand and know when to use those words.. :-)

so serious~

Did I mention that my baby doesn't want to eat in any of my previous entries? He eats fries, mashed potato, nuggets, bread, cereals, biscuits and fruits, just in a small amount.. But not rice, porridge, chicken, fish and etc.. I dun know why, suddenly he doesn't want to eat those stuff.. I did change the menu, try everything that can make him feel happy to eat but nothing works.. Bagi mkn nasi mcm bg mkn ubat tau.. I didn't force him to eat tho coz I'm afraid if I did that, he'll not eat at all.. Then at night I'll be so restless coz he'll wake up to have his milk sometimes every 1/2 an hour.. Can u imagine that?? And the worse thing is, now he doesn't want my breast milk also.. I dun know why.. It happened for the last 2 days.. Everytime he woke up in the middle of the night, he'll drink it tho (maybe tak sedar), but not during the day.. I'm so damn worried right now!! I've tried to give him Pediasure as advised by his paeds, he just love it for the first few days, now he doesn't want it anymore.. I dun know what else I should do.. :-( He is still active and Alhamdulillah he is one healthy lil boy, but I'm worried if he doesn't get enuff nutrients for his growth..

t'garu-garu, mengantuk..

dh tak chubby dh anak mama :-(

Is it possible Arsyad nak tumbuh gigi lg? Coz sometimes he was crying out loud without a reason, like he was in pain.. I did give him pcm and later after that he was okay and slowly started to eat.. And now, he doesn't want his milk anymore.. It really makes me worried.. I just miss the moments, both of us lying on the bed and he hugs me, playing with my fingers while having his milk.. Now, suddenly he just doesn't want it anymore.. Usually, people have difficulties in weaning off their babies.. But not in my case.. I just feel that this is not the time yet!! Owh gosh!! Can someone help me in this?? If u have some tips or any experience on this, please share.. Really2 appreciate it.. :-( 

suke gigit jari je lately.. gatal gusi kot..

He just went to sleep all by himself.. He just wanted me to be at his side, tepuk2 a bit sambil berzikir then he'll fall asleep.. It is good but it makes me cry everytime I watch him sleeping.. He is such a big boy now.. I miss my lil boy so much.. :-(( Am I too emotional?? Aaaaa~ Sayang, I wish u're here right now, not working.. :-(

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