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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easy Peasy Apam Rose Recipe

I managed to do this apam rose a few weeks back I think. This was my first attempt and I made it in the middle of the night coz I can't sleep. And, I just in a mood to be in my kitchen. Hehe.

I got this recipe from K.Ummi, but she named it as apam mekar. I changed it coz I use rose essence. Haha. Suka hati jek. And mine was not like hers at all coz I just use the medium heat so the apam didn't "tersengih" like hers. But the taste was yummy and looks cute too. :D Actually there is other apam rose recipe, but I didn't try it yet. Will post it here if I ter-rajin buat la kay. Hehe.

So, here is the easy peasy recipe copy and paste from K.Ummi:-

Ingredients:- (You can get 25 pieces of apam)
  • 250 gm sugar (I used castor sugar)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (I used rose essence)
  • 200ml fresh milk (I used full cream milk)
  • 300 gm flour (I used self-raising flour)
  • 1 teaspoon ovallette
  • Red and green color (I used red only)
  • Acuan kertas secukupnya

  • Heat your steamer (I used rice cooker)

  • Beat the sugar and eggs till fluffy
  • Add on the vanilla essence and continue beating
  • Add on the flour, fresh milk and ovallette. Continue beating
  • Divide it into 3 bowls or according how many colors you want
  • Put it bit by bit in the paper cup

  • Put the paper cup in the steamer for about 15 minutes
  • Done!

Easy right? Go and try it yourself. :-) 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weaning & The End of My Breastfeeding Journey

It is almost 2 weeks now, I stop breastfeeding Arsyad. Alhamdulillah, I never thought that it will be this easy. I did try few times before this but he refused to stop and I can't be patience enough hearing him shouting, crying and kicking especially in the middle of the night. But this time around, Alhamdulillah Allah makes it easier for me and him.

So, how I did it? I put a lot of nescafe to my breast. I mix it with water a bit so that it will be sticky and when I applied it on my breast, it looked very ugly and scary. Haha. Thanks to yana for the tip. :D I just showed to him once, then he immediately didn't want my milk anymore. He was so shocked and ran away. Hehe. Yup, he will ask for it once in a while, but he will understand when I said "mama sakit". And Alhamdulillah he didn't wake up at night and didn't ask for his milk anymore. He just cried a bit sometimes then will fall asleep after that. He even can sleep on his own now, no need mama or papa besides him. :-)

The only problem that I have so far is to make him drink formula milk. He did drink his full cream milk, but refused to drink his formula milk. But these few days, he started to drink his formula milk eventho he didn't finish even a bottle. Hopefully, he will get use to it coz I don't want him to stop drinking milk. Doesn't matter formula milk or fresh milk. As long as he still wants it.

So that's it. Alhamdulillah, I managed to breastfeed him till he is 2 years and 2 months old. I'm glad that I  managed to go through all the challenges and hopefully I can do the same with my other children. InsyaAllah. :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ban On BPA Milk Bottles

Finally, government had decided to ban BPA milk bottles from March next year due to BPA's risk to infant hormone systems. I think most of us mommies already know about this, and most of us already use the non-BPA bottles. But, for those who still don't have any clues what it is all about, you should read more about this.

What is BPA? BPA is an abbreviation for Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is an 'ingredient' used in the chemical compound that lines the inside of food containers such as canned goods and cartons for liquids like milk and juice. It also is the major building block in Polycarbonate plastic. Plastics with number 7 on the bottom of the container. 

How does it get into us? The bonds in BPA are prone to leaching (falls apart from its parent compound) into the foods contained within the can/carton or plastic container. This takes place over time and can be accelerated with heat.

How does it affect us? BPA acts as an environmental estrogen and once it is ingested it can disrupt proper hormone functioning, alter genes and interferes with normal physical and behavioral development. Our children come first!! The effects of BPA will be more pronounced in children because they are growing and developing at such a rapid pace. We as adults have mature brains (most of us anyway) and bodies. Therefore the interaction of BPA and our hormones/genes are dulled in comparison.

So stop using the BPA milk bottles mommies. You can read more about the news here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Load Your DiGi With More Freebies Today!!

Who doesn't love freebies right? So this is a great news specially dedicated to all DiGi users. DiGi is going to shower you with lots of freebies when you reload on any DiGi prepaid plan. But hurry!! It is going to be happening only from 1st - 31st March only. So, if you love collecting freebies, you better start reloading today!! Don't forget!! The more you reload, the more you get!! Go here for details. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami @ Japan

It is so scary looking at this video. YA ALLAH, ALLAHUAKBAR.. Sesungguhnya tiada satu pon yang dpt melawan kuasa Allah S.W.T. Let us all pray to our frens, and hoping the best for them.

YA ALLAH, selamatkanlah kaum muslimin dan muslimat, jauhilah kami dari segala malapetaka dan lindungilah kami di bawah rahmat MU YA ALLAH. Amin~

Matta Fair 2011 Review

We went to the Matta Fair this evening, just want to see whether is there any good deal for us. We don't have any idea where to have our vacation. Most probably within Malaysia only, but we did survey a few packages for traveling abroad. As we went there around 5pm, so as expected there were full of crowds already. We had to park our car at The Mall and walk across the street to go to the fair. And, the fee is RM3 per person for adult and children below 12 are free of charge.

There were so many packages and great deal. We even didn't manage to go to all booths. But, the one that I interested the most is traveling to Hong Kong by Reliance coz the package includes ticket to Disneyland and also we can have 1 night stay in Disneyland Hotel itself. And for 5days/4nights traveling, it costs us around RM28++ per person for adult and RM25++ for children. That inclusive of airplane ticket with Malaysia Airlines, breakfast and lunch for certain days and a trip to Shenzen, China. Is it cheap? Arsyad will be the happiest person if we can go to Disneyland. Hehe.

And for local one, I love to go to Langkawi and the great deal so far was RM380 for 3days/2nights stay at Aseania Resorts, Langkawi and one rental car. This is for the accommodation only. Is it a great deal? Coz others were all RM4++ for this hotel. We didn't pay any deposit yet, just want to see the price first. 

Btw, there are other exhibitions as well besides this MATTA FAIR. The one that I realized was cameras, so for those who are looking a new DSLR or new lense, you might consider to go there. I don't know about the price coz we didn't manage to go inside the hall. There also women's section, slimming centre, skin care and few more.

I don't know whether it is worth it for you to go or not. But for those who are really looking forward to have a vacation with your family, you might consider to go and grab a great deal. :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting Toddlers To Behave

Parents have found that toddlers often have a mind of their own as they accumulate new experiences. They are naturally curious, with a passion for enquiring, hence earning themselves the tittle, 'the why' generation.

When you ask your toddler to do something, he or she may actually do it, thus surprising you! At this age, many children begin to learn to control their urges, hence changing their behaviour accordingly. So they might do what mom or dad requests. Not all the time, of course. This ability is termed self-regulation and it marks one of life's most important milestones in a child's development.

There are ways to encourage good behaviour in children of any age plus a few extra tips that can help bring out the best in your toddler. Here are the tips:

  • Toddlers are naturally curious about their world. They learn by testing and experimenting with everything around them. Constantly telling them 'no' can dampen this natural curiousity. So, try some other ways to change their behaviour which you disapproved.
  • Allow exploring. Try to create situations where your child can explore life without long lists of 'don'ts' and 'nos'. For example, if it's not acceptable to blow bubles in milk during lunch, suggest that after lunch, he may have fun blowing bubbles in water outside the house. Put potentially harmful or breakable things out of reach so you don't have to instruct your child not to touch them.

  • Offer two choices. Most children like to have some control over their world. By offering them two choices (either of which you are happy with), you can guide them to the result you desire. So, if you think your child needs to do a wee, you could promp, 'Would you like to go on the potty or the toilet now?'
  • Change the environment. When your child wants to 'help' in the kitchen, make sure he's standing away from the  hot oven. Give him a simple task like counting the number of eggs (if you're baking) or give him a wooden spoon for stirring the flour mixture.
  • Show him how you feel. If he pulls your hair playfully, put on a sad face and say 'ouch'. If he keeps doing it, avert your eyes and withdraw a little. Saying something like 'it hurts when you pull my hair' will help him learn to empathise with the feelings of others.
  • Withdraw your attention. Your attention is a powerful reward for your child. Withdraw attention when he is doing something you don't like. Ignoring him for a while or walking away from him are good options if your toddler keeps doing something you don't like after you have asked him to stop.

  • Explain the consequences of his behaviour so he can figure out why something is wrong. This helps give him a better understanding of the world around him.
  • Manage transitions carefully. At this age, children can find it hard to change from one activity to another. Some extra time, sensitivity, and planning can help.
  • Introducing discipline. The word 'discipline' actually means 'to teach' and not necessarily 'to punish'. If you use the tips provided, you will probably never need to punish your child in the old-fashioned sense. Smacking is not an effective or acceptable punishment for a child, regardless of age because it doesn't change a child's behaviour for good. It might stop his behaviour momentarily while he tries to figure you out. Hitting a child doesn't give him the opportunity to learn about related consequences or solve his own problems. Instead, it can make him fearful, insecure and resentful. If a child persists in misbehaving and refues to listen, then parents might have to resot to appropriate action to discipline him.
  • When to say 'no'. Often, children behave 'badly' because they know it will get attention, and for toddlers negative attention is better than no attention at all. So paying too much attention to bad behaviour actually encourages it. If your toddler is aware of the 'right' behaviour, he will only respect you if you follow through with the matter-of-fact consequences that you have pre-agreed on. If he is not aware, then a firm 'no' or 'stop that now' is something your toddler should understand, but save those for situations when their obedience really counts.

Just remember that toddlers' behaviour is unpredictable. Though they stopped in their tracks the last time you said 'no', doesn't mean they will stop every time. So you still have to make sure you have a firm but comfortable grip of your toddler's hand when crossing the road, or in other potentially dangerous situations. (eg. near a pond in the park, at the swimming pool, etc.)

If you ever become concerned or very frustrated with your toddler's behaviour, seek professional advice.

Source: Susta Frens magazine by Susta Club

What Is With This Lego Thing??

Last weekend, we went to Mid Valley for the PC Fair for tv hunting. We thought the fair will be just the same like at KLCC's one, but we were wrong. There were only few brands of televisyen there, Panasonic, Toshiba and Samsung. And only few got a great promo. But, at the end of the day we didn't buy anything. I don't like to shop at Mid Valley anymore coz there were so many people and you can hardly feel the air-cond. And then Arsyad will be cranky and started to cry. 

So, the best option is, just go to the The Gardens and you can feel the difference right away. I can push the stroller without have to say excuse me and Arsyad can freely running if he wants to. We just went to the kids' area at the Robinsons. Arsyad was having fun playing lego there. He was the only one playing, so he didn't bother if I wasn't there with him. Hey~ papa was having fun too. They both playing together quite a while till I said "Ok guys~ it's time to go home. You can play with the megablocks at home after this". Haha. 

I love watching them playing together. Arsyad was building a tower, and papa was  doing his jet fighter. Once papa finished, Arsyad will play with the jet, running and pretending he was flying the jet, then he will destroy it. And papa has to do it all over again. Haha. I can't find the lego's table at the rack. It surely cost hundreds but it is good for kids playing this block and lego thingy right? It helps to develop kids' creativity and good for their motor skills too. Later on we just go to The Gardens if we don't have any places to go. Hehe.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saat Kewafatan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

Ketika ajal Rasulullah SAW hampir tiba, sebelum nabi menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir, nabi meminta izin daripada isterinya untuk berada di rumah Syaidatina Aisyah ra. Dibawa ke rumah Aisyah, Aisyah pangku Rasulullah SAW, isteri mana yang dapat menahan kesakitan, penderitaan suaminya, isteri mana yang dapat menahan kesedihan. Melihat suami menderita kesakitan, aisyah membaca doa menyapu keseluruh tubuh Rasulullah SAW, sambil memegang tangan suci baginda dan turut disapu agar mendapat seribu satu keberkatan.

Nabi memerintahkan dipanggil Siti Fatimah, puteri kesayanganku, Fatimah datang dan duduk disisi Rasulullah SAW. Nabi mencium Fatimah, Fatimah membalas ciuman tersebut, nabi cium Fatimah sekali lagi, Fatimah memandang tepat ke mata ayahdanya, seolah2 itu ciuman yang terakhir daripada seorang ayah kepada anak yang paling dicintai dengan sepenuh hatinya. Fatimah melihat kesakitan nabi dan berkata, “Duhai ayahda kesayangku, saya tak sampai hati melihat ayahda di dalam kesakitan seperti ini.”

Nabi masih mampu mengukirkan senyuman, “Sabarlah wahai puteri kesayanganku, selepas ini ayah tidak akan sakit lagi kerna ayah akan pergi meninggalkan kamu untuk selama-lamanya.” Suasana sedih, sayu dan pilu ketika itu, nabi minta Fatimah bawa Hasan dan Husin datang ke sisi nabi, nabi peluk Hasan, nabi peluk Husin, nabi cium mereka itu juga ciuman yang terakhir. Nabi pesan , “Wahai cucu-cucu kesayanganku, sentiasalah sepanjang hidupmu manabur kebaktian demi kebaktian.” Tiba-tiba Rasulullah berkata kepada Syaidatina Aisyah, “Ya Aisyah, Ya Aisy, sakit rasanya sakratul maut.”

Ketika malaikat maut mencabut nyawa nabi paling halus, paling lembut paling perlahan, nabi sakit kerna nabi minta pada Allah, Ya Allah, izinkanlah aku merasai bagaimana sakitnya sakratul maut umat ku nanti sebelum mereka manghembuskan nafas yang terakhir.

Hebat sekali kasih nabi kepada kita. Ketika itu aisyah nampak nabi menadah tangan sambil matanya memandang ke atas, tiga kali nabi berdoa, “Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, ampunilah dosa hambamu, tempatkanlah aku disisi kekasihmu yang paling tertinggi.” Tiga kali nabi ulang doa, tiba-tiba bibir nabi bergerak dua kali. Anas bin Malik nampak sebelum nabi menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir. Nabi sebut nama kita, “Ummati, Ummati, Umatku, Umatku!!”  Nabi menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir di atas ribaan kekasihnya Syaidatina Aisyah ra 12 Rabiulawal  tahun 11H ketika baginda berusia 63 tahun.

Fatimah menangis, duhai ayah kesayangku, engkau telah pergi menyahut seruan illahi, duhai ayah kesayanganku, sesungguhnya Jannatul Firdaus sedang menanti mu. Nabi telah pergi meninggalkan kita, kita rasa sedih kerana dalam hati kita ada rasa cinta, ada rasa sayu, kata nabi “Man hahabbani, kana mail fil jannah”,
Barangsiapa yg cinta kpd aku, barangsiapa yang kasih kpd aku, sesungguhnya mereka ini lah yang akan berada dengan ku di dalam syurga yang kekal abadi.

Andai benar kasih dan cinta kepada nabi, nabi tinggal dua pusaka, Al-Quran dan as-Sunnah, jangan dijauhkan, dibaca selalu, dijadikan amalan, insyaAllah suatu saat suatu ketika, dengan izin Allah jua, kita akan berada bersama nabi. Banyakkan selawat, banyakkan ibadah, baru bahagia dunia dan akhirat!!!


GEOX Sale : March 11 - 13 2011

To all GEOX lovers, there will be a GEOX sale up to 50% from 11 to 13th March 2011. And for those who has GEOX Card, you can go on 10th of March for a preview sale at GEOX shops. Don't forget to bring your card though for identification, or else you won't able to get in.

For those who never tried GEOX, you should try one. It is so comfy and the design is quite nice too. Now I don't know which one to go, the MATTA Fair or this GEOX sale. Both need a lot of money. Hehe. I hope I can go both. Pretty plzzz hubby... Love u.. Mmmuuuaahhh2.. Hahaha..

90 Minutes Spa @ Eve De Beaute

I would love to have a jacuzzi spa, full body scrub and body massage. Who doesn't right? I never had one before, body massage with makcik urut doesn't count kay. Hehe. That one is not as relaxing as having a spa with the aromatherapy body massage, that can make you sleep all the way during the session.

When I see this mad deal of the day: RM36 only instead of RM168 for a jacuzzi spa + full body scrub + hot stone back massage + aromatherapy full body massage for 90 minutes at Eve De Beaute, The Strand, I know I should grab this deal immediately. Hopefully it is true that RM36 for all those package, so that I don't waste my RM36 money. Or else I just can go to makcik urut at my hometown who is the best so far. Hehe. 

So ladies, come on!! Pamper yourself and bring your girlfriends too. Grab your deal here :-)  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TV Cabinet @ ATDT Design

Last week, hubby received a call from Kian Classic about our deposit last time. Yeah~ we still can use it and immediately I'm thinking of doing the tv or shoe cabinet. But, after asking the salesman how much for the 8 feet tv cabinet, just a simple board and drawers at the bottom, it costs us around RM3888. I was like huhh?? Really?? Then he said last time they have a promotion for the tv cabinet, only RM1300 for the 8 feet one. But now, I can get 32inch LCD tv for the price of RM3888. Even the tv is not that expensive nowadays. So, hubby just said to the salesman, wait till you have another promo then you call us again. Haha.

simple and nice. - google -

But we did a bit survey coz we really wanna do the tv cabinet at our living hall. It's a bit dull and spacious now. And, I'm quite bored sometimes when I want to do my house chores downstairs. Arsyad will happy too coz he can watch his show everytime I cook. We went to CLS Kitchen and it costs us around RM3500 for 10 feet one. Then, hubby called the ATDT Design, the showroom just in front of our house area, that's why we know this company. The owner is malay and he said for the 8 feet one, it will cost us around RM1300. Wow!! I'll definitely do with this one. Haha. 

Modern design.. nice too.. - google -

So, we went to the showroom and show which design that we want. Now, we have to wait for him to come and measure the cabinet. And, hopefully the price will not that expensive coz we want a bit design on it. Btw, I did ask about the kitchen cabinet material too. The price is way cheaper than most of the kitchen cabinet suppliers that I know. For the local solid surface top, their price is around RM60 to RM70 per square feet. That is actually quite cheap coz usually other places charge around RM150 to RM180 per square feet. Can you see how much is the difference?? And they also can do mirrors with any frame that you want. Huhu~ I'll make one too, if the price is cheap. Hehe. Can't wait to get the quotation and I'll definitely share with you guys.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MATTA Fair Kuala Lumpur March 2011

Hubby and I were thinking to have a short vacation this year, InsyaAllah. But we still don't know where to go. For me, it doesn't matter whether it will be in Malaysia or overseas. As long as we can spent our time together, only three of us.

The MATTA Fair will be this weekend, 11 till 13 March 2011 at PWTC. So anyone who is planning to go for a vacation you should go to this fair, where you can find the cheaper flights together with the accommodations. Plan well coz there will be loads and loads of people. 

Jom cuti-cuti Malaysia!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Skin Issue!!

I've had a really bad skin once in a month. You know when ladies. I don't know why coz a long time ago it doesn't affect my skin at all. But after I stop taking Noriday pills, about a year ago I think, all these pimples keep on coming out once in a month. And mind you, the one that come out is a big big one, not a small tiny one.

It makes me stress looking at my face. But syukur Alhamdulillah the pimples will come and go. I just have to be patience waiting for the pimples to go away. I didn't use any new products on my face, I just use the same one for almost 7 years now I think. And I really take a good care of my skin nowadays. I will use a scrub and mask, once a week. And I drink a lot of plain water. But still it doesn't help at all!!

I'm thinking of to try this Monavie or Berry Gen's drink. I read a lot of good reviews about them. It is good for skin and give us energy too. Is it right?? I have to do something to my skin. I can't keep on cover it up with makeup coz I hate to put on heavy makeup. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!! HELP!!!

Want to Look Pretty as Siti Nurhaliza?

Look at this and take a note on how she took a good care of herself. Enjoy~

Thursday, March 3, 2011

RM34 only For Manicure, Pedicure and lots more..

I never tried any of the manicure and pedicure before. If I want to makes my nails look nice and shine, I just use the Bodyshop nail shiner. But when I read about this deal, I just can't wait to try it. Coz I'm not only can do the manicure, pedicure at only RM34, but it also includes the deep hydration hand & foot scrub, and also rejuvenating hand & foot massage. All of these for only RM34 at Nail Paradize, The Strand Kota Damansara. 

So what are you waiting for? Hop into Nail Paradize with your girls and relax out. Grab this mad deal today, by clicking here. :-)

Join ChurpChurp Today and Earn Your Own Money..

Do you have twitter account? If you do and actively tweet-ing, you should have sign up yourself to ChurpChurp. I did blog about this ChurpChurp, what it is all about, a while ago, at the early days of ChurpChurp was introduced. Eventho I'm not actively tweet-ing, but I still create the ChurpChurp account. Why?

I love it and I have fun with it!! Coz with just a simple step needs to be done, then the next day you check your account, you earn money. Who will give you money for free right? Of course you have to do something, and in return you will get a reward. Last time, the ChurpChurp onlu has scheduled and general tweet if I'm not mistaken. I forgot the exact name for the other one, coz I just concentrate on the scheduled tweet, where I have to submit the one that has been assigned to me.

But now, ChurpChurp is become more fun and you can earn more money just like nuffnang. Now, you can connect it with your facebook account, and it also has social sharing. So, what's the difference between scheduled tweet and social sharing? Scheduled tweet you have tweet the keywords given and then once the tweet approved, you earn money. While social sharing you just have to click share, and it will link to either your facebook page or your twitter account, depends on which one you have been set it earlier on. The more people click the one that you share, the more money you will get. As easy as that..

So, what are you waiting for? Go and create one by clicking here and start earning more and more. :-)

Free 3 samples of Clarins New White Plus HP

Get yourself the Clarins new White Plus HP eVoucher here to redeem a complimentary consultation and 3 pieces sample at the selected counter. So, what are you waiting for? Register now, print your eVoucher then go to your selected counter and get your samples.  Who doesn't love freebes right?? :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nabi Muhammad SAW Baring Di Atas Riba Isterinya..

Got this from here. Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal. :-)

Kadang-kadang orang kita silap persepsi  dengan menyangka bahawa budaya romantik itu datang dari Barat. Mereka  menyangka Islam menganjurkan sikap tegas dalam hubungan  lelaki-perempuan, hatta di kalangan suami isteri. Sangkaan begini  terbukti silap.

Sebenarnya orang kita masih lagi terbelenggu  dengan amalan kebanyakan masyarakat rumpun Melayu yang kadang-kadang  malu tak bertempat dan tegas tak kena gaya. Hasilnya mereka tumpul  budaya romantis dan kering dalam bercinta.  Yang lebih  ganjil lagi, ketika di luar ikatan perkahwinan, mereka bukan main  romantik, tetapi bila sudah bernikah, mereka bersikap dingin dan hanya  tahu romantik ketika di atas katil.

Sikap ini berbeza dengan sifat romantis  Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam yang sentiasa bergaul dengan  isteri dengan penuh mesra dan ceria. Kedudukan Baginda yang begitu  tinggi di sisi Allah dan masyarakat tidak menghalang Baginda untuk  bersama dengan isteri dengan penuh rasa cinta dan kasih.

Hal ini dapat dilihat daripada hadis riwayat Aisyah yang berkata;

لَقَدْ كَانَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ يَضَعُ رَأْسَهُ فِي حِجْرِي وَأَنَا حَائِضٌ وَيَقْرَأُ الْقُرْآنَ

"Sesungguhnya Rasulullah SAW sering meletakkan kepalanya di  ribaku, sedangkan ketika itu aku sedang berhaid, dan Baginda pula  membaca Al-Quran" (Sunan Ibni Majah : 626)

Tidak dinafikan, perasaan cinta antara suami isteri itu kadangkala  menebal, dan kadangkala menipis, lebih-lebih lagi dikala isteri dalam  keadaan tidak suci ekoran haid dan nifas. Oleh itu, bagi hendak  menghangatkan perasaan cinta antara suami isteri, perlu mempunyai daya  kreatif masing-masing dalam melahirkan perasaan cinta bergelora.

Dengan hadis ini, Nabi SAW seakan-akan mengajar kepada kita  tentang antara tindakan yang perlu dilakukan bagi menghangatkan balik  perasaan cinta itu.

Justeru itu, sebagai suami, tidak seharusnya merasa malu untuk  meletakkan kepala mereka di riba isterinya. Begitu juga, pihak isteri  pula tidak selayaknya merasa janggal dengan tindakan suaminya itu  sehingga menganggap tindakan sebegitu seperti tindakan anak dengan  ibunya yang mahu bermanja.

Sesungguhnya bermanja antara suami isteri merupakan ibadat  disisi Allah, yang melahirkan banyak kelebihan dari sudut keuntungan  dunia, mahupun keuntungan di akhirat.

Keuntungan di akhirat adalah dengan balasan pahala, dan  keuntungan di dunia adalah dengan kemesraan dan kebahagiaan yang wujud  dalam kehidupan berumah tangga.

Dari hadis ini juga, kita akan dapat melihat  betapa Islam adalah agama yang cukup memuliakan kaum perempuan  berbanding apa yang telah dilakukan oleh orang-orang jahiliyyah  terdahulu.

Orang-orang jahiliyyah terdahulu, memandang  perempuan yang berhaid sebagai jijik sehingga mereka meletakkan  undang-undang adat mereka yang meletakkan perempuan seperti barang  buangan dan barang terpakai.

Apabila datang Nabi SAW, baginda menyeru manusia kepada Islam  yang memandang mulia kepada kaum perempuan, walaupun mereka secara  fitrah mempunyai masalah bulanan, iaitu Haid dan Nifas.

Kemuliaan ini dibuktikan dengan tindakan Nabi SAW yang bermesra  dengan isterinya yang sedang berhaid, dengan meletakkan kepala baginda  di riba isterinya yang sudah pasti haid itu berada dikemaluan yang  berhampiran dengan riba tersebut. Ini ditambahi lagi dengan tindakan  nabi SAW membaca Al-Quran di kala kepala baginda SAW berada di riba  Isterinya.

Ekoran dari itulah, Imam An-Nawawi (Aun  Al-Ma'bud : 1/305.) menyatakan bahawa hadis ini menjadi dalil kukuh  bahawa tidak dilarang membaca Al-Quran dalam keadaan berbaring dan  bersandar pada orang perempuan yang sedang berhaid, malahan ianya juga  menjadi dalil bahawa tidak menjadi kesalahan membaca Al-Quran  berhampiran dengan najis.

Sri Munawwarah Design 2011 New Look

I love the 2011 new look of Sri Munawwarah Design. I always wonder when they will come out with the shawl collection, add on something different in their collections. Their awning hijabs are the best of all, the face size is fit just nice to my face compared to Ariani and not to mention others. Their workmanship is very nice and detail. 

Take a look at their new collections. All the pictures are copied from their fb, Sri Munawwarah Design.

I love the shawl.. :-)

This one also nice.. :-)

You can check the details, the price and materials in their fb page. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEDA Scarves & Hijab

I love the hijab style shown by NEDA. The owner is my wedding photographer, Ayda. The hood and hijab are attached together, makes it easier and faster for you to wear it. And she uses the chiffon material for the scarves so that you can easily make a nice drape with it. You can accessorize it with anything, the one shown in the picture is earring. You can't show your earing if you wear hijab, but you can pin it at your hijab instead. How cool is that? I didn't try any of the hijab yet, but will get one soon. :-)

Hop on to her website to see other designs. :-)

American Idol 2011 Top 24

American Idol has finally come to TOP 24. So fast huh~ All of them will show their talent this Wednesday to whole wide world. For me, some of them are not suppose to get through to Top 24 coz the one that the judges rejected were all better. But, my favorite so far is this guy, Casey. I hope he will be in the competition till the end, and be the winner of American Idol 2011. But, who knows right?? Everything can happened in the middle of their journey, they might be stressed out and forgot their lyric. I really hope he can perform just like he performs in the Hollywood week and also at the Las Vegas.

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