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Friday, January 1, 2010

Brace Yourself for an Experience Like Never Before..

Did u notice this tagline? Or heard it from anywhere? Just in case u didn't know, it is about Astro B.yond.. Wow~ the name is catchy huh? B.yond as if 'beyond'? The word itself shows that Astro has step up ahead to make our life richer..

Astro B.yond is a multi-phased innovation that begins with the FIRST-EVER High-Definition broadcast service in Malaysia.. It claims home entertainment will never be the same with this Astro B.yond.. It is an entertainment experience like never before, the new standard in television..

Huh~ I wish I can experience viewing all this new entertainment before deciding to subscribe it.. Maybe my wish can be come true.. And even greater, if I'm a very lucky person, I can be one of the owners of Astro B.yond set comprising 32" LG High Definition TV. Astro B.Yond box, new remote control and new outdoor dish with free subscription to Astro B.yond channels.. Isn't it great?

Huh~ how can we get that? Just make yourself available on 13th January (Wednesday) to attend Astro B.yond Bloggers Night at Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas.. I can't wait to find out this brand new viewing experiences.. Is it true that it will enhance our visual and audio senses? Just e-mail to, your full name and blog URL to get the invitation.. Hurry up!! They only have limites spaces for attendees!! And priority will be given to Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers.. Are you one of them?? If not, get yourself registered!! I've already sent mine.. Hopefully I can get the invitation.. :)


  1. great info dear!!

    i pon nak gak la
    mr hubby sila take note yer


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