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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying New Hijab Style

I'm quite bored with my style of wearing shawl lately. And I rarely wearing shawl nowadays coz I want to make it quick, so I just grab my instant hijab instead. So I browse through the YouTube to find the easiest way of wearing shawl. And I found the Hana Tajima's video. I know everyone knows her and adore her style and beauty. 

Anyway, I tried her style and it is so damn easy. Just need to use 2 or 3 pins and you're done. This is me after trying her pashmina style and short pashmina's tutorial. A bit blurry, I just captured using my PhotoBooth.

From the pashmina's style tutorial

From the short pashmina's tutorial

Watch her video and you can try it yourself. Happy trying. :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bread and Butter Biscuit

I don't know what to cook for my baby anymore coz he is really one picky eater. He loves something crunchy. So instead of putting the bread in a toaster, why not just put it in the oven and turns it into crunchy biscuit? I forgot where I get the simple recipe, but it is so damn easy to do. Just like you do your roti bakar.

All you have to do are cut the edges of the bread, put a bit butter (soft) or margerine on both sides and sprinkle a bit of sugar (or more if you like). Then put it in the oven with 180degC for about 10 - 15 minutes. It is so crunchy and kids love it. :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stupid Maid

No, it is not my maid's story, I don't even have a maid. But, it is my neighbour's. Everytime I went to the playground, I always saw these 3 little kids playing together without an adult supervision. I know it is safe in our house area, but still if any incident happen, who knows right? 

First time I saw them playing, their maid was there together with them. But, what she did was just sitting and didn't monitor the kids at all. Until the boy fell on a rock and got hurt on his knee. You know what she did? She scolded him out loud to that kid and slapped a bit on his butt and leg.  I was so damn shocked coz she even didn't bother I was there looking at her fiercely. And the other two girls were playing small rocks and got themselves dirty, and she also slapped them as well. She asked them to go home and scolding them all the way. She even pull the youngest's arm so harsh. 

The second time I saw them was few days back. As usual, there were only the kids playing together. Suddenly, the maid came from far shouting at them, asking them who let them go out from the house. I was like, WHAT?? You don't even notice that the kids went out on their own. Can you see how ignorance the maid was?? She scolded all of them, the other two (older sista and bro) ran immediately once they heard the maid's voice. But the little one was so damn scared and crying out loud calling his brother and sister. Once the maid besides her, she pull the kid's ear and drag her back to their house. I felt like wanna scold that damn maid, but I don't know why I didn't do that.

I don't know which house they were living. But, I was a bit concerned coz if she can do it in front of other people like that, she might can even do worse at home. And I can see that the kids were so damn scared, that was why there were running away. I don't know whether I should tell their parents or not coz it was weekend. I wonder why their parents not at home. What should I do??

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beef Lasagna In The House!!

This was my first attempt to do this beef lasagna and it turns out well besides the not so pretty topping. Hey~ but don't judge a book by its cover right? It tastes great, at least to my taste. Hehe. The most important thing is, it was not so cheesy and I can eat it over and over again. Yummy~

It was quite easy, but need to be patience a bit coz you have to layer it one by one. First you have to put the lasagna sheet, then the beef bolognese, followed by the cheese cheddar, then the white sauce. And repeat it again till you put the beef bolognese and mozarella cheese on top. Then put it in the oven for about 30 minutes and done!!

For the beef bolognese, I just use the same recipe as I did for the spaghetti. And for the white sauce, just use the fresh milk, flour, a bit of black pepper and pinch of salt. Need to whisk it until it is boil and soupy, then it is ready to be served on the lasagna. 

For the lasagna sheet, just buy the instant one. I used the San Remo's lasagna sheet. Put it in the boiling water and wait till it is soft. Then just follow the steps on how to layer it one by one. Quite easy right?? Go and give it a try!! :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

SCI Kitchen After Sale Review

I did a review about this SCI Kitchen a long time ago. And I received loads and loads of e-mail asking about their services, workmanship, prices and so many more. I'm so glad that what I wrote in here really useful for some of you. So now I want to share with all of you my experience with the SCI Kitchen after almost a year using their kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.

A few months back, my hubby accidentally drop off the mug with water in it on the kitchen top. Then I don't know how the water got inside the glass of the cabinet. When I carefully looked at it, there was actually an open hole at the corner of the glass. That was why the water can get inside the glass. And for my wardrobe, the soft close was broken. Maybe bcoz Arsyad always play with the sliding doors. So we called the SCI Kitchen and asked them to come over to look it and of course we want them to replace it as it is still under warranty. 

And guess what?? It took them almost 1 month plus to come over and fix the problem. I didn't care about it so much coz i still can cook and use the cabinet. But I'm glad they still came over. And they just checked all the cabinets and did some touch up to all the doors and drawers. They fix the soft close and replace the new glass drawer at my cabinet. 

Overall, they did a great job and I really satisfied with their services beside the calling part. It was irritating to call them over and over again. If you ask me whether you should do the cabinet with them or not, I can't decide it for you. It depends on your budget. But, in terms of their workmanship and services, all I can say is, it is okay and I'm satisfied with it. I cook everyday in my kitchen, and my kitchen cabinet is still look fabulous. As long as you take a really good care of it, the cabinets will last forever, doesn't matter which material you use. So, think and decide wisely.

The Cutessstttt!!!

Watched this cute lil girl, Connie Talbot in Britain's Got Talent. She is just 6 years old, and has such a really nice voice. Simon even impressed with her talent at a very young age. 

Isn't she the cutest??

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jaguh Kampung or Masterchef??

It was so damn funny when hubby told me this. Then I quickly search the news at Utusan then found this.

Jaguh Kampung: Datuk, nenek tunjuk bakat memasak

KUALA LUMPUR 18 Jan. - Golongan datuk atau nenek berusia 70 tahun, pakar memasak, ceria dan petah bercakap berpeluang untuk bergelar Jaguh Kampung menerusi sebuah program pertandingan masakan terbitan Astro Prima.
Selain golongan warga emas, penyertaan Jaguh Kampung juga terbuka kepada peserta berusia 16 tahun ke atas dan secara berkumpulan.

Pengurus Saluran Astro Prima, Nizam Sani berkata, program yang berkonsepkan realiti televisyen (TV) itu akan memulakan misi pencarian peserta pada minggu depan. Menurutnya, lapan negeri yang terlibat adalah Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Terengganu dan Pahang.

"Satu kumpulan mesti ada tiga orang sama ada satu keluarga atau rakan-rakan. Untuk sesi uji bakat, mereka perlu membawa masakan yang siap dimasak dan juri atau chef profesional akan merasa dan bertanya tentang ramuan masakan tersebut.

"Dari situ, kumpulan yang berjaya akan mewakili zon utara, selatan, timur dan tengah untuk bertanding sehingga ke peringkat akhir," katanya pada sesi minum petang bagi memperkenalkan produk terbaru terbitan Astro Prima di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, Jaguh Kampung akan bersiaran sebanyak 16 episod dan episod pertama bakal disiarkan di Astro Prima (Saluran 105, Astro) pada 26 Mac ini. Jaguh Kampung yang merupakan program hiburan seisi keluarga menawarkan hadiah wang tunai berjumlah RM30,000 untuk peserta yang bergelar juara.

Basically Astro wants to do a show like Masterchef. I wonder who will be the judges and how interesting this show will be. Hopefully it will be just like Masterchef, USA or at least almost the same. If not, I don't think people will watch it. But hey~ who knows right? So let's just wait and see.. :D

Our Lovely Evening Together..

I brought Arsyad to the playground yesterday evening. Along the way, he was talking non-stop. I didn't know what he was trying to say, but I think he want to tell me everything he saw. He told me about the cat, the bird, and aeroplane that he saw. I just understand those words, others I've no idea at all. Haha. But, it was so much fun walking together, holding hands, and he kept on telling me stories. :D

He was having fun playing the slides and climbing up and down the stairs until he wanted to play the swing. One thing that I don't like about this playground is the swing coz there was no swing for the babies, you know what I meant, the one that your baby can sit on it without you holding him. But he still want to play with it, so I've to hold him at the back coz he refused to sit on me. Luckily he didn't fell eventho there's one time that he almost did. 

Then, when there were more crowds at the playground, Arsyad started to play at the badminton court, which has nothing to play with. But he enjoyed himself running and playing with his little car that he brought with him all the time. And when there was an aeroplane flew by, he will wave goodbye and then started to run again. When he was tired, he will stop and have a few minutes rest before started to play again.

watching other kids playing the slides.. 

He didn't like playing with strangers. He would rather playing alone instead of mixing around with other kids. But he loves watching other kids playing together. He'll laugh if he saw something funny and then he'll be great to join them. :-)

Our evening didn't end here. When we arrived home, Arsyad wanted to play in his pool. So, I gave him few minutes to play in it while I did some cleaning at the porch.

One thing I realized when Arsyad was playing in his pool or swimming pool, he'll just stand there, playing the ball or any other toys inside the pool. He didn't want to lie down in the pool or at least get his all body wet. I've to splash the water to him, then he'll started to jump. Hurm~ I wonder why..

Btw, I really enjoy playing with him like this. No need to hear him screaming and crying. Hopefullly, it will be like this everyday. :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Finale - Tears of An Angel

Owh Gosh!! I keep on crying watching the finale. Watching Derek and Meredith, how deep is their love to each other. Dr Bailey, who is known as a strong doctor, finally can't even hold herself together to fight and save her colleague. And all of them, they're so good! 

And, this person has made a nice video for the season 6 finale. It was so heartbreaking watching all of them dying. Watch this and you can find other superb videos at YouTube as well.


Little Green @ Our House

Finally, hubby managed to show his talent in landscape. Haha. He finally finished up our little landscape with this lovely green grass and white rocks. It is just simple, lovely and I love it. He still has more things to add on I guess. Just wait and see. Hehe.

Need to take out the parasites there..

At least I have something to look at in front of our house now. And hopefully it will just as nice as this forever, don't want it to be like jungle!! Haha.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Train Your Dragon Movie

We just watched this movie last night and I love it!! I can watch it over and over again. It was so damn funny and Toothless is so cute. Feel like wanna keep it as a pet too. Haha. Hiccup is so hilarious. At first I thought it was Jack Black, coz it sounds like him but it is actually someone else. For those who still didn't watch this movie, I highly recommend you to watch this!!

Here's the trailer:


Meet Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, heir of the Viking chiefdom, but a boy with one very big problem: a hero he is not. "How to Train Your Dragon" is the riotous story of Hiccup's quest to hunt down the fiercest dragon, bring it into submission, and hopefully pass his initiation. Instead, he ends up with the smallest, most ornery dragon - it's even toothless! Thus begins the hijinx of the world's most lovable, unlikely hero and a most reluctant "beast". Packed with energetic drawings and plenty of actions, thisboisterous tale is just right for fantasy fans or anyone with a spirit of adventure. Based on the book by Cressida Cowell.

Bread Pudding

I've made another bread pudding last night. This time around it was not that hard, just soft and yummy and the most important thing is hubby loves it!! Hehe.

Fresh from the oven.. :D


I can just eat this over and over again. Thanks sis for the easy recipe. :-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How To Clean Up Macbook Pro

My macbook pro is dirty and I don't know what is a proper way to clean it up. I'm afraid to take out the keyboards coz if I accidentally do it wrong, maybe I have to bring it to the Macbook store and fix it. And of coz it will costs me a lot. So, I search a video on YouTube and found these 3 easy videos on how to do it. Maybe it can help other Macbook Pro users too. :-)

Lunatots Now at Giant Kota Damansara

We went to Giant, KD last night and just found out that Lunatots is now open at Giant Kota Damansara. It was so much fun looking at all the colorful and cute printed cloth diapers. To all mommies who stays at KD, do drop by at their outlet now and check out their yummilicious cloth diapers. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Lil Prince at 2 Years Old

Arsyad is already 2 years old!! Wow~ I can't believe it my lil baby has grown up so fast.. I still can remember the moment when our eyes met, and holding him in my arms for the first time.. Owh~ I miss that moment.. Maybe it's time for the next one?? Hahaha.. 

I think I didn't update much about Arsyad's milestones in here.. Always forgot to do that coz I can't really stay in front of my lappy to type all those achievements.. He needs more and more my attention nowadays..  Sometimes people might see that I seem to look like one happy go lucky mother who doesn't have to deal with much problems raising the kid! Haha.. I wished!! 

So, let us see what I can recall he is capable to do nowadays:-

He can say a lot of words now. Some of them very clear and correct and some, just almost right. Haha. He can say car, frog, horse, cat, dog, bird, duck, plane refers to aeroplane, air (water), sheep, ball, shoe, book, bee, nak, taknak, yak (poo-poo), kak (bukak), tup (tutup), choo-choo (train), shu (milk), cuit (biscuit), ower (shower), ellow (yellow) and lots more. I can't remember already.

And he can understands instruction much better than before. He understands when I ask him to take off his shoe, take off his pants, ask him to sit down while having his meal, put something in the drawer or take his spoon or bowl/plate and lots more. He even told me everytime he poo-poo, take off his pants and wait for me in front of the bathroom. I don't know whether he is ready to potty train or not, but I think I'll wait till he really can say the word "wee-wee". 

He loves to run, like to scribble, really love playing his blocks and cars and of course loves to take out everything from his toy box. Then you can't even walk on the floor coz his toys are everywhere. If you ask him to put all the toys back in the box, he'll do it. But he'll do it again right after that. Haha. So, just let him be coz it will be just the same.

at the family area.. should wait till you see in my room, his room and downstairs..huh~

Owh~ one of his favorites thing to do is to imitate what he saw in the tele. Sometimes I don't know what he is trying to do, but he acts just like in the tele. His expression is so damn funny. You should see when he does the shocking face, when he laughs (buat2 gelak, sambil gelak tangan tutup mulut), when he does the dinosaur's sound "aaaaaarrrggghh" (suara kasar tp badan kecik).. Haha.. So damn funny!! 

Everytime we went to the Toys'r us or Ikea, hubby and I always let him play with all the toys for a while. Then, he'll say bye-bye to all the toys when we wanna go home. Same when we went to the playground. He'll say bye-bye to the slide and swing when we want to go home. We taught him to do that at earlier stage coz we don't want him to get a toy everytime we go out. He'll get one when we want to reward him with a good behaviour and on a special occasion. I'm so lucky coz he'll not lying on the floor if he didn't get the thing that he wants.

He refuses to sit in his car seat and stroller. Luckily, he'll sit beside me in the car and sit properly if he just went out with his papa. Not much trouble but it was tiring when he started to run in the mall and we have to chase him. Then we have to carry him when he wants to sleep. It makes me more tiring when he wants me to carry him instead of his papa. Huh~ sabar je la..

He loves to play with his cousins especially abg zafran. Others, need to warm up a bit then he can play happily with them. He is a bit shy with strangers. He is just with me at home, so I think he needs to play with other kids more often.

And he also now in the terrible two phase. Not really terrible but it is challenging to me and really test my patience. He wanted to do things on his own ways and when he wanted something, sometimes he'll say it properly but sometimes he wouldn't. He would just cry right away. He could scream and cry for hours if I let him be. He loves to poke me and his papa. Everytime I explain that it is not nice to do that he'll just laugh and do it again. 

He also wants me more than his papa. I know coz I am with him 24/7, but before this he was just okay playing on his own while I'm doing the laundry and cooking. But now, he will cry if I went to the kitchen and cook to prepare my lunch. I try to make him involve in the cooking and laundry process, like give him a cloth to put in the washing machine, make him open the softener container, give him the pan and vegetable so that he can imitate me cooking. But, all he wants to do is just hold tight to my leg and it makes me hard to walk.

I know at this stage, toddlers easily get frustrated becoz we, parents fail to understand them. With their very limited vocabs, they just don't know how to explain things to adults. So I try my very best to understand what he was trying to imply. Coz if I don't know what he wants, he will just cry right away. Kalau tak nangis, merajuk; tangan gosok2 mata and then buat bunyi sok sek sok sek. Sangat pandai berlakon kay si cilik ni. Haha.

I need to have a LOT of patience. Sometimes I just feel like wanna scold him, but when I look at him when he was sleeping and smiling, I just forgot everything. He makes my life wonderful eventho sometimes he drives me crazy. Haha. I love you baby..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Addicted to Junior Masterchef Australia

Did you watch the Junior Masterchef Australia? I did watch the Masterchef, USA. Then when I found out about this Junior Masterchef, I'm like WHAT?? How come this young kids can cook extremely well? I love watching this show instead of the Masterchef, coz the judges are so damn nice by giving a very good comment so that the contestants will not be de-motivated to cook again. And, the kids are so damn cute and funny. They were really enjoying themselves cooking in the Masterchef kitchen.

I'm really addicted to this show!! I just finished watching all the episodes just now. And I'm glad Isabella won the first ever Junior Masterchef Australia. I even cried watching how the sisters support each other, and even cried when only one of them can make it to the final two. I'm so amazed on how they plate their dish, it is so beautiful and nice to look at. Just like a professional chef. How I wish I can cook just like them. 

Eventho they were giving the recipes in their pressure test and some of the challenges, but I still think that it is hard to cook within an hour especially to cook something that you've ever done before. I think all of them can be a great chef in future coz these kids have a great imagination and very creative in creating a great dish.

Check out how great their dish was. It was perfectly put on the plate, and both of them got a perfect score. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Arsyad's 2nd Movie Experience @ TGV, One Utama

We went to TGV One Utama to watch Harry Porter. I know the movie is a bit out dated but I still wanna watch it coz I read the book. So, I wanna see whether the movie will be as good as the story line in the novel or not. The movie is still available only at TGV, One Utama. So, off we went to One Utama and hoping that Arsyad will be okay watching the movie just like last time, watching Toy Story 3.

There were only about 10 people in that cinema. When the movie first started, Arsyad was okay sitting on his papa's lap. Then, when the snake started to appear, Arsyad was scared, very2 scared. He came to me, hug me and started to cry. Then, I brought him out to calm him down. And he didn't want to go inside ever again. Hubby then came out and switched with me. So, I did watch till the end of the movie. But, it was so damn boring, watching alone!! I heard my lil one laughing out loud outside the hall, having fun with his papa. When I came out, hubby shows me the pictures and videos of Arsyad while they're outside. These are 2 of them. 

Macam-macam la Arsyad ni.. Hahaha.. I can't upload the videos coz the size is quite big, so damn lazy to edit.. I think we can't bring Arsyad for any movie anymore except the kiddos movie only.. :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

New New New Batik Collection

For price information, please e-mail Upon enquiry, please provide your details including Name, Contact no and Product Code. As usual, the MORE YOU BUY, the MORE DISCOUNT YOU WILL GET!! So Hurry before it's GONE!!

CL02 - Sateen

CL03 - Sateen

CL04 - Sateen

CL05 - Crepe

CL06 - Sateen

CL07 - Sateen

CL08 - Sateen

CL09 - Sateen

CL10 - Sateen

CL11 - Crepe

CL12 - Crepe

CL13 - Sateen

CL14 - Sateen

CL15 - Sateen

CL16 - Sateen

CL17 - Sateen

CL18 - Sateen

CL19 - Exclusive Sateen

CL20 - Chiffon (Sooo Sweet)

CL21 - Sateen

E-mail me for further inquiry.. :-)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arsyad's Hobby!!

Since Arsyad was still a small baby, he always love car more than any other toys, and till today he still loves car. I don't know how does that happen. Maybe bcoz his papa bought and collect all the Ferrari cars before he was born. Then it becomes his favorite too. Boley ke camtu?? Haha.

And with all the collections he has, he started to learn more things now. He started to make a looong queue with all the cars that he had. He even make a looong queue with other things too, the trains, helicopters, airplanes, lorry and lots more. I don't know where he learns to do that, but he is learning new skill every single day.. and I'm glad looking at the progress!! I'm the one who raise him from the very 1st day of his life, and I still can't believe it!!

Here he is trying to make a straight line of cars. Sorry for the bad pictures' quality, just snap using my phone.

Need to make sure all are in line.. 

 Then started to count, 1 2 3 4 5..

Continue to make a longer line..

Then started to throw everything away and start with the helicopters plak..

I think most boys at this stage will play like this, coz my nephew also like that. What about girls? Did they play like this as well?? Hurm~ curious..

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Arsyad's 2nd Birthday Celebration

Arsyad is already 2 years old. Oh Gosshh!! My baby grows up so fast!! His birthday was actually on 27th Dec, but then we did the birthday celebration on 1st Jan 2011, which is yesterday. Just a simple celebration between family and close friends, no clowns, no magician, no games and etc. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Eventho it was so damn tiring, but it was indeed a very fun day, catching up with friends and family. I managed to do all the decorations a night before and early morning on the day itself. I can't do so much coz Arsyad keep on disturbing me. Everytime I put on something on the table, he'll take it down and throw it away. So the things will just go up and down the table. Haha. Luckily, everything was on its place when people start coming to our house.

Hubby on the other hand was very busy with a hard job one; arranged the tables, chairs, our small landscape and lots more. Thanks a lot dear for helping me too with the decorations. Love u more and more.  :D

Enuff with all the stories. Enjoy some of the photos that most of it hubby and I captured, unless we're in the pictures. Hehe.

Welcome to..

Thanks cik ta for the pulut kuning..

Happy Birthday Arsyad..

Party hat..

The lollipops..

Mini muffins..

Mineral water..


My lil prince & birthday boy..

"Qisha nak?" asked Arsyad

Lil Aidan with a ball..

and his lil brother, Aryan with Wan Cu..

Cik Ayu & Arif..

My sista and her lovely daughter yg menunjukkan braces baru..haha

My lovely MIL and aunty.. Thanks for everything, love u both so much..

The birthday cake.. Abes licin.. hehe

Waiting for the kids to gather around.. Aaarrghh~ look at my eyes!!

Birthday boy moody, time for him to take a nap. Don't wanna blow the candle.

Malu2 bile org nyanyi Happy Birthday song to him.. haha

Mama plak yg tiup..haha

Both of them looks very tired.. Love u so much my heroes..

Finally, with some of his presents..

Happy 2nd birthday my lil prince. Mama and papa love u more than everything. Hopefully you'll be anak yg soleh di dunia and akhirat. Amin~

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