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Friday, January 15, 2010

Curtains Make A Big Difference!!

Changing the curtain in our house can make a big difference in the outlook and the feel of your rooms.. It does make a big difference even you just take the ones that you have down, cleaning them, and re-hanging them in a different manner..

Changing the window curtains is something that we can do ourselves and in little time at all.. But, I'm so damn lazy to do all that.. And, in fact I dun even have a sewing machine.. :P Decorating our windows can be quick and easy!! With a condition of coz!! If we are handy with the sewing machine, we can easily make curtains out of almost any kind of fabric.. For me, using fabric as a curtain will soften the angled lines  of our windows.. And, they don't only look brilliant but they also control the light that enters the room..

My master bedroom..

There are so many different styles, colors and textures of window treatments and accessories today, that we can easily and quickly change the look of our rooms in a flash.. The sheer look presents the room in a personal, pleasant and inviting atmosphere.. And, when decorating the windows of a room that is used often such as the playroom or master bedroom, we would want them to be durable, long lasting and at the same time look great!!

2nd room.. I love the design.. And, I made a right decision not 
to choose the darker color as bilik tu menghadap matahari.. 
Sangatla panas.. The color turns to light purple bile kene cahaya..
So 2 in 1 la.. Silver and purple.. hehe

By adding blinds of any sort , texture and color, we will also enhance the look of any window.. If we do not want the attention to be drawn to our windows in first entering the room, then it would be best to use plain colored window curtains.. I think, neutral colors work best for this situation.. then, some people may prefer the attention be drawn first to their window treats.. If this is the case, then possibly adding more colors will work best.. I did choose the darker color for my master bedroom, so it will be very2 dark at night (nak tido pon lena jek kan..smpai tak sedar dh pagi..hahaha).. During the day, I still can have privacy in my room as I have the sheer.. The light still can enter the room, and no need to worry as other people can't see us from outside.. :)

Arsyad's room.. Actually the one that I chose earlier
is brighter, really suits for kid's room.. 
But then last minute change, got problem with the material..

Guest room.. Just half-length coz it's free.. At first, I just wanna
buy a blind at Ikea coz the window is just small.. But then, the salesgirl
wanna give me free.. I love the design and material.. Simple.. 
Eventho it is black color, tp bilik tu tak kene cahaya matahari, so it is okay.. :)

Full length curtains aren't always best in every room.. I only did the full length curtains (up from the ceiling) for my master bedroom and also living hall.. The purpose of having this full length curtain is to make the ceiling looks high and we'll see the area will be more spacious.. It works best for those who has small room or just a small living area..

String curtain to separate the dining and our open kitchen..
I chose 2 tones - black and white.. Love it!! For those who has an open kitchen,
and dun have any budget to do the bar counter, you can opt to this one..
Luckily Arsyad tak tarik2.. :D

Blind in the kitchen..

Our living hall.. The sheer only coz the one that I want is out of stock..
Need to wait till next week.. :)

Here are the tips for you on how to choose a curtain..These are all from my experience, reading from magazines and also watching Deko Bersama Eric.. Hehe..
  • Consider the style, size, and shape of the window, and what you want the curtains for.
  • If you want to soften and filtrate light coming in through the room, use lace or sheer material.
  • To deter the light from the room, you should think about a thick fabric and dark fabric colors for the shades or use dark blinds.
  • Choose the right color. Colors that reflect warmness are yellows, red and pinks. Using these colors will bring a tranquil type room of life. If you want to give a room a serene look, then using grays, whites and light blues will give you the result you are looking for. Brown and greens are earth tones and are very pleasing to the eye and very comforting to the soul. The main thing is to pick the colors that compliment other things in the room such as furniture, pillows and rugs. Coz you want to feel good and peaceful when you walk into that room.
  • Use full length curtain up from the ceiling to make the ceiling look high and make the area more spacious. 
  • To save your budget, you can just go to any textile stores and sew it yourself. :)
  • And, last but not least, hang the curtains!! Stand back and admire your window.. You'll notice the whole feeling of the room change for the better.. I dun know other people can feel it or not, but I am!! Everyday I'll grab each curtain, one at a time, just below half way down to the window frame and tie it back.. It feels like home!! You know what I mean?? (Maybe sbb umah sendiri kot.. so rase lain.. hehe..)
And, remember ladies~ the right choice will not only enhance the window but also turn an ordinary room into a really special place.. I love all my choices!! Thanks hubby for the curtains.. Love u sooo much~ mmmuuuuaaahhhss~


  1. wow!!!!! it sure did!!!
    nice it so much!!
    pandai u pilih curtain babe...
    jenuh kan nk curtainkan 1 umah... byk RM kuar wooo... :D

  2. huh~ time pilih kain tuh ade 3 4 kali kot baru i finalize.. haha.. hurm~ byk la jugak RM yg kuar.. tp takpela buat sekali je pon.. :D


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