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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Day Raya - Part I

This year is our first Raya with our lil one, Arsyad.. hubby took a leave for the whole week, so beraya sakan la kami.. hehe.. i was so damn excited, can't wait to try on my lil one's baju melayu with sampin n songkok, complete set okay.. :P thanks cik ma for the baju melayu n cik su for the sampin n songkok.. :)

Both of us are from Terengganu, so no need for us to argue which side to beraya this year.. we'll beraya at my hubby's side in the morning, then will go to my side in the afternoon.. coz my family is sooo big, we'll beraya till nite.. hehe.. luckily, the traffic was not as bad as last year.. so we enjoyed our Raya happily, and Arsyad was behaved along the day.. we was so amazed he can hang on wearing his Baju Melayu with sampin till evening.. berbaloi cik ma jahit kan.. haha..

Btw, our family theme for this year is maroon.. :) 

Mia Familia..
Macam-macam gaya..hehe
Lovely couple..hehe :D
with my cutest boy~
my heroes~ :)
wif bonda & ayahanda tercinta.. 
arsyad's sleeping at that time..haha 
So many piccas to upload.. will update more on First Day Raya - Part II.. hehe

p/s: Hopefully it's still not too late to wish all of u Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin from me n family.. :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Down With Fever

My baby is down with fever after our Hari Raya holiday.. and till today, he's still not recovering, but he's getting better.. InsyaAlllah.. this is the 1st time my lil one sick.. i dun know whether it is bcoz of his 2nd tooth is coming out, or some people said bcoz of "beralih bulan" (he just turn to 9 months old last 2 days).. but then before this beralih bulan tak demam pon.. hurm~

Went to KJMC to check his condition as his temperature is very high especially at nite.. his paeds immediately gave him the medicine to reduce the temperature, it was 39.3 deg at that time.. his right ear also got an infection that made his fever getting worse.. need to watch him closely these 2 days, if not, we need to bring him back to the hospital to do the blood test.. and after 1 week need to do the follow up about his ear infection..

Alhamdulillah, he still want to have his precious milk but refuse to eat anything.. he also loss his weight about 100gram.. :(

Ya Allah, sembuhkanlah penyakit anakku dan lindungilah
kami sekeluarga dari sebarang penyakit dan malapetaka..

Please pray for my baby's wellness..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogging @ Our Hometown

Yeah~ we're at our hometown, Terengganu.. we managed to push off from KL around 7 am from our home, eventho we planned to push off around 6 am.. and Alhamdulillah, we arrived here around 2 pm, after few times stop, coz hubby was sleepy and actually it was about an hour we stuck in Kuala Trg town itself.. hurm~ maybe everyone is starting to do their final shopping coz today is Friday, and Friday is a day off in Trg.. 

While we were getting ready to go back home, suddenly Arsyad get up from sleep and smile at us.. he was so damn excited (tau2 je nak gi jln2).. he was just looking at me wearing my tudung and doing my final checklist.. waiting for me to pick him up.. Alhamdulillah, he was so behaved along the way.. just crying for his precious milk and when he was bored sitting in his car seat.. so, i'll give him few minutes rest out from his car seat to play.. 

So today is our 2nd day berbuka puasa at our hometown.. yesterday was at my place and today was at my MIL's.. luckily, our house is just few minutes away.. no need for us to argue and take turn for Hari Raya.. hehe.. ok la just a bit update before Hari Raya.. InsyaAllah will update more if i've time, but most probaby not.. haha..

he loves to smile like this nowadays.. :)
p/s: Arsyad just try on his baju melayu with sampin and songkok.. so cute~ can't wait to take our family photos.. :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finding way out..

Arsyad is so active nowadays, and most of the time he will sleep around 1 am and sometimes 2 am in the morning.. huh~ both of us will be sleepy the next morning as he'll get up early and wanna play as soon as he opens his eyes.. he'll play on his own for about 1/2 an hour, then he'll cry asking us to pick him up from his cot and then wanna play water while having his shower.. he knows his routine already..  :)

After his papa went to work, he'll play on his play mat.. and will follow me everywhere i go.. to the kitchen when i wanna cook his porridge or doing the laundry.. to the 2nd room where i kept all his clothes.. and the one that he loves to go lately is under the table.. he'll try to find a way out from one end to another.. left right, left right until he reaches to the next end.. he'll laugh and talk to himself.. we just let him playing on his own as he seems really enjoy finding his way out.. i was scared at first, afraid he'll knock his head.. but, eventually he knows how to control his head, hand and leg.. good boy~ 

ooo~ ooo~ this is not the way out.
maybe this way..
oh no!! i can't go out..
i just knocked my head..uuuuwwwaa!!!
Arsyad~ Arsyad~.. now he knows how to "bye-bye", clap his hands, understand when mama n papa ask him to come here, and sometimes understand the word "No".. I always use that word especially when he wanna go to the tele and when he wanna come out from his bath tub while having shower.. he is still learning how to shake hands..Raya is coming..need to know how to shake hands, baru dpt duit raya.. hehe.. and lately he likes to bite me especially when he wants his precious milk, luckily he just got 1 tooth.. but, he'll do that only if mama n papa ignored him or we are busy with something else.. hehe

My baby is growing up so fast!! i just can't believe watching him crawling, standing and walking (of coz with a support)..he can make a step while holding to the sofa and even can walk around his rocker and make a full round.. :) everyday he'll learn a new skill.. sometimes, he'll pretend like didn't hear me calling him after having his milk.. he'll just lie down beside me, ignore me and looking at somewhere else.. he'll not look at me at all even my face is in front of him.. it is so damn funny looking at his cute face, trying not to smile at me.. his lips will be like muncung2 a bit, control jek tanak senyum.. and badan pon keras jek..haha.. i wish i can record that moments..hehe

Love u baby.. can't wait to see u in Baju Melayu..hehe

p/s: can't wait to go back to our hometown this Thursday!! oooo~ balik kampung~~ oooo balik kampung~~ hati girang~~ :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Amsyar's 5th Birthday Celebration


Birthday boy - busy playing all by himself :D
Another birthday celebration in Ramadhan.. nice date haa 090909.. this time, we celebrate it at Tony Roma's, Cineleisure.. All of us gathered there around 845pm.. it was so much fun, gathered together again with all the families.. and the kiddos were having fun playing.. :) 

Birthday cake.. yummmyy!!
Happy Birthday To U.. Happy Birthday To U.. 
Happy Birthday To Amsyar.. Happy Birthday To U ..
Cutting cake session.. 
My cutie lil pie.. ade 1 tu meraung coz mama n papa tak layan..haha
Arsyad & his cousins..
Arsyad & papa.. takde pon pic ngan mama.. :(
Happy birthday Amsyar.. and btw, Arsyad wanna wish Happy 2nd Birthday to Adieb too.. muuahh mmuuaahh~

p/s: green theme la plak this time.. :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can't Wait!!!

Just came back from another birthday celebration, which i'll blog about it later.. :) I'm so happy today, everyday pon happy..haha..

Alhamdulillah, we received a letter from our house developer last week to collect our house key, of coz after paying all the charges (RM1k jugak tau..huhu~).. so, this morning we managed to go to the developer's office at Damansara Perdana.. i thought we can get our key on the dot, but then they said we need to wait for another 3 days.. haaiishh.. can't wait to see our house, coz i can't remember how my house look like.. cane nak ingat, we bought it 2 years ago.. before we got married to be exact.. 

InsyaAllah, this Sunday we'll go to the site and check all the defect and whatnot.. so after this... contractor hunting!!! huhu~ actually, we already have few in the list already, just need to measure everything and get their exact quotation.. hurm~ duit lg melayang.. its okay, as long as i can have my own dream house.. :) 

Can't wait to see our house!! cepatla hari Ahad!! hopefully we can move in to our new house by end of this year.. :) 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arsyad's Very First Kad Raya

Just checked our post box last nite.. and guess what?? Arsyad just received his very first kad raya from his wan, ki, cu na & ami ju.. hehe.. musical kad raya lg tau.. :)

He was so excited with the card.. and just listen when mama read the contents.. we just let him play with the card and till today, the card is still in good condition.. takde koyak2 okay.. he just love listening to the Hari Raya song.. hehe..

Thanks a lot wan, ki, cu na, ami ju & all.. C u all next week.. :D muuaahhh mmuuaahh~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Birthday Celebration @ Baskin Robbins

It's actually Zafran's 2nd birthday celebration.. i thought there'll be no birthday celebration for zafran this year as it is Ramadhan.. hehe.. but hey, maybe it was a last minute plan.. so, after berbuka puasa off we go to the Baskin Robbins, The Curve.. only 3 of us were there for the celebration, others can't make it.. we're still having fun especially the kids.. 

Cutting cake session.. he was very happy when everyone sang him
Happy Birthday song..
Zafran's enjoying his cake.. bukan selalu mommy kasik 
mkn cake.. mkn puas2.. hahaha
Zafran with Mommy & Daddy.. yellow themes.. yuuhuu~
Oh btw, this was the 2nd time Arsyad attended a birthday party.. hehe.. he is so cute wearing the birthday party hat.. and guess what?? he even didn't take the hat off from his head.. at first, he seems like not comfortable with the hat on his head, but then after a while, he just enjoying the party, watching all his cousins eating the cake, running here and there.. sorry Arsyad, no cake for u.. u're still a baby, can't eat that kind of food yet okay..

Mama, Papa & lil Arsyad :)
Isn't he cute?? wait for ur birthday kay Arsyad :)
Arsyad wanna wish "Abang Afran" (that's the name Zafran call himself in front of Arsyad..hehe) HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. I'll give u the birthday pressie later kay.. mama & papa didn't buy it yet.. hehe.. :P

Mama, Papa & Arsyad

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Haji Arsyad

Hehe.. mentioned about Haji, i just remembered the tv series, forgot which channel.. His fren introduces him to someone as Haji Mustapha.. but then, he replied "Bukan satu kali Haji, tapi 3 kali Haji.. Haji Haji Haji Mustapha..".. haha.. i dun know what is the connection of those scripts with this entry.. haha..

Actually we captured Arsyad's picture wearing this mini jubah.. it is actually Zafran's jubah.. hehe.. so cute~ 

Haji Arsyad.. hehe

Look at all the piccas, just remembered we didn't buy songkok for Arsyad yet.. hurm~ 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Baby In CD

Finally, i managed to buy 4 cloth diapers (CD) to Arsyad, and i've been using it for almost 2 weeks now.. but still it is not enuf for me to rotate the CDs everyday.. will buy more after this.. i always thought that using CD will be complicated especially when baby poops.. but, after using it what i can say is, it is just as easy as using the disposable diaper (DD).. maybe u will feel so much work to be done everytime u change the CD, but u'll get use to it once u've already master the routine.. just think that when we first time having a baby, it is not easy for us as well to stay up at night to breastfeed our baby or change their diaper.. so, same goes here..

cute kan?? this is not Arsyad of coz..
didn't manage to snap his pic in his CD yet :P

There are many reasons why i've decided to use CD.. It's good for the environment and good for our wallet as well.. so far, i'm just using only 1 DD per day, or maximum 2 if my baby poops.. And, it's so much fun to wrap my baby in soft cloth, it's like a pillow for his bottom!! Years back, our parents also using the CD, not the DD.. yeah it is bcoz at that time the DD is so expensive.. but, it is good as it doesn't has the chemical that can effect the baby on the long-term.. parents nowadays (including me :P) are using the DD as it is easy and convenient for all the moms.. InsyaAllah after this i'll fully cloth diapering my baby.. but, with the new modern CD that we have nowadays, i think there is no reason for us not using the CD for our baby rite?? yes the CD is expensive in a short-term.. the cost is around RM50 - RM55 per piece (that's the cheapest).. depends on which type of CD, either prefold, pocket diaper, AIO and lots more..  but, if we make a calculation for a year, the CD is much much cheaper and we can save a lot of money as we'll using it over and over again, even for our next baby.. :)

I'm using the pocket diaper first, as it is very easy for me, just like using the DD.. it is actually so many types of CD, i can't decided which one to buy first, so to be on the safe side, i just bought the one size pocket diaper.. so guys~ what are u waiting for?? go and get ur CD now.. it is so cute to see our baby in so many types of pattern CD.. :) if u start looking all the pattern CD, u'll go crazy like me.. haha.. feel like wanna buy all.. haha..

p/s: my advice, if u've decided to use CD, make sure ur hubby agreed as well.. as both of us will wash our baby's poops rite.. so, he must agreed and willingly to wash all the CD as well.. hehe

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