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Friday, March 27, 2009

Arsyad Turns 3 Months Old

Yeah every 27th of the month Arsyad will be a month older..and now he's already 3 months old..waaahhh cepatnyee besar baby Mama nih..

He got another injection today..he such a good boy, just cried a bit..he is now 6kg and measures wonder he is chubbier and heavier far, Alhamdulillah he is a healthy little boy, berkat susu mama.. :)

He is such a good boy..not so cranky..always smile, laugh (especially with his papa), loves when we talk and play with him..just cry when he wants his precious milk n want us to hold him, especially when he wanna, i'm so in dilema whether want to work or not..if i send him to the nursery, i'll miss everything..everyday, he will able to do something new..hmm~ still thinking..maybe i just work at home, do some business..haha~

Back to my lil one..well, he started using his playgym tree house when he was 1 month old..just lying on it and gazing at the toys overhead..then he gradually progressed toward reaching for the toys, then batting at them, and finally grabbing them!! (maybe not yet..but sometimes he can, just not so long.. :) He has enjoyed in a different way through every stage of his development, and it has made me so proud and happy to see him discover his new abilities each step of the way..

Well, these are the latest piccas of my precious one~

Arsyad with his new toy 'caterpillar'

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ahnaf's BBQ Birthday Celebration

Saturday, 21st March 2009

Went to Abg's house at Shah Alam to celebrate Ahnaf 2nd birthday..had a great moment together..the foooood?? yummyyyy!!!but, i think u should buy a new bbq set la abg..a bigger one of course..and ikan keli??(eeeewwwww!!!) time ikan pari la plak kay..hahaha...ape2 pon, all of us having fun that nite.. :p

Birthday Boy :)
Ahnaf + Family
The Crowds
My Precious :)
Happy Birthday Ahnaf!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's almost 3 weeks since my last entry..yeah~ my time was fully occupied wif my precious one, Arsyad..n the worse thing is, no internet connection at home..gggrrrr!!!so, obviously i can't update my blog..

hmm~, so what did i do for the past 3 weeks?? i've my lil time, reading novels, magazines (cars n photography of course..that's the only magazines that my hubby bought)..n i managed to do my own facial.. :) just a simple one, using scrub, mask n moisturizer..that's all..its been a long time since my last facial..i think before my wedding hubby also helped me by doing massage to my leg and my nice n i'm not able to leave my baby so long for the facial n massage, so just do it at home..its easy, as long as u've all the things needed :)

n last nite all of us were invited to Abang's house to celebrate Ahnaf 2nd birthday..will update the piccas later, how's my lil Arsyad's doing?of course he is chubbier..and he will turn to 3 months old next fast huh??now he can grab things, loves when mama n papa do bubling in front of him..he will be so excited and try to do it as well..but, it turns out he just do bubles with his air liur..hehe..every morning, i will let him watch thomas n frens vcd so that i can have my breakfast, do my laundry..he will fast asleep while watching it, about 1/2 an hour later..tomorrow mama will let u watch baby enstein plak kay.. :) n now he likes to put his fingers inside his mouth..usually when he wants his precious milk, not all the time..

hurm..i think that's all for now..will update more n more after this.. :)

all the piccas captured using my phone..sorry for the blurr a bit.. :p

Arsyad will smile everytime he wakes up..

Arsyad isap jari, peluk bantal n urm~ solat..haha..
tp wrong hand la Arsyad..

Arsyad was so excited when mama do the bubling..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

@ Pappa Kopitiam

An evening @ pappa with my sistas..just lepak2 n have a chit sis, yanie pick me up then off we go to pappa..hubby still at the office, so can't join us..arsyad just fall asleep while mama eating.. :)
Arsyad slept soundly
Arsyad wif mama n cik ni
Zafran cheeky faces :D
Dato' n Datin :P

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Months Old Arsyad

On 27th of Feb, Arsyad's exactly 2 months time flies..and today, Arsyad got his 2nd, 6 in 1 immunisation..he just cried a bit, then fall asleep again..he is now 5.2kg and measures 57cm..

Arsyad is more active during daytime and sleep well at nite..He loves when mama n papa talk to him, tell him a story, sing him a song..he will smile and respond back to us, with his googoogaga-ing..and he is a very strong boy now, can hold his head up when we hold him at our shoulder, and he can turn a bit (mengiring) is so fast for him to turn on his own now, don't u think so??

I'm very impressed with his development now..He knows when mama n papa wanna go out..when we're getting ready, especially mama..we just left him in the cot..then he will look at me, and very excited when i wear my tudung..sometimes, i just wanna see whether he will cry or not when i left him and went out from our room..hehe..kejam tol mama..he cried and make a sad face..even mama already held him, he still make a sad sound, not crying but sad sound..hmm~ dun know how to describe it..

And of course, he is chubbier and everyone said he is really2 looks like his papa now..hmm~ is it really the same?i still think that his chin looks like mine and his smile as well..hehe..whateva it is, u're very2 cute my baby..i love u to bits!

Look how chubby i am.. :D

My cute faces~ :)

Enuf mama!! no more piccas plz!!

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