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Monday, January 25, 2010

First Night Without Papa

It is 2 am in the morning.. Papa is working tonight, so it is only two of us in the house.. And guess what?? Arsyad is still actively playing all by himself.. I've already locked ourselves in a room, switch off the lights and lying on the bed to go to sleep.. While I'm half awake, Arsyad on the other hand is still playing, jumping on the bed, shouting, playing with my phone and trying to get down from the bed.. Gggggrrrr!!

I dun know why he doesn't feel sleepy at all.. I dun wanna sleep first before he does - afraid if he'll do something dangerous to himself.. So, while waiting for him to sleep, here I am creating my new entry.. haha.. Tonight is the first night papa starts to work on shift.. I dun know how he can hang on in front of the computer, not sleeping at all.. Coz he doesn't sleep much this afternoon and evening.. Hope he'll be busy tonite so that he can get over it.. Hehe.. Luckily, he'll get 4 days off next 2 days.. ;-)

While I'm sitting here in front of my lappy, Arsyad did something funny that makes me laugh out loud.. hahaha.. He's trying to chase his own shadow.. Now started to cry when he failed to do so.. Arsyad Arsyad~ Dah ngantuk tp still tahan mata tu, sabo je laa.. Okay, enuff for now.. Need to put him on bed and try to get some sleep..

p/s: Miss u so much sayang~ hehe.. cepatla balik :-(


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