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Monday, January 4, 2010

Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out

I think most of you already know about this Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out, with all the advertisement and also the "Curious kids need to be tough inside" entry.. This is the first time ever I joined in together with other nuffnangers (mostly mommies and daddies of coz).. And what I can say is.. The event was extremely superb!! Thumbs Up to Nuffnang and Friso Gold!! We're having a lot of FUN, FUN and FUN!!!

At the entrance..

The day I received a phone call from Nuffnang, I keep on thinking whether Arsyad will be okay or not.. Coz Arsyad is always be with me 24-7, and sometimes I'll bring him to play with his cousins but not other people who, he doesn't familiar with.. Yerla kan, usually baby yg pergi nursery dh biase sosialize, playing along with frens.. Arsyad on the other hand, only play with his mama je.. But way I was wrong!! Arsyad was really2 enjoyed himself, meeting new friends, dancing along and exploring the whole place.. He didn't afraid at all see new faces and so many people around him.. Sometimes we just left him alone in the gym's area and watched him from outside, just to see whether he'll cry or not.. Huh~ he didn't seem to cry at all!! He even "ter-hug" other mommies, then just smile when he realized that she wasn't me.. Hahaha..

Arsyad was playing peek-a-boo with papa..

Riding a horse..

Main cak-cak with frens..

And slide~~

Playing without mama n papa..

Owh there were a lot of fun activities, not just for the kids but parents also.. Of coz, kiddos were enjoying themselves playing in the playland till the event was over.. There were a talk by the nutrition's experts, sand art for the kids and also parents and magic show!! And there were lots and lots of freebies for those who participated in answering the questions and also the games organized by Nuffnang & Friso Gold.. The kids were not only the one who were really2 excited getting all those freebies, but mommies and daddies also!! Hahaha..

Dun care all the crowd.. Suke hati je main kat depan with the host..

Lots of activities.. Talk, games, magic show and lots more..

Around 1pm, all of us were having a break and having a yummilicious lunch provided by the organizer.. Kiddos were having lunch on their own chairs and tables.. Eventho Arsyad was not eating all those food, but he was having fun sitting on the chair, holding the fork and spoon and pretending like eating.. Hahaha.. I'm never let him play with foods before coz I'm so damn lazy to clean it up after that.. But, after watching him really enjoyed himself, and of coz learning something, I'll let him to do so sometimes..

Enjoying his meal.. :)

At the end of the event, the most awaited agenda by all parents of coz!! The winner of the 3D/2N to Disneyland Hong Kong!! And the winner goes to........ MomBloggersPlanet!!! Bravo!! Bravo!! Congratulations and have a nice trip to Disneyland yea~!! And Congrats to all the winners also..

Eventho it was tiring, but it is indeed a really enjoyable and fun event.. Arsyad was having fun to the max, sampai tertido2 with his papa.. Hehe..

Both of them kepenatan..

Hopefully we can join again next year!! :D

I'm having fun mama!!


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