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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Trip To The Zoo

Last saturday, we brought Arsyad to the zoo. It was indeed a very fun outing eventho it was very tiring as we had to run from the beginning till the end to catch up with Arsyad. Haha. Arsyad was very excited to see all the animals, and he even recognized most of them. Nothing much to write on, just enjoy a few piccas that we managed to snap. Awal2 je snap, then tak sempat dh coz kene kejar arsyad je keje. Haha.

At the entrance..

with the giraffes..

The elephant..

Arsyad panggil duck coz berenang atas air.. haha

Arsyad berlari sesuke hati.. papa cool je.. haha

Tiger peluk pokok..hehe

Tapir tido kemalasan..

Lion pon tido kemalasan..
Cheetah pon tido kemalasan.. semua binatang zoo malas..haha

Arsyad berkerut dahi tgh pk binatang ape ni?? Nampak mcm cow.. haha

Lepas ni kita pegi kat bird park plak kay Arsyad.. hehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look A Like Shawl

Recently I have these two shaded shawls which I bought at two different places. Actually I just bought one and my sister did give me another one. Lucky me to have so nice sister huh? Hehe. So what are the differences other than price?

This one is from Arzu. I think everyone knows Arzu boutique. They got 2 boutiques, one at KLCC and another one at Mid Valley. You can find a lot of shaded shawls there and this one is the wrinkle one. I think this kind of shawl is very convenient as I can just pack it in my bag without me worrying my shawl will be wrinkle and I need to iron it after that. I love the length of the shawl as I can twist it around twice and make a nice drape at the front. And I don't have to wear an inner coz it covers my back and front. I love the material, a very soft cotton. It makes me comfortable to wear it all day long without any brooch and pin to hold the hijab on my head. It is quite pricey, RM200 for 3 pieces (promotion price for this month). But it is worth it. Easy to care and easy to wear. :-)

So lets move on to the next shawl, which is look a like Arzu's one. I just bought the shawl 2 days ago. Actually, I just pass by the small shop in the middle of the Giant Hypermarket, then suddenly I saw this shaded shawl. I know there are a lot of online blogshops that sell this kind of shawl. But I didn't bother to buy it, coz I'm afraid I will not like the material. So, when I saw it in front of me, I give it a try. I like the material, not as soft as Arzu's but it is okay to me. It is shorter and I need to wear an inner with it. I just can make one twist so that it can nicely cover my back and front. The price is only RM25 per piece. Way much cheaper than Arzu's but you can see a lot of differences between these two. 

So, which one do I love the most? Arzu's of course coz I can wear it without any brooch and pin and I love the material so much. But which one will I buy again? Definitely, the second one, it is so damn cheaper than the Arzu's. Haha. I can get 8 pieces of it rather than only 3 pieces of Arzu's for RM200. 

Can you see the difference just by looking at those 2 pictures above?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

SSF Year End Sale ( 3 - 12 Dec 2010 )

Looking for something to decorate your house? SSF is having their year end sale now. Most item were discount up to 50% off. Hurry up!! Tomorrow is the last day. 

Happy shopping. :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Vacation..

On this very special day, Awal Muharram and hubby's birthday, we've decided to have a short vacation. Luckily the hotel room was still available even on this peak season. It was actually a last minute decision. At first, hubby booked the studio room at Maya Hotel, just in KL. But on second thought, Arsyad will feel bored coz there's nothing special there, just a luxurious room. So, off we went to PD.

Legend Water Chalet

It was a very long time ago my last visit to PD. There's nothing much different, but the water I think is quite dirty. Arsyad was having fun playing with the sand and swimming in the big bath tub inside our room. Luckily it wasn't raining on that day. Thus we can have fun outside rather than just stay inside the room.

And, this birthday message is specially dedicated to my love:

Happy birthday sayang
 I'm so lucky to have a husband like you
Every year with you is better than the last
Hanging out with you is still my favorite thing to do
Happy birthday to my partner and my best friend

My love for you grows and grows with each passing year
You are still the man of my dreams
I can't imagine living without you at my side
Growing old with you is one of my favorites thing to do
A husband like you is the frosting on the birthday cake of life
Happy birthday to the love of my life
Love you so much

p/s: wait for your birthday present yea~ :-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shopping With Woody..

We went out to Ikano last friday as papa promised to bring Arsyad to Toys' R Us. Arsyad was very excited to see all the toys and can't decide which one to choose. But then once he saw the stroller with woody on it, he didn't bother to look at other toys anymore. Haha. 

It was so damn funny looking at him, pushing the stroller and at the same time, showing all the toys to Woody. Haha. At last, we just bought him a car. Takkan nak beli stroller plak kan?? Haha. Nanti org confuse plak girl ke boy nih. Haha. 

Btw, this is one of the videos that I managed to capture. Others, wayyy to big for me to upload and mama so damn lazy to resize. Hehe.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Admission @ KJMC

Dun know where to start. I'm still in shock and can't believe what just happened to my baby. Alhamdulillah  everything was normal, and he become active and playful again after spending 3 days and 2 nights stay at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. Everything happened so fast and I didn't expect it will be this bad.

29 Nov 2010

He was happily playing as usual, running here and there, jumping, riding his car. It was all started after he ran out from my room then suddenly slipped and fall down around 2.30pm. He cried out loud and still conscious. He just wanted me to hold him and lay down on the bed. Half an hour later, he started vomiting. We brought him to the clinic first, then immediately got the referral letter to the hospital for further investigation coz he already vomited 5 times within 4 hours I think. 

We arrived at KJMC around 7 something, thanks to the heavy traffic. We went straight to his paeds's clinic and then he handed the case over to the surgeon. On the way to the KJMC Arsyad already vomited 3 times, in total 8 times. And while waiting for the surgeon, he vomited again, twice in total 10 times. The surgeon started to set the line for the IV, and only GOD knows how I felt at that time - watching my baby cried out loud, called mama and looking at the nurses who really slow and blood keep flowing. I really want to scold them at that time, but thinking that it was hard to handle a baby and it will make them more nervous. So I just hold my baby's face and try to distract him with all the stories that we usually read. I did cry coz he keeps on calling mama, sort of asking me to help. But I can't do anything at all.

so weak and tired..

Then, the nurse gave him the sleeping pill so that the CT scan can be done. He vomited again few minutes after that. Luckily he fall asleep during the scan. I can't watch my lil one lying down during the scanning. I keep on walking in and outside the monitoring room and keep on praying to GOD, hoping that nothing bad happen to my baby. We went back to our room and waited for the result. About an hour later, the surgeon came and Alhamdulillah the report turns out well. No internal bleeding and skull fractures. But still need to observe him for at least 24hours as Arsyad still vomit twice after that and stop after the nurse gave him ubat tahan muntah. 

slept for a while before the ct scan..

30 Nov 2010

His body was still weak but he didn't vomit anymore. The surgeon asked us to stay 1 more night to observe Arsyad's condition. We just agreed as Arsyad was still weak and didn't want to eat and drink. He started to be okay and be himself again around 2pm. He started to play and talk as usual. It made me happy and worried at the same time coz I've to watch out his drip all the time. He always want to walk far away from the machine and turn around that makes the wire twist all around. He even 'salam' with all the people came by to visit him and didn't cry anymore when he saw the nurses came in to check his temperature. 

better but just want to lie down on bed..

started to smile and want to kiss2 mama.. 

1 Dec 2010

Alhamdulillah, he has been discharged and need to do the follow up next week. I still need to monitor him closely tho.

Alhamdulillah, happily playing before went home..

This was the first time Arsyad needs to be admitted. We were so scared and don't know what to do. Just pray and pray and pray. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happen to him. Really hope that this incident will not happen again. Thanks to all for the wishes and doa. Really appreciate it. :-)

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