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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Love ChurpChurp

I think most of you have heard about ChurpChurp right? Well, if you tweet, then you should get in touch with ChurpChurp.. :-)

ChurpChurp is a way to make money online, just like Nuffnang.. All you need is just a Twitter account.. You can register yourself here if you don't have one.. And, if you already have a Twitter, let's share your Twitter ID here and we can follow each other.. hehe.. Don't forget to follow me yeah~ 

I love ChurpChurp coz it is an easy way for us to make some extra money, without doing so much things!! Eventho I'm not actively tweet-ing, but then I still can get money from ChurpChurp.. hehe :-)

Here are some FAQs about ChurpChurp:-

Q : How does ChurpChurp work?
A : ChurpChurp is an advertising network for Twitter. The advertisers will specify the tweet contents to be propagated, also referred to as a Churp, so when you sign up and allow them to post Churps among your Tweets, you earn money!

Q : What do I have to do?
A : There are only 3 basic steps that you have to do to start earning with ChurpChurp.
  1.  Sign up here
  2.  Approve access to so that they can post Tweets to your account. 
  3. Choose your location and settings for the max ad ratio according to your preference.
Q : How often will I get these Churps?
A : Remember the max setting ad ration I mentioned above? That is where you decide how often you are assigned Churps to be posted. 10 Churps per week is the default, but you can choose to have 1 Churp per week or even max out your ad ratio by setting it to Unlimited. This will allow them to post as frequently as needed according to their system's estimation. 

Q : Are there any requirements to joining ChurpChurp?
A : All you need is an active Twitter account to sign up with ChurpChurp.

Q : How much do I earn?
A : Earnings credited to your ChurpChurp account varies depending on the number of followers you have, how many times you Churp and also the type of ads that you get. Basically there are 2 main types of Churps available which is
  • Automated Churp - Basically you'll get a generated tweet posted on your Twitter according to your Twitter content. These tweets will be listed out for you in advance, so you may choose to approve or reject them. If no decision is made within a certain time frame, however, the tweet will go out automatically.
  • User-Generated Churp - You will be notified via e-mail of a new campaign and given a brief to compose your Twitter posts in any way you want. These Churps will earn you more than automated Churps, so get creative! Do note that your written Churps may be subject to a vetting process, which means your earnings may be delayed. After 5 successful Churps, they'll, "pre-approve" your account so that your earnings get credited faster.
This is what I Churp for LG ads

Q : When do I get my money?
A : You can track your earnings via your ChurpChurp account page shortly after accepting and posting Churps on your Twitter. A minimum earning of RM100 is required before you can cash out your earnings with ChurpChurp. They will process payments 30 days after the end of the month when you cashed out.

Q : How do earnings is calculated?
A : ChurpChurp earning depends on number of your Twitter followers. The higher number of your follower, the higher earning you'll get.

So far, I already got 5 ChurpChurp campaigns and hubby got 7 campaigns. Yeah~ I did maintain both and hubby earns more than me coz he has more followers.. :P So if you wanna earn more, get more and more followers.. Just google on how to increase your Twitter followers, then you'll see everyday there must be at least 1 Twitterer will follow you..

Happy trying~ :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010

"iPad" is Apple Latest Creation

I love Apple products ever since I used my sista's MacBook.. Since then, I always say to myself, if I wanna buy a laptop after this, I'll definitely get myself one of the Apple's lappy.. And, Alhamdulillah, my wish came true and now I'm using my MacBook Pro.. Thanks to hubby for that.. hehe.. :-)

Trust me, once u use their lappy's, u'll not bother to change to windows anymore.. Unless, u've to do something that can't be installed in the Mac applications.. Then, u have n choice to stick to windows, but Apple will be ur favorites.. hehe.. It is hard to get use to the applications if u just use it for a couple of times, but then u'll find it much more easier once u've master all the shortcuts.. :-)

I just watched the tele (forgot what channel), it is all over the news that Apple has launched their latest creation, "iPad".. Wow!! It is a tablet style computer that resembles the iPhone, but with a larger screen and other features for work and play.. And the price is only $499.. I wish if the price is only one-to-one, no need for us to convert, so I can buy it for only RM499.. haha.. Dalam mimpi je la kot.. :P
You can read more about it here.. Or you can just read this entry till the end, I just copy some part of it.. hehe..

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iPad tablet computer with onscreen keyboard, starting at $499 for a 16 GB version with Wi-Fi, and shipping begins in 60 days. 

"It's so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone", Jobs said. - Wow~ how cool is that ha!!

He demonstrated how the iPad is used for surfing the Web with Apple's Safari browser. He typed an e-mail using an on-screen keyboard and flipped thru photo albums by flicking his finger across the screen, using gestures common to the iPhone. - I love to have an iPhone.. But when I see this iPad, I think I just stick to my old handphone and buy this iPad instead.. hahaha.. Need to save the money first.. Aaaaaa~ so many things in my wish list now.. haha

The iPad also has a custom version of IWorks, productivity software that includes applications for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. On the specifications list, the unit comes with a multi-touch screen and a 1 Ghz custom Apple chip, A4. The processor, graphics, and input-output memory controller are all on a single chip.

The iPad is 0.5 inches thin and weigh 1.5 pounds. - Wow!! So slim and it is only 0.68kg.. I love it more and more.. Easy for traveling and it can nicely fit in our handbag huh~ :-)

For the Windows' fan, watch out for their latest product.. They'll surely come out with something to compete with this iPad.. And I think, everyone will bring this tablet computer everywhere they go as no need for them to buy newspaper, books or magazines anymore.. Everything will be on screen.. How nice is that haa?? :D

p/s: I just asked my hubby whether I can have this iPad or not.. And you know what he said?? Handbag or iPad? Only one.. (iPad tu lambat lg sampai Malaysia ni sayang, so I choose handbag dulu.. Later iPad plak kay.. hahaha)

What Should I Blog?

Haha.. Lately, I dun have any idea on what to blog.. And, I dun have a mood to hold my camera and snap my baby's picture.. Usually, I'll always capture everything he did, almost every single thing okay! So that I'll not miss any moment of it.. Macam papparazzi la plak kan.. hahaha..

Owh~ I miss the moment we went out together and have our outdoor photoshoot.. Eventho hubby has 4 days off from his work, but we didn't manage to do everything that we plan to do.. Every day we'll wake up quite late coz Arsyad usually will be sleeping around 1 to 2 am in the morning.. And, I'm the one who'll be the sleepy mommy, coz Arsyad sometimes will wake up every 1/2 an hour for his milk.. Lately, Arsyad mcm mengigau mlm2, tiba2 je nangis macam mengamuk.. Bagi susu pon, still nangis.. I dun know why.. I'll recite 3 Qul, Kursi, Al-Fatihah, Zikir, Selawat and any Surah that I can remember everytime I breastfeed him.. Hopefully tonight he'll have a nice sleep.. Mama nak tido jugak sayang~

And I can't wait this coming 3rd February coz we're going back to our hometown.. Yea~ Actually, we're planning to go back home this Chinese New Year holiday, but hubby has to work and besides that the flight ticket is quite expensive at that time.. Owh~ can't wait!! Nak makan keropok lekor, nasi dagang, laksam, ikan celup tepung and many more.. huhu~ Hopefully Arsyad will behave along the way..

Btw, I managed to capture this picture of Arsyad few days ago.. Caught him trying to climb up on his baby box.. Tiba-tiba je diam, rupa2 nye tgh berusaha nak panjat atas tuh.. Sabo je la anakanda oooii...

It is so easy for him.. Mmg tak bley duduk diam lgsg.. :-)

Ada jugak nangis coz he thought mama's gonna yell at him.. haha

Okay, need to go to sleep now, tomorrow has to wake up early.. I've a breakfast date with my sista, Jem.. Then off to SDMC to visit my sista, Yanie.. Hopefully she'll be excited to see both of us tomorrow.. :-)

Have a nice day guys~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should I Buy This Maggie Or Not??

I'm looking for a new handbag at the moment.. Looking for something that is spacious, stylish and the most important one is, not that expensive!! Haha.. But of coz, if we want something that is good and high quality, it must comes with a large amount of money aite?? 

I didn't get a chance to buy myself the Longchamp Le Pliage  at LadyVerde's blog (baru nak book dah ade org beli).. She sold it very cheap compared to other sales blog.. I'm kinda like it coz it is spacious and it can be my baby bag too.. Hehe.. But, not my luck.. :-( So, I've to survey other handbags that can meet all my requirements.. (just an excuse so that I can get a better one..haha) :D

Longchamp Le Pliage in Red

And, I come accross this Coach Maggie (actually my sista, Jem told me about it).. You can read more about it in the website.. I love this mahogany color.. I'm still thinking whether I should buy it or not.. My hubby's fren is in US right now.. Maybe I can order the bag from him, and will get the bag by this CNY.. Hehe.. And can be my anniversary pressie right Sayang?? hehe..

Coach Maggie in Mahogany

Should I buy it or I should not?? Hurm~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeling Lonely..

I'm so damn bored right now.. I'm all alone - hubby has to work and Arsyad was so damn tired, so he is fast asleep right now.. I should be happy coz I can have my own lil time, watching tele, blogging or do anything that I always want to do like my own style of facial.. Hurm~ but then, I feel lonely.. I'm on my bed just now, watching my baby sleeps - feel like wanna wake him up.. I just miss his voice - shouting, talking, playing, dancing in front of me.. But not crying of coz.. hehe.. Owh~ I wish you are not sleeping right now baby.. (kadang2 nk anak tido awal, kadang2 nak suruh tido lambat.. ape la mama ni!! )

I feel like wanna call my darling hubby, talking on the phone till I fall asleep like zaman bercinta dulu.. hahaha.. I know he'll talk to me, but then I dun wanna interrupt him doing his work coz he's quite busy tonite.. Aaarrggghhh!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

I'm watching tele right now, and there's no interesting programmes in any channels, buang duit je subscribe astro nih!! Usually, I just can watch Barney and Friends almost 24-7 and I'm kind off enjoy it actually coz I can sing and dancing along.. hahaha.. I even can remember all the songs and the dialogs!! haha.. My baby will always come to me (if I'm in the room) when it shows his favorite part and he'll start  dancing with his hands high up in the air, start spinning around.. haha.. I'll do the same and we laugh together till the end of the song.. Owh~ I miss my baby.. ( apa masalah mama pon tak tau la.. anak ade je depan mata.. hahaha )

Sometimes I were accidentally showed my anger or tense in front of my baby.. Then, I'll feel very2 guilty after that.. He is just a lil boy, who is still learning and doesn't know anything.. I know I shouldn't do that, but sometimes I can't help it.. I try to ignore his crankiness or tantrum to avoid myself yelling or scolding at him.. Sorry baby~ I know I'm not the best mom, but I try my best to give everything, everything that is good for you.. So that you can be a good boy and anak yang soleh.. Amiinn~

Aaaarrgghhh!! I'm too emotional tonight!! Dun know why.. Wish my hubby is here right now.. :-(

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Night Without Papa

It is 2 am in the morning.. Papa is working tonight, so it is only two of us in the house.. And guess what?? Arsyad is still actively playing all by himself.. I've already locked ourselves in a room, switch off the lights and lying on the bed to go to sleep.. While I'm half awake, Arsyad on the other hand is still playing, jumping on the bed, shouting, playing with my phone and trying to get down from the bed.. Gggggrrrr!!

I dun know why he doesn't feel sleepy at all.. I dun wanna sleep first before he does - afraid if he'll do something dangerous to himself.. So, while waiting for him to sleep, here I am creating my new entry.. haha.. Tonight is the first night papa starts to work on shift.. I dun know how he can hang on in front of the computer, not sleeping at all.. Coz he doesn't sleep much this afternoon and evening.. Hope he'll be busy tonite so that he can get over it.. Hehe.. Luckily, he'll get 4 days off next 2 days.. ;-)

While I'm sitting here in front of my lappy, Arsyad did something funny that makes me laugh out loud.. hahaha.. He's trying to chase his own shadow.. Now started to cry when he failed to do so.. Arsyad Arsyad~ Dah ngantuk tp still tahan mata tu, sabo je laa.. Okay, enuff for now.. Need to put him on bed and try to get some sleep..

p/s: Miss u so much sayang~ hehe.. cepatla balik :-(

Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Make My Boy Sit In His Stroller And Car Seat?

I dun have a mood to blog about anything coz I'm so damn tired entertaining my lil boy the whole day.. With his crankiness and crying all day long makes me sooooo~~... urm~ dun know how to put it in words.. Sometimes he was okay, playing along with his cousins but sometimes he'll be so damn cranky and always want me to hold him all the time..

We went to KLCC this afternoon, just to have a quick lunch with my sistas and did some window shopping.. He was okay, sitting in the car seat, playing with his toys and books.. Then, he started to cry when I want to put him in the stroller.. He cried for few seconds, then started to enjoy his ride when I pushed the stroller.. After having our lunch at Little Penang Cafe, I'm having a trouble again putting him back in his stroller.. He was crying out loud, kicking me and pushing his body forward so that I can't buckle him up.. Huh~ everyone was looking at me, like I'm torturing my boy.. I dun even care what other people will say as long as I'm buckle him up.. And again he stopped crying once I pushed the stroller..

As we went out from the cafe, we stopped by at Kinokuniya book store to buy some books for him.. Actually, I just want to distract him a bit with all the colorful books, so that he'll forgot that he was actually in the stroller.. haha.. He was happy for a while, then he started to cry again once I pushed him out from the store.. I dun wanna let him walk on his own coz there were so many people at that time.. I'm afraid if I lost him coz he is little, u know what I mean.. Si kecik di tengah2 org ramai, mane nak nmpak kan? I dun know what else I should do to stop him crying and make him sit in his stroller.. I've fed him, change his nappy and he's already took his nap.. I even made silly faces in front of so many people just to make him stop crying.. :(

As I can't handle his behavior anymore, I asked my sista to just go back home.. Both of us came with a different car.. So I have to face one more problem to put him in his car seat at the back of the car.. He even started crying before I put him in his car seat, then crying out loud all the way from KLCC to Kota Damansara.. With the heavy traffics and raining some more, so you can imagine how long it took us to arrive.. I've tried everything to make him stop crying.. Sang all the nursery rhymes that I know, played peek-a-boo, trick him by showing him the aeroplane, cars, bus, truck, and anything that we saw on the road.. I gave him all the toys and books, but he threw them all away.. I can't focus on my driving with his shouting and crying.. So, I just recited Asmaul Husna, Selawat, Zikir, Al-Fatihah and any Surah that I can remember.. Eventho he won't stop crying, but at least it makes me feel relieve and sedikit tenang.. (Usually he'll stop crying once he heard the Asmaul Husna.. But not today.. :( )

Once we arrived at our sista's house, I took him out from the car seat right away, hugged him and try to comfort him by telling him that I was there, I'm not going anywhere.. I felt so damn guilty as he was crying out loud sampai dah tak keluar suara, mata bengkak, and muka pon dh merah menyala.. I'm sorry baby.. :(

Camnila Arsyad nangis.. sedey tol.. :(

picture - google -

I dun know what else I should do to make him enjoy his ride in the stroller and car seat.. I did put him in his car seat and stroller from day 1.. So, I think doesn't matter if you put him from day 1 or later than that, maybe at this age of time, baby sometimes react like that huh? I dun know.. Anyone out there can help me with this? Really2 appreciate it if you can give me some advice on this..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Budak Balik Tadika Diculik!!

Read Harian Metro online this evening.. I was so shocked with the news!! People will do anything, just to get some money!! Mommies and daddies, please be extra careful on our child safety.. I know most of us are working, and dun have a choice by letting our kids to go back home or transit to nursery via school bus or van.. Hopefully, it will not happen to any of us..

Ya ALLAH, lindungilah kami sekeluarga dari sebarang malapetaka and musibah.. Ameen~

You can read the full story here..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Find the Perfect Bed Mattress..

The biggest factor in choosing a bed mattress is comfort.. The correct mattress with the right base can mean the difference between sweet dreams or sleep deprivation.. Good quality mattresses help us sleep by giving us better support.. For many of us, the right mattress is essential for a good night's sleep rite??

picture - google-

However, with all the different types of mattresses available, finding the one that is right for us is quite confusing.. We've tried so many mattresses before decided which one to buy.. Here I would like to share with you guys easy steps on how to choose our mattress.. It works for me, hope it works for you too.. hehe..

  • Don't compromise - A good mattress can last up to 12 years or more, so it's a serious investment.. But of coz we should buy the best we can afford rite? So, make a budget and stick to that budget..
  • Don't get swayed by mattress advertising claims - Medical sounding terms like 'orthopaedic' and ' posturepaedic' usually just mean that those mattresses have more springs than most, which gives increased support.. But there's no definitive medical answer to what's best, so don't be lured by mattress adverts claiming 'the ultimate solution to back problems'..
  • Try the mattress before you buy - Try all the mattresses before you buy.. Don't just sit on it, but lie down together with your partner for at least 10 minutes, in positions that you normally sleep in..  Don't let sales assistants influence you, they can't decide whether the mattress is comfortable or not.. Sit on the edge of the mattress, it should be firm, not saggy.. Remember!! Don't shop for beds when you're tired, as all the mattresses will feel great.. haha..

When we first did our survey on the mattress, we were like what?? Ade jugak yg harga smpai RM20k.. Huh~ Giler ape? Mau tak bangun2 dah, best sgt tido.. haha.. Of coz we didn't pay for that price!! After surveying few shops, now I know there are actually so many types of mattress.. Basically there are 6 main mattress to choose from:-
  • Continuous coil mattress - This is the cheapest type of bed mattress, made from a single looped wire.. Bcoz the springs move as one unit, you're more likely to be disturbed by your partner moving around in the night.. 
  • Open coil mattress - One step up from continuous coil.. It is made of single springs fixed together by wire..
  • Pocket spring mattress - In these mattresses, the springs are sewn into individual fabric pockets.. They provide better support for your body, as each coil absorbs the weight individually.. So pocket spring mattresses are good if you sleep on your side, which puts different pressures on your spine.. And if you move around a lot in your sleep, your partner is less likely to feel it..
  • Memory foam mattress - Memory foam mattresses, also known as memory mattresses, are topped with a layer of temperature sensitive viscoelastic material (memory foam).. It is good at relieving pressure on painful joints, but are usually pricer than spring mattresses.. Memory foam is affected by room temperature, so you might find the memory mattress cold and hard when you first go to bed.. As it reacts to body heat, it moulds to your shape, which can make it difficult for you to move or get out of bed.. It also reduces air circulation around your body, which makes the memory mattress feel warmer..
  • Pure foam mattress or latex mattress - Foam or latex mattresses can be good option if you're allergic to house dust mist.. It is a good option but a lil bit expensive.. Not my choice.. haha..
  • Mattress 'toppers' - These add a layer of memory foam or extra padding to your existing bed mattress.. But they can be as expensive as buying a new mattress and won't provide more support if your old mattress is already sagging..
How can we ensure our mattress can last up to 10 years or more? It doesn't matter whether we have a king mattress or single, a memory foam or pocket spring, a good bed mattress can last 10 years or more as long as we look after it.. Here's some tips that I googled on how best to care for our mattress:-
  • Protect the mattress with covers - Use washable mattress cover to protect your mattress from stains.. Usually they will give the mattress protector for free.. 
  • Give the mattress some air - Throw back bedsheets in the morning and leave the bed to air for 10 minutes to allow body moisture to evaporate..
  • Turn your mattress regularly - Turn your mattress over (if advised) and end to end every 3 or 4 months, and every week for the first 3 months, to help upholstery fillings to settle down more evenly..
  • Ban bouncing on the mattress - To keep your mattress at its best, don't sit on the edge of the bed regularly and don;t let the children bounce on it..
  • Unwrap your mattress immediately - Don't leave any plastic wrappings on a new bed mattress - this could lead to rot..
  • Keep your mattress clean - Vacuum the mattress and base from time to time.. 
  • How to remove stains from a mattress - If your mattress is stained, use a cloth with mild detergent and warm or cold water.. Never soak a mattress..
Btw, we just bought our Goodnight Sleeping Partner by Eric Leong.. There are 3 series actually and ours was EL-200.. You can read the details here.. Really2 love it!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Curtains Make A Big Difference!!

Changing the curtain in our house can make a big difference in the outlook and the feel of your rooms.. It does make a big difference even you just take the ones that you have down, cleaning them, and re-hanging them in a different manner..

Changing the window curtains is something that we can do ourselves and in little time at all.. But, I'm so damn lazy to do all that.. And, in fact I dun even have a sewing machine.. :P Decorating our windows can be quick and easy!! With a condition of coz!! If we are handy with the sewing machine, we can easily make curtains out of almost any kind of fabric.. For me, using fabric as a curtain will soften the angled lines  of our windows.. And, they don't only look brilliant but they also control the light that enters the room..

My master bedroom..

There are so many different styles, colors and textures of window treatments and accessories today, that we can easily and quickly change the look of our rooms in a flash.. The sheer look presents the room in a personal, pleasant and inviting atmosphere.. And, when decorating the windows of a room that is used often such as the playroom or master bedroom, we would want them to be durable, long lasting and at the same time look great!!

2nd room.. I love the design.. And, I made a right decision not 
to choose the darker color as bilik tu menghadap matahari.. 
Sangatla panas.. The color turns to light purple bile kene cahaya..
So 2 in 1 la.. Silver and purple.. hehe

By adding blinds of any sort , texture and color, we will also enhance the look of any window.. If we do not want the attention to be drawn to our windows in first entering the room, then it would be best to use plain colored window curtains.. I think, neutral colors work best for this situation.. then, some people may prefer the attention be drawn first to their window treats.. If this is the case, then possibly adding more colors will work best.. I did choose the darker color for my master bedroom, so it will be very2 dark at night (nak tido pon lena jek kan..smpai tak sedar dh pagi..hahaha).. During the day, I still can have privacy in my room as I have the sheer.. The light still can enter the room, and no need to worry as other people can't see us from outside.. :)

Arsyad's room.. Actually the one that I chose earlier
is brighter, really suits for kid's room.. 
But then last minute change, got problem with the material..

Guest room.. Just half-length coz it's free.. At first, I just wanna
buy a blind at Ikea coz the window is just small.. But then, the salesgirl
wanna give me free.. I love the design and material.. Simple.. 
Eventho it is black color, tp bilik tu tak kene cahaya matahari, so it is okay.. :)

Full length curtains aren't always best in every room.. I only did the full length curtains (up from the ceiling) for my master bedroom and also living hall.. The purpose of having this full length curtain is to make the ceiling looks high and we'll see the area will be more spacious.. It works best for those who has small room or just a small living area..

String curtain to separate the dining and our open kitchen..
I chose 2 tones - black and white.. Love it!! For those who has an open kitchen,
and dun have any budget to do the bar counter, you can opt to this one..
Luckily Arsyad tak tarik2.. :D

Blind in the kitchen..

Our living hall.. The sheer only coz the one that I want is out of stock..
Need to wait till next week.. :)

Here are the tips for you on how to choose a curtain..These are all from my experience, reading from magazines and also watching Deko Bersama Eric.. Hehe..
  • Consider the style, size, and shape of the window, and what you want the curtains for.
  • If you want to soften and filtrate light coming in through the room, use lace or sheer material.
  • To deter the light from the room, you should think about a thick fabric and dark fabric colors for the shades or use dark blinds.
  • Choose the right color. Colors that reflect warmness are yellows, red and pinks. Using these colors will bring a tranquil type room of life. If you want to give a room a serene look, then using grays, whites and light blues will give you the result you are looking for. Brown and greens are earth tones and are very pleasing to the eye and very comforting to the soul. The main thing is to pick the colors that compliment other things in the room such as furniture, pillows and rugs. Coz you want to feel good and peaceful when you walk into that room.
  • Use full length curtain up from the ceiling to make the ceiling look high and make the area more spacious. 
  • To save your budget, you can just go to any textile stores and sew it yourself. :)
  • And, last but not least, hang the curtains!! Stand back and admire your window.. You'll notice the whole feeling of the room change for the better.. I dun know other people can feel it or not, but I am!! Everyday I'll grab each curtain, one at a time, just below half way down to the window frame and tie it back.. It feels like home!! You know what I mean?? (Maybe sbb umah sendiri kot.. so rase lain.. hehe..)
And, remember ladies~ the right choice will not only enhance the window but also turn an ordinary room into a really special place.. I love all my choices!! Thanks hubby for the curtains.. Love u sooo much~ mmmuuuuaaahhhss~

Very Short, Most Effective and How True..

Received an e-mail from my sista and I think it is very interesting and indeed very true.. Just wanna share with you all.. :)

"Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them - Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you're keeping all of these in the air."

You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back.

But the other four balls - Family, Health, Friends and Spirits - are made of glass.

If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for it. 


Still Working On My New Layout..

As you can see, I'm changing my blog to a new layout.. And still working on it.. So sorry if it makes you difficult to browse thru the page.. I'm so damn sleepy right now and can't finish it tonite.. I'll continue my editing tomorrow.. And hope all of you will visit my blog eventho it doesn't look good.. hehe.. 

Till then~ wait for my new entry and my new layout!! :)

p/s: Why my counter jadi 1171 je?? Uuuwwaaa~ mane lg 10000?? :(

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Tie Rack Scarves Collections..

I just realized that I didn't wear my Tie Rack scarves anymore, after I gave birth to be exact.. Mainly bcoz I have to get ready faster, dun have time to pin here and there, belit sane sini.. And, it'll be quite difficult for me to nurse Arsyad in public if I'm wearing those as I can't cover my b****..

So, I'm thinking of letting go all of my scarves.. But, on second thought, maybe I can wear them now.. Lagipon, Arsyad dah besar.. Should be no problem for me to wear them.. So far, these are some of my collections.. Ada lagi few yg tak pakai, still in the plastic bag.. :P Dun know when will I wear them.. Hurm~ Maybe I should add on my tops collections first.. hehe.. :D

Jgn ingat kepala I senget kay.. hehe.. Just to show u the design.. :D

All the pictures were taken at our previous house, just before we moved out.. Sempat lg tuh.. hehe..

p/s: Kalau I nak jual, ada org nk beli tak? Hehe..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Active Lil Boy

Since we moved in to our new house (almost 3 weeks already), I dun have so much time for myself.. I've to watch my active lil boy all the time!! It is so dangerous to leave him all by himself, playing in his room or even watching tele at the family area coz he'll climb up on the sofa and try to get down at the other side.. Huh~ I was so damn shocked when I saw he did that!! Luckily, I grabbed his feet as soon as I saw it..

See how he climbs up the sofa, then smiling at me just
before he put his feet to climb down at the other side..

Try to open the gate and put his feet on the stairs..
He discovers a lot of things nowadays and even understands more and more words.. Everytime he watches the tele, he'll press the button at the remote or at the tele.. Then, he'll pass the remote to me to switch it on or change the channel back.. Or sometimes, I'll ask him to get me the remote for me to change.. He understands it, and will pick it up and give it to me later on.. :)

Barney's CD must be in his hand!!
He loves to read books.. :)
Thanks to Ummi Ya and Wan Cu for all the lovely & colourful books..
Ever since we moved in, I've to clean up the floors everyday, every single day!! Arsyad loves to eat biscuits, and there's always some leftover here and there.. And of coz, "cik mut" pon berderet-deret dtg.. Well, everytime he wanna have his biscuit, he'll pick up the tupperware or tin biskut yg besar tu to me and say "Nak".. It is so damn funny watching him, trying his best to pick it up and walk towards me with it..

Mama.. Nak biskut.. :)
Owh~ did I mention that our house is just about 5 minutes from the Subang Airport?? So, we can see the aeroplane high up in the sky from our window.. And, everytime we heard the sounds, Arsyad will point his finger up, and look out the window to see the aeroplane.. He even can recognize the picture of an aeroplane in the book and point his finger up, telling me it is an aeroplane.. And I guess he understands the word aeroplane, coz he'll act the same thing everytime I say the word.. :)

Suka geledah handbag mama, try to get anything from the chest drawer,
pass me the remote control to change the channel and mcm2 laa..
He loves to help me doing house chores.. He'll help me put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine (mine is front loader, so he can reach it easily), then once I'm done he'll wait till I finish put all the detergent and softener.. Then, he'll press all the buttons there eventho it was not the correct one (luckily it has the child lock function).. But, he knows step by step on how I'll do it.. I guess he really watch what I'm doing every single day.. haha..

It is not just laundry!! He helps me clean up the floor too.. He'll be very excited everytime I took out the vaccum cleaner.. He'll help me by switching it on and off everytime I said so.. But most of the time, he'll just switch it off and immediately switch it on back after that.. Last time, he was afraid with the vacuum cleaner's sound, but not anymore.. Hehe..

He loves to play in his bathtub, with all the bubbles and toys.. But, everytime I asked him to go to the bathroom to have his shower, he'll run away from me so that I'll chase him.. He enjoys it very much.. He'll laugh out loud as if I'm chasing him from behind (padahal tak pon).. Once I managed to catch him, I'll take off his shirt and pant in front of the bathroom.. He'll stay put, waiting for me to take off the diaper, then he'll walk into the bathroom and having his looonngg shower.. Once he's done, he'll run here and there, naked!! Hahaha..

Owh~ lots and lots of things he learns and discovers everyday!! I'm so amazed with what my lil boy can do.. He knows the meaning of open, close, in, out, book, comb, stand up, sit down, drink water, kiss and many more.. He'll open his mouth everytime he wanna kiss me or his papa.. He loves to play peek-a-boo, always main cak-cak ngan mama n papa.. He recognizes car, Thomas train, cat, duck, Barney of coz and lots more, can't remember already..

Siap menyandar tgk tv, relax btol..
Okay enuff for now.. Need to go out for dinner and hubby has to go to work tonite.. :(

p/s: Alhamdulillah, I'm still fully bf my baby eventho sometimes it really2 hurts when he bites my nipple.. sigh~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Olay Total Effects Ultra Nourishing Body Wash

I went to Giant Hypermarket with Arsyad, while hubby is still having his meal at the restaurant.. I've to go first as Arsyad started to cry and cranky.. While walking and searching the things that I wanna buy, one girl came by and approach me with a smile.. I just whispered to myself, "Aaaarrgghhh!! Not now!! I dun have time to listen all these things!! No need to promote me anything!!".. But then, I didn't act like I dun wanna hear the things that she wanna say.. So, I stopped by at her counter and started to listen..

First, she tested the moisture level at the back of my hand.. And, guess what??!! It was 20.5 which is very very dry!! The normal one is 50 above.. Wooo~ It made me think of just how little care I take of the skin on my body (terpaksala merajinkan diri sapu lotion bagai kan?? :P) .. Then, she started to promote me this Olay Total Effects Body Wash, new products from Olay.. I've never use any of Olay products before.. I know about their face skin care with all the "anti-aging" formula.. But when I heard the "anti-aging" for body? I need to buy this!! I picked up the Olay Total Effects body wash in Ultra Nourishing for roughly RM11 for 295ml.. There are 3 versions actually - Moisturizing (for those has normal skin), Extra Nourishing (for dry skin) and Ultra Nourishing (for very dry skin)..


The body wash squeezes out like a mousse, but when I spread it, it has a very smooth creamy feel.. I don't use any bath sponge or puff (I don't like it so much), so I just use my hands.. For a body wash with body butter in it, I thought my skin might feel greasy after the shower or maybe a lil bit oily, but nope!! It washes off clean as a whistle.. My skin does not feel dry after that, so it helps!! But it does not exactly feel super moisturized either.. Owh~ I love the smell and so does my hubby.. :D

So, can a body wash help moisturize your skin? I'd stick my head out and say NO!! Just like facial cleanser, anything you wash off your skin can't help it very much.. I like the fact it does not make my skin feel dry after shower and that my skin does feel a little less dry eventho it doesn't last long enuff.. I think I'll stick to my Crabtree & Evelyn - after shower moisturizer.. It's just that I have to apply my body wash first, then the moisturizer.. Do I have time for that?? Hurm~ I doubt it!! Hahaha.. Whateva it is, it is worth to try this Olay Total Effects Body Wash.. All-in-one.. 7 in 1 anti-aging and body butter and reasonable price also..

Btw, there were another set of Olay Body Washes with colourful ribbons swirled in them but I was not keen on them..

picture -google-

So, have you tried this one? Like it? Hate it? Keen to try it? :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busana Muslimah Puteh

I think most of you read Mr Rizalman Ibrahim's blog rite? So, most of you must know about this Puteh boutique.. :)

The opening was yesterday at Bandar Damansara Perdana.. I just wanna share the lovely designs and all of these are for muslimah-muslimah sekalian.. Nanti nak raya bley la cari kat sini (if the price is not that expensive!!).. hahaha.. All pictures are taken from here..

Nice huh?? :)

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