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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Arsyad

Alhamdulillah, my big boy is already 4!! How time flies.. 4 years ago, at this time I was still at home, just a mild contraction come and goes.. The pain is still bearable.. You were born at 727 pm dear boy, I still can remember the moment you were brought into my arms.. You are my everything darling..

Happy 4th birthday my boy.. Mama always pray the best for you.. May you be the great khalifah and be the great leader to your brother, family and all muslims InsyaAllah.. :-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big Bad Wolf (BBW)

We went there this morning. Luckily there were not so many people at that time. As today will be the last three days for the bbw, so I`m expecting people will start coming in during lunch hour. And I was right. As we were heading ourselves to the cashier, people were start coming in from the entrance. Fuuhh~ lucky me.

Once we were in, we went straight ahead to the children area. Arsyad and Farrel were so excited looking at all those books. We gave Arsyad 1 box and asked him to put the one that he wants in the box. So, he kept on putting the books one by one till full then continue putting it in the Ikea recycle bag.

After hours we were there, I finally sit down at one area and begin to sort out all the books according to the price range and discard the one that I think unnecessary. The cheapest book that we bought was RM2 and the most expensive one was RM15. So can you imagine how much the total that we`ve paid for all the 70 books? Huh~

I just bought 4 novels for myself and hubby bought a few for him. Others were all for the kids. I love the pop-up books and all the hard cover ones. Tips for those who wants to go there do bring trolley or luggage bag, coz carrying the box everywhere you go is not practicle. It will be so damn heavy and dificult for you to move around. Take your time to choose the books and don`t forget to arrange your book according to the price range, easier for the cashier and make it a lot faster too. Other than that, just enjoy reading all the books later on. Hehe.

MBO Cinema @ Citta Mall

We went there last night to watch a movie, any movie available at that time. Hehe. It has been a looongg time we didn`t go to the cinema. We just brought the kids along to watch Hobbit. 

The cinema is actually new and just open for about a week or two I guess. I love how they decorate it. And knowing the new cinema must be very clean and nice. Hehe. And the most important thinf is they were not so many people watching the movie there. So it is a good place for us with kids. If the boys were cranky in the middle of the show, we can just brought them outside for awhile. The entrance is just nearby the movie hall.

Luckily the kids were well behave and they were fall asleep after 1 hour or so. So we can enjoyed ourselves watching the movie. Hehe.
Some of the photos:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beauty and The Beast The Musical

We got 3 free tickets from hubby`s friend to watch the beauty and the beast the musical on 22nd Dec. I love the story, but knowing my boys... Arsyad was not that excited everytime I read him the story. And Farrel just didn`t bother to listen. But as long as there is music, he will definitely enjoy dancing together. Hehe..

We went there around 5pm. We didn`t know that the show will be in the Sunway Lagoon theme park itself. So, we just parked our car in the Sunway Pyramid. We had to walk through the hotel lobby then went outside, walked another few hundred meters, went down few escalators, then reached the entrance around 630 pm. Then, we were told that they will open the gate at 715pm. I was like "What??!!" Why they just didn`t mention it on the ticket.. It was hot down there with so many people who just came out from the theme park. So we just patiently waiting, there is no use going up again with the stroller.

When the time comes, people already started queu-ing. They started to check everyone`s bag, coz no outside food and drinks are allowed in there. Once we were in, we have to wait for the train to pick us up or you also can just walk, it was just about 5 mins walk. Of coz we will wait for the train, kids were so excited once they saw the train is coming.
The show started around 8pm. Hubby had to walk back to the entrance coz there were no surau inside. I love the show so much.. They were all singing and dancing very nicely. At first, Arsyad was okay, but when the witch came out he suddenly scared hearing her freaky voice. Haha.. She was a very good actress. Hearing her laughing, screaming and even she flew down from the upper hall to the stage. Wow~ what a great performance!! Hehe..

Overall, the show is great!! Do watch it coz they will be here till 31st Dec 2012. :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simple & Easy Nasi Tomato Recipe

Okay, some of my friends asking me about the recipe. So here it is, just a simple one. In fact, I love to do this as it only took me few minutes to prepare them, then I`ll just leave it in the rice cooker till it is well cook. And just served the rice with ayam masak merah and a bit of acar, you`re done. :-)
5 cawan beras basmathi - cuci dan rendam sekejap
1/2 cawan susu cair
1/2 cawan sos tomato
2 sudu besar tomato puree
2 sudu besar minyak sapi or marjerin. Tapi minyak sapi lagi sedap.
5 sudu besar minyak
Garam secukup rasa
Air (Ikut sukatan beras. Kalau 5 cawan beras then should be 5 cawan air)
Daun pandan disimpul
Bahan tumis:
3 ulas bawang putih - hiris
5 ulas bawang merah - hiris
1 inci halia - hiris
3 biji buah pelaga
3 biji bunga cengkih
1 inci kulit kayu manis
2 kuntum bunga lawang
1. Tumis bahan tumis dengan minyak dan minyak sapi/marjerin hingga kuning dan naik bau dalam rice cooker.
2. Masukkan susu cair, sos tomato, tomato puree, garam dan gaul rata. Tambah air dan biarkan mendidih.
3. Masukkan beras dan daun pandan. Alihkannperiuk ke dalam rice cooker dan biar masak.
4. Apabila nasi dah kering, kacau rata tapi jangan sampai hancur.
5. Hidangkan dengan ayam masak merah. :-)

Untuk Renungan Bersama

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Vacation @ Johor Bharu

We went to Johor Bharu last tuesday, 11th Dec for a short family vacation. It was actually a birthday getaway for my husband. We didn`t celebrate his birthday earlier on, just a simple dinner at Serai. So, we`ve decided to go somewhere for the kids to have fun.

As we googled about The Little Big Club, located just few kilometres away from Legoland, so we thought why not we just go there. We`ve never bring the kids to the JB before, so this is the time. We stayed at The Zon hotel, only costs us around RM 170 per night for deluxe room. Great deal enough for us to extend our stay to 4 days and 3 nights. :-) 

We went to the Little Big Club on the next day. Luckily it was an indoor theme park coz it was heavily raining outside. I can`t imagine people at the Legoland, for sure they can`t play all the games. Btw, the entrance fee is RM50 for adults and children above 3 years old. And the entrance for Hello Kitty World is another RM50. If you buy both you just need to pay RM85 I think. As both of our kids are boys, so we just went to the Little Big Club where they can find Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Pingu the Penguin, Bob the Builder and Thomas and friends.

Arsyad was excited playing all the games. The place was quite small. It only has 2 floors - 1 for Thomas and friends and another one consists of others. There will be a timetable given to you with the tickets. You should alert with the time, coz there will be a mini show like Barney`s and Thomas. Owh children were all so excited dancing and singing with Barney. We watched the show twice. Haha.. And there`re also the characters show up for photography session. My boys were afraid all of them so we didn`t have any pictures with them. Owh only one I think, with the Fat Controller and that was just me and Farrel. Arsyad kept on pulling his papa`s shirt to go somewhere else. Haha..

On the third day, we went to the zoo. The entrance fee was just RM2 for an adult and RM1 for children. Arsyad was so excited looking at the parrots, lion, tiger, crocodile and many more. It was just a small zoo so we just spent a few hours there.

Later that day we went to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), located at Nusajaya. Coach, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors, nothing much that catches my eyes. Hurm~ And the price actually not that cheap except for Nike, Adidas, Puma, Levi`s. Nike outlet has a lot of shoes compared to Adidas and Puma. So, Arsyad and papa got one shoe each. For those who went there can give a visit to JPO, but for me I`ll just go once coz I can get the items at that price in KL also. 

Btw, I still didn`t have time to transfer the pictures from my camera. So just a few pictures from the phone. Hehe.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The TreeHouse Islamic Montessori Playschool

InsyaAllah I`ll be sending Arsyad to this TreeHouse Islamic Montessori playschool next year. After thinking for quite some times, we`ve decided that Arsyad needs a new place that can give him more freedom to play. Kids love to play and they learn a lot from playing, don`t they? 

So, this week we`ve already send him there for 2 to 3 hours, easier for him to adapt to the new environment. He seems really excited and enjoying himself exploring, and doing everything all by himself. I love to see how they arrange everything in the class. Everything is reachable by the kids. The toilet bowl for kids is really cute, it is just a small size, just nice for the kids. The sink is within the reach. They can wash their own hands, can switch on the lights on their own, can get their own drinks and many more.

Hopefully Arsyad will having a lot of fun there and the most important thing is he learns to be a good khalifah. :-)
Here are some pictures of him and Farrel while they`re there.

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