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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeling Lonely..

I'm so damn bored right now.. I'm all alone - hubby has to work and Arsyad was so damn tired, so he is fast asleep right now.. I should be happy coz I can have my own lil time, watching tele, blogging or do anything that I always want to do like my own style of facial.. Hurm~ but then, I feel lonely.. I'm on my bed just now, watching my baby sleeps - feel like wanna wake him up.. I just miss his voice - shouting, talking, playing, dancing in front of me.. But not crying of coz.. hehe.. Owh~ I wish you are not sleeping right now baby.. (kadang2 nk anak tido awal, kadang2 nak suruh tido lambat.. ape la mama ni!! )

I feel like wanna call my darling hubby, talking on the phone till I fall asleep like zaman bercinta dulu.. hahaha.. I know he'll talk to me, but then I dun wanna interrupt him doing his work coz he's quite busy tonite.. Aaarrggghhh!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

I'm watching tele right now, and there's no interesting programmes in any channels, buang duit je subscribe astro nih!! Usually, I just can watch Barney and Friends almost 24-7 and I'm kind off enjoy it actually coz I can sing and dancing along.. hahaha.. I even can remember all the songs and the dialogs!! haha.. My baby will always come to me (if I'm in the room) when it shows his favorite part and he'll start  dancing with his hands high up in the air, start spinning around.. haha.. I'll do the same and we laugh together till the end of the song.. Owh~ I miss my baby.. ( apa masalah mama pon tak tau la.. anak ade je depan mata.. hahaha )

Sometimes I were accidentally showed my anger or tense in front of my baby.. Then, I'll feel very2 guilty after that.. He is just a lil boy, who is still learning and doesn't know anything.. I know I shouldn't do that, but sometimes I can't help it.. I try to ignore his crankiness or tantrum to avoid myself yelling or scolding at him.. Sorry baby~ I know I'm not the best mom, but I try my best to give everything, everything that is good for you.. So that you can be a good boy and anak yang soleh.. Amiinn~

Aaaarrgghhh!! I'm too emotional tonight!! Dun know why.. Wish my hubby is here right now.. :-(


  1. ala,biasa la tuh tak sengaja marah kat baby. xbiasa lagi kot. kan dalam proses belajar jaga baby. good luck! :)

  2. sabar.. pasti de hari esok tuk cs.. ;)


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