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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Arsyad's 1st Birthday Celebration

27th December 2009

It's been a year already.. How time flies.. At first, we didn't plan anything on his BIG day.. I'm so damn tired with our new house, cleanup and unpack all the stuff (till now, still a lot of stuff still in their boxes).. So, I thought we just celebrate his birthday with only 3 of us.. But then hubby insisted to invite our sistas and bro to celebrate together, just a small celebration..

We went out to buy the cake and other party's stuff around 12pm.. Had our lunch and went back home around 330pm.. You know what?? We just did all the preparations for about 1/2 an hour.. All the guests came around 430pm, and we started the decoration (tiup2 belon je pon..hahaha) around 4pm.. Owh~ thanks to K.Ngah for the yummilicious mee goreng.. hehe..

Arsyad was so damn excited when we started do the decorations.. Love to play with all the balloons.. But once his cousins, aunties and uncles started to come, mula la malu2.. Always wanted me to hold him.. Hehe.. Btw, thanks to all the lovely presents and thanks for coming.. :) Enuff with all the stories, enjoy the piccas taken by my sista, Jem.. :D

Tiup lilin beramai2..
Bukak hadiah.. Others yg excited.. hahaha..
Birthday boy sleepy.. Last2 tido smpai org balik..
Kiddos enjoy playing with the toys..
Mama and Papa love U so much baby.. Be a good boy kay!! Mmmmuuaaahhhss!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I'm surfing at the Subang airport at the moment, and then i just remembered about the MAS gone mobile already.. Isn't it great?? There'll be no more excuses not to book the ticket flights nowadays.. My hubby always said he doesn't have time to book the ticket everytime I asked him so.. So, he can't give anymore excuse as he can book our ticket flight from his handphone yg sudah nazak tuh (nazak2 pon still can surf internet.. hahaha).. Jgn marah yer darling.. :P

MAS just launched this which is very easy and convenient, no need for us to register to use this application.. We can now book flights with MAS anywhere we want from our handphone.. Doesn't matter if it is not an iPhone or Blackberry, as long as you have the Internet access, everything is possible.. :)

It is very easy to navigate all the pages.. There are 8 main functions in this

  • Book Flight - Booking flight is so much easier with The page will load very fast and no need for you to wait any longer for all the unnecessary images to load.. The concept is just the same as in MAS website.. And with, you can even hold your booking if you dun want to purchase it at that time.. Its easy rite? No need for you to key-in all the details for the 2nd time, and the ticket will be held for 8 hours without any payment.. And you can conveniently pay your your flights booked with your mobile phone by credit card.. Your credit card is charged immediately with the total travel price.. Accepted credit cards are VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.
  • My Booking - Lost your booking details? No need to worry.. will help you to retrieve it back.. :)
  • Check In - With this, you dun have to bring your boarding pass anymore as your handphone is your boarding pass.. Amazing isn't it?? Once you have made your mobile booking, you'll receive a booking confirmation by e-mail and sms.. Your mobile-booked flight is then automatically issued as an electronic ticket (e-Ticket).. Walla!! You're good to go!!
  • Flight Status - You can also check your flight status with It's easy as you dun have to rush if you are able to know earlier if your flight will be delayed or not..
  • Timetable - You can check the latest flight arrival and departure with
  • Contacts - Need help?? Get the contact number and map at
  • Baggage Tracer - Oh No!! My bag is missing?? How can I trace my bag?? With, you can check the status of your lost baggage instantly after reporting your delayed or missing baggage..
  • Deals and Offers - Owh~ you can also enjoy the great savings and special deals and offers with Check it out guys!!
It's so damn easy - as easy as 1 2 3!! You can browse thru all the pages so fast as the interface is so simple and fast loading.. Even if you only have an old and "nazak" handphone like mine or hubby's, you can fly in no time as long as you have the Internet access.. hehe.. Owh~ did i mention you can book your flights ANYWHERE you want?? Yess!! Even you have a very big "thing" to do, poo-poo as if?? hahaha..

Go to and follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to Book Flight option.
  2. Enter flight destination, date, cabin class and number of passengers.
  3. From the options displayed, select the preferred departure and return flight.
  4. A flight summary will be displayed. Choose whether you wish you to purchase or hold the ticket.
  5. To purchase, enter your payment details.
  6. To hold, enter your personal details. The ticket will be held for 8 hours without any payment. To complete your booking, contact 1 300 88 300 (within Malaysia) or +603 7843 3000 (international) or your nearest MH Office.
  7. A booking confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail and sms.
You even can share your flight itinerary with your friends and family.. Very easy and convenient huh!! So, what are you waiting for? Check it out guys!!

They're having a contest right now, and who knows if one of us will be the lucky winners.. :D

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009

Syed Faliq Arsyad Bin Syed Zulhilmi
D.O.B: 27th December 2008

Wow~ MomBloggersPlanet's contest has come to the end.. I think some of you already know that every month there will be a contest for the baby organized by MomBloggersPlanet.. Different theme for each month, starting June till Dec 2009.. I did participate one of them for my lil Arsyad, but then we're not lucky enuff.. hehe.. No harm for trying aight?? :D

Btw, MomBloggersPlanet is organizing its final contest which is Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009.. And this time around, there are so many amazing and great prizes to be won!! So, every participant has a chance to win the prize coz there are loads of them!!

It is so easy and simple!! No need for you to think hard to give the best entry of yours.. Just follow the simple steps in MomBloggersPlanet's page and nominate your baby!!

And once you're done, dun forget to link your nomination entry to:

Its easy right?? No theme, no need for long and informative entry anymore!! So, what are you waiting for?? Start nominating now guys~

I'm Invited to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out!!

Yeah~ Just checked my e-mail, and guess what??!! I got the invitation from Nuffnang!! Yesss!! Hahaha.. I just enter it for fun and who knows I'm lucky enuff to go there and join other nuffnangers to have lots and lots of fun..

It's for 2 adults + 2 kids.. There will be lots of fun activities for kids and parents.. The event is this weekend and will be held at Kizsports & Gym which is a very great place for kids to play..

Owh~ there will be some talks from the experts on nutrition and a sharing session among the parents.. This is the time, we can share our experience and exchange any useful tips on parenting!! :D

So, what are you waiting for? Just upload your kids' picture and use your own creativity to put all the images in the photo editor.. Download the completed image and don't forget to put it in your "Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside" entry and submit it on Nuffnang Friso Gold page.. Simple and easy rite?? Btw, you have to register with Nuffnang to enter..

Let's get together for FREE at Kizsport guys!! There will be goody bags and various hampers.. So, doesn't matter if we didn't win any of the big prizes.. hehe.. Submit your entry now as the contest ends on 11.59 pm, 29th Dec 2009..

See you there!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Hunting

picture - google-

I just wanna share a bit about the survey that we did for our kitchen cabinet.. I think we did our survey at almost 12 places, forgot already.. I'll review one by one later on.. What i can say is, some of them are quite expensive but reasonable with their services and products, some are so so and some are cheap but then i doubt with their quality.. Looking at their showroom, I can tell the quality and finishing is not that good..

  • Kian Classic - We went there during the HOMEDEC exhibition.. The price for local solid surface was cheap, very cheap I think compared to other places (RM120 per foot run).. Can save a lot there.. For the cabinet's price itself, for me it is reasonable.. We asked the quotation for the high gloss material, and the price is not that expensive.. But, I received few comments mentioned that their services and workmanship is bad..
  • ALDO Kitchen - I love their services.. Eventho it is quite expensive compared to others, but it is all bcoz of they are using a good material.. They use the aluminum skirting, undermount kitchen and blum softclose (imported one, which is knowingly very good brand).. And, they did give us free sink and tap.. For those who didn't have any budget constraint, I would suggest this.. :)
  • LAVENDER Kitchen - The price is almost the same as Kian Classic but without the soft close.. So, expensive la kan?? Haha.. No need to tell more coz we've already rejected this one once we went out from the store..
  • CLS Kitchen - This one is also good coz they're having a promotion now where they give you granite countertop and skirting.. So, for those who are looking for the cheap granite countertop, you can consider this one.. It is cheaper compared to others as we did ask for the L Shape and tall unit quotation.. The price comes together with the soft close, sink and tap.. However, they just have the spraypaint material which I dun like the glitters inside it.. The wardrobe also cheap.. you can check the promo at their website..
  • MAMA Kitchen - This one.. Hurm~ It is too expensive!! Not that nice but so damn expensive!! No need to consider this one.. hahaha..
  • Milano Kitchen - Thanks to Deco Bersama Eric coz I know this Milano Kitchen from that tv series.. haha.. It is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara.. It is not that expensive for the high gloss material.. It is just that they dun have so much promo and no freebies.. So, put aside first.. hahaha..
  • Masterpiece Kitchen - This one is cheap for the melamine material.. But then, they dun have any warranty and it comes directly from the factory.. They can install at your place within 3 days.. So fast huh?? But, I doubt with their workmanship.. And, btw they dun have any high gloss or arcylic material..
  • Incube Kitchen - The finishing and workmanship is very good.. Reasonable price.. And, for those who are looking for Semangkok material, you can consider this one as the price are very cheap compared to other places..
  • Reliance Home - Same price as others but they just have the spraypaint material.. I dun like the glitters inside, it is too bling2.. hahaha.. But, they do have other materials.. You can check them out too!!
  • Jenshen Kitchen - Way too expensive!! No no for me!!
  • DFormat Kitchen - Standard price.. Love to see their showroom.. And, they're now having promotions on their display units.. Check them out at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara..
  • SCI Kitchen - Reasonable price.. They have what we want.. And we're considering to take this one.. Still thinking on what to do for our deposits at Kian Classic tho.. Haha.. Owh, they're having promotions for the wardrobe and other materials, forgot already.. You can check them out at their website..
Huh~ banyak jugak actually kiteorg survey.. hehe.. If u want the exact price for each quotation that I asked, you can email me at ... That's all for now.. I'll share on furniture and curtain hunting in the next entry yea~.. :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Blogging @ Our New Home

We just moved in all our stuff yesterday, but then we didn't sleep here coz so damn tired to unpack and clean up a bit.. I know it will take some times for us to unpack, but I can't sleep with all the mess.. Just like now, it is almost 3 am in the morning, and my eyes are still wide open.. Actually I'll be like that, difficult to sleep at new places.. Luckily Arsyad was not like that.. Hehe..

I'm glad everything went smoothly.. We paid RM280 for the lorry plus 5 men to pick up all our stuff.. Eventho it was so damn tired, but we were so damn excited.. Finally, we've our own house!! InsyaAllah, by time goes by, we'll furnish our house with all the lovely cabinets, wardrobes and furniture..

We're still waiting for our curtain, InsyaAllah it'll be installed on 3rd or 4th January 2010.. Huh~ next year tuh!! Haha.. Padahal lagi 2 minggu jek.. :P Owh~ btw, Arsyad will turn to big 1 on 27th Dec.. Waaa!! So fast!! We didn't plan anything on what to do on his birthday.. Dun have so much time to plan for his birthday celebration.. But, I'll try my best to do something special on his big day.. Dun wanna miss that moment.. :D

Maybe i should put Arsyad's wishlist on what he wants on his birthday.. Hahaha.. This is what he loves from my observation.. "So, aunties and uncles, please give me these on my birthday.. I would really appreciate it coz I love to have them all in my new room that mama and papa prepared for me.."
  • Thomas's Train Set - I love to play with Abg Zafran's Thomas's train set.. He even has lots and lots of trains, not just Thomas and his frens.. I love watching all the trains steam along the track..
picture -google-
  • Books - Mama always read me a story and sing all kinds of nursery rhymes to me.. Owh I really love to see all the colorful books.. Any books, either big or small, I will surely love to read all of them.. hehe..
  • Start Walk and Ride - I'm still learning on how to walk, still trying to stabilize myself.. I think this toy is good for me to learn on how to walk properly, and once i expert in walking, I can ride on it.. Isn't it fun? 2 in 1 toy.. hehe..

picture -google-
  • Barney & Friends DVD - I'm truly a hardcore fan of Barney.. Did i tell u that? So, any DVD as long as it Barney's, I'll watch it again and again sampai mama muntah.. hahaha..
picture -google-
  • Neck Pillow - I really need one of this.. Especially when i fell asleep in my car seat.. At least with this pillow, it can support my neck every time i fall asleep.. No need for mama to hold my head all the time.. :D
picture -google-

"I dun know what else I want for my birthday.. Hurm~ But I do know that I always want my mama and papa to be around me all the time, especially mama.. I can't leave without them!! Hehe.. Love both of u sooo much.. mmmmuuuaaahhhsss~"

Okay, enuff Arsyad.. Go back to sleep coz mama wanna sleep too.. Love u too baby..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

I have one active lil boy, who is always curious and want to know everything what is happening around him.. It is like he always thinking and asking himself, "What will happen if i push this button?? How does this lil cube taste like?? Can i just crawl down from the bed, just like that??".. He'll try everything, everything that is new to him.. Once he knew what will happen, urm~ let say what will happen to the tele if he pushes the remote button.. He'll immediately laugh and pass me the remote, so that i can switch it back to the right channel.. Hurm~ cheeky lil boy..

It is not easy to monitor him 24-7, watching him all the time, afraid if he'll eat something left on the floor or fell down and hurt himself.. So, what did i do to make sure my lil boy will always stay healthy and can keep on exploring the world around him without worrying he'll get sick or hurt?? Well~ I give him strong foundation through breastfeeding, great nutrition, a lively, healthy family life and a mostly non-toxic environment..

I believe my child has a very strong immune systems.. I don't believe in coddling him or trying to keep him away from other kids who are sick.. Instead, i believe that his immunity strengthens and develops when he is naturally exposed to germs.. Of course he gets colds, fevers, and other mild problems but he recovers quickly too.. These are good signs that his immune systems are at work dispelling toxins, viruses or bacteria from the body.. He had once taken antibiotic few months back for his ear infection. Apart from that, my lil boy has relied on my milk and a simple dietary home made cook..

Today, more and more parents are realizing that the key to a healthy child is a strong immune system.. All children are constantly exposed to disease producing organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites but this doesn't mean they will get sick.. A strong immune system provides a child with the natural defenses to fight off the disease.. If a child has a weakened immune system, he or she is more susceptible to colds, fever, flu and other problems.. Germs are everywhere and being exposed to them is a natural part of life..

So, the big question is how can we parents help our curious kids to be tough in the inside?? Or simple to say, what can we do to help boost our child immunity system?? Just follow my simple, safe and fun way to get your curious kids to be tough inside.. :D

Number 1, the most important one, breastfeed!! Try the best and as long as you can to breastfeed your baby.. I don't say it is easy, but then hey~ it is for our own child rite?? Coz breastfed babies experience fewer infections than bottle fed babies.. And as we all know, breast milk is vital in building our baby's immunity and protecting against disease.. It also provides a complete nutritional balance including essential fatty acids.. It is very important to try to breastfeed our baby even if it is only for few months.. If you can't breastfeed your baby due to a certain reasons, don't stop there!! Do the best you can to help your baby tough inside!! Try to find formula milk that can protect your baby like the Friso® Gold which is formulated with Frisoshield™ with P2 Dual System™, a combination of GOS, IcFOS and friendly bacteria - Bifidobacterium lactis.. With Friso® Gold Frisoshield™ P2 Dual System™ you can allow your child to explore his world..

Number 2, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables!! It is essential to give our child daily nutrition to keep his/her immune system healthy and strong.. Make sure our child eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.. I know I know!! All children are attracted to eating snacks.. Today many foods are highly processed and loaded with sugar such as cookies, cereals and many more (no need to mention the junkies!!).. These additive foods will actually weaken the immune system.. Snacking can become problematic if children fill up on these "nutritionally empty foods" and don't want to eat the lovely healthy meals we have provided..

Number 3, a healthy home life!! All we need is love!! Yup!! Love love love!! Love and attention are a wonderful way to boost immunity.. Some say, children who grows up in a loving environment feel more secure and happy.. So make sure you hold, hug, rock, massage, nurse, touch and kiss your kids regularly.. And some people also says that laughter helps strengthen the immunity too.. So the more our children laugh and enjoy life, the better their immune function..

Number 4, create a non-toxic environment!! Exposure to chemicals can damage the immune system and make it more difficult to fight off common infections and even more serious diseases such as cancer.. Our environments have become increasingly toxic..Eventho these toxins are everywhere, we can take the steps to create a healthy home environment and therefore reduce the amount of chemicals our children are exposed to.. Go for organic products!!

Number 5, daily routine!! Create a stable home environment with daily routines.. These include regular meals, baths, naps and bed times.. Eating meals together is extremely important and will help our child to feel secure, safe and part of the family..

Number 6, sleep!! Make sure our child has enough sleep and goes to bed at a reasonable hour.. Our child's body regenerates, repairs and renews itself while sleeping.. In addition, it is important to include "quiet time" as part of our child's day when they can unwind and learn the value of being calm..

And last but not least, number 7, enjoy nature!! Give our child plenty of fresh air.. Go for walks in the park or beaches.. Let our child run, jump, dance and climb.. Don't coddle your child.. If they want to run without a hat or gloves, let them do so!! Allow them to run barefoot on the grass sometimes!! Nature is an excellent immune stimulator and being exposed in a happy, healthy way does wonders to all aspects of our child's life.. Just remember, play more learn more!! Hehe..

Friso Gold, help our curious and active kids, tough inside!! We can now allow our child to explore his world and at the same time, giving us peace of mind at work.. :)

This entry "Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside" is specially created for Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Contest..

The most interesting 80 entries will be given a family invite (for 2 adults and 2 children) to attend the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out at Kidzsport & Gym, One Utama on 2 January 2010.. And the blogger with the best entry would be walking away with a 3 Days 2 Nights holiday package for a family of 4 to Disneyland Hong Kong!! Not to forget RM100 Toys 'R' Us vouchers to be given away to the 10 blog entries with the most effort..

Let us all join this contest and get the chance to meet up at Kidzsport for free!! :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Walk With Me Mama!!

We went to Pan Pacific Hotel, KLIA to see my SIL.. While waiting papa at the lobby, Arsyad was happy exploring here and there.. He won't walk unless mama hold both of his hands.. He seems so awkward walking with the shoe, but he enjoyed it so much.. hehe..

Enjoyed his walk with mama n papa.. :)
He loves to touch the christmas tree.. :)

Love to see him sit on this sofa.. hehe..
Owh~ he hate to sit in his stroller nowadays.. I know he can walk already, but then i dun wanna let him walk in the mall by himself.. It is good actually coz he can explore the world around him.. Tp larat ke mama nk kejar sana sini?? hehe.. If papa is always around, should be no problem.. But then, if we just went out only two of us, how?? Huh~ tak sanggup mama sayang!! :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clarins Hydraquench Range..

I'm one of the Clarins loyal customers (almost 6 years already using this product), dun have any intention to change to other skin care products.. It suits me well, and i dun even bother to try other than Clarins.. However, I've been thinking to change to Hydraquench range as i've been using its White Plus range for quite some time, almost 3 years i think.. So, it is time..

White Plus Range
picture credit to

Have any of you been using this Hydraquench product range? I love to know whether the products are good for my dry skin.. I'm so damn lazy to drink plain water.. I know i should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more coz i'm fully breastfeeding my baby.. So, I need to replace all the fluids inside my body by drinking lots and lots of plain water!! (need to stress that out to remind myself..haha)..

Oh btw, i'm using this Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Mask.. I love it coz I can feel the difference immediately after using it.. But then I didn't manage to do it once a week coz dun have so much time to do so.. :(

Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Mask

picture credit to

Maybe i should try this Hydraquench Cream first, as it can be used for both day and night.. So, no need for me to buy 2 different creams.. Hehe..

Hydraquench Cream

picture credit to

p/s: Need to buy eye products also to reduce my dark circles.. :(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celcom Bill Issue!!

Last month, hubby and I received sms from Celcom, mentioned that we've already exceeded our credit limit which is RM300 for my bill and RM350 for hubby's.. Hubby and I was like "what the h*ll!!".. coz we just received our bill, and it mentioned that mine was around RM80 and hubby's even -RM93.. Hubby did pay mine.. So, how come we've exceeded our credit limit??

Hubby did call Celcom and they said that the amount was correct, mine was RM315 and hubby's around RM3++ gak.. After arguing for quite some times, hubby then just paid RM200 coz they've already barred our line.. Then, last night we've received our bill again.. And you know what?? Hubby's bill is just RM35 and mine was RM130.. So, which one is correct?? I dun know what is wrong with their billing system.. I know few weeks back they've had server problems for billing.. But then takkan la kiteorg kene bayar the amount yg we even didn't use kan?? Hey!! Fix your sisytem la!!

EEEEEEE!!! So damn ANGRY right now!! Will go to their office and show the bill, and asked them to explain everything!! Feel like wanna change to Maxis skrg jugak tau!! EEEEEEE!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sneak Preview..

Went to our house again yesterday.. To clean up the floor first.. Others, just wait for the cleaner on 18th laa.. I dun have time to do all that by myself.. So, as promised, here are few piccas of our home sweet home.. Just the ceiling.. Haha..

Living Hall
Dining Hall
I love it so much.. Eventho they are not exactly what i want, but it is almost the same, as long as it is simple and look modern.. :P So, ok la kan.. Janji sedap mata memandang.. Hehe.. What do u think guys?? :D

Btw, we brought Arsyad along as we've already clean up the floor.. He was so damn excited as he can crawl and walk anywhere he wants.. But, the one he always love to do was climbing up the stairs.. Huh~ Penat la mama nk kejar nnti.. Look at his happy faces.. Rase nk cubit2 jek.. Hehe..

"I love my new home so much", said Arsyad.. Hahahaha..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clean up~ Clean Up~ Clean Up~

Today, hubby and I went to our new house to clear all the rumput2 or should i say "lalang"?? Hurm~ not yet "lalang" la but then it is so damn like semak samun.. Luckily the size is just small, so no need for me to bercucuk tanam, berkebun bagai later on.. hahaha..

We sent Arsyad to my sis's house.. Luckily he was ok, but then he seems like scared and knew mama n papa were not there.. So, he just shut his mouth up, not talkative as usual.. I'm so sorry baby.. I can't bring u along coz it is so damn hot out there, and u just recover from your fever.. I dun wanna take any risk.. And, if we brought u along, it will be a bit difficult for both of us to do all the cleaning and gardening.. Gardening la sgt.. :P

We just received our hood and hob today.. Paid to the Indonesian guy for the paint job that he had done, nicely done and cheap also.. And, he is kind enuf to repair some of the wall skirting and also our store's door.. Hurm~ we're thinking of to hire him to do the fence at our backyard, not now of coz.. Later, once we install our kitchen cabinet.. Owh btw, we'll move in without our kitchen cabinet.. Need to wait few more weeks.. Its okay for me, coz i dun have to cook.. Hahaha.. So damn lazy nowadays to cook, to wash all the dishes.. If i prepare the dinner, my hubby will clean up the kitchen.. Luckily i've him, who is always there to help me.. Thanks dear~ really2 appreciate it..

Hurm~ back to our house.. Our water filter has been installed.. Tomorrow we'll go there again to check the water as we asked the plumber to install something that can increase the water pressure, for upstairs only.. So, no need for us to buy the water heater together with the pump.. As we already have 1 water heater, so just installed this one at our new house.. No need to buy a new one.. Kalau tak psg pump tuh, slow sgt air kat bilik air atas.. At first, we just thinking of to do it at our bathroom, at master bedroom.. Then on 2nd thought, just do it at both bathrooms, no need to call them again, and no need to clean up all the mess again later on.. I can't imagine how am i going to clean up the whole house all by myself.. Especially the ceiling and fans.. Aaarrgghh!! Maybe i just call up the cleaner once in a month to do all that.. Hahaha..

Enuf for today.. Both of us were so damn tired berkebun.. Tu pon cabut je rumput, tak tanam ape lg.. haha.. Owh sorry coz no piccas.. I forgot to bring our camera.. So, can't post my house's view after the renovation.. Nothing big tho, just a little one..

p/s: Need to read our alarm system manual.. I forgot to bring it just now, then we can't on our alarm.. Afraid to just lock our house like that coz lots of things in there already.. Tomorrow our house will be alarmed.. Hehe..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Spots On His Body

My baby just recovered from his fever last Wednesday.. I'm so damn worried coz he didn't have any cough or running nose.. His body temperature was suddenly increase right after i've had my breast abscess.. Yeah i did gave him the milk on my right breast, which is before i knew that my milk's color turn to yellow.. We went to the clinic, and the doctor said it was just a normal fever, no lung or ear infection, nothing to worry about.. Three days after that, his body temperature back to normal..

Dun know whether u can see or not.. Ni tak byk lg, awal2 baru nak kuar..
Yesterday is the worse.. Sedey sgt tgk muka dia, merah2..
But he is one happy boy, always..
Then, suddenly these red spots slowly appears on his face then on his body.. At first i thought it is some sort of allergies.. But then my MIL and my sis said it was demam campak.. The symptoms is like that, the red spots will appear once the fever is gone.. It is not chicken pox (chicken pox and demam campak sama ke??) i think.. Coz i google it, and it mentions that chicken pox has red spots and blisters.. But, my son doesn't have it.. It is just like rashes under his skin.. He is obviously not comfortable with all the red spots on his hands, legs and body.. He'll cry and cry especially during noon, maybe bcoz he feels so itchy.. Poor him~ :( To make him feel better, i did apply the calamine lotion (calamine or chamomile).. Owh~ i dunno which one.. But i use the one in the picture.. It is easy to apply coz it is just like our deodorant, just roll on.. Not like the one that i used to get, have to use our hand to apply, then it is quite difficult to get rid of it..

Abes kene sapu kat muka, tgn n body.. baring jek after kene sapu..

This is the lotion that i use.. It is good for any rashes as well..
Today is the 3rd day.. And the red spots is not that obvious like yesterday.. But then we still need to quarantine him from going out, afraid if he'll spread the virus and the red spots will get worse.. So, quarantine him meaning that quarantine myself as well.. huhu~ Its okay, as long as my baby will get better soon..

Pray for my baby yeah~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Astro Sucks!!

I hate Astro!! We've paid more to watch their programmes, but then their services are sucks!! We can't watch our tele today coz no signal at all!! Eventho the weather is just fine, takde ribut petir, hujan lebat, but still NO SIGNAL!!

Hubby did call their service centre in case our account got problem what not.. But then, the operator said our account is active, no remaining unpaid.. Then he asked whether it is raining at our place.. Haaiiyooo!! Kalau hujan, takde la plak aku nak complain!! After a while, tried taking out the card, switch on and off the decoder, but still "Current Services Are Not Available".. The operator then said their technician need to come over to our house to check what is the problem.. We thought that it will be free.. haha.. Jgn harap la kan!! Need to pay RM50 to them, just to come here and check what is the problem.. Belom tau lg ade problem ke tak tuh, jp agi kene tukar tuh tukar nih, mampus kene bayar lg.. haha..

So how i'm gonna watch the tele?? Takde dh ke company lain nk compete ngan Astro nih, that can offer cheaper rates and better servies?? Like Air Asia vs MAS, DIGI vs CELCOM or MAXIS.. Ggggrrrrrr!!!

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