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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carousel @ Palace

Sunday, 28th June 2009

I was so exhausted coming back from Abang's place (padahal tak buat pape pon, but dun know y..i felt so damn tired!!), i keep on asking hubby what was the surprise..n hubby keep on answering "mane bley ckp..nnti tak surprise laa"..aiiyyaa..i wanna know first coz i'm so damn tired to go out again..i know we're going to have a special dinner, but i just wanna know where..after a while, hubby told me where is the very special place (after mama buat muka merajuk of coz..hehe..)..n the place is ...... "Go For Gold - Palace of The Golden Horses" :)

Palace of The Golden Horses
When i heard the Palace??waaaa!!! i'm so excited!!very2 excited!!!trus mandi, getting ready to go to my one n only hotel that i always dream to stay.. years back, when i was working in Kertih i'll always stay at the hotel in KL.. of coz when i've had a meeting, training, seminar or etc.. Mandarin Oriental, PNB Darby Park, Maya Hotel, Shangri La Hotel, The Zone, Impiana KLCC.. can't remember already, but almost all i dah rasa.. but then, i always wanted to stay at the Palace, always waiting when my company will coordinate a function there.. that is why hubby brought me there as my birthday pressie.. actually hubby already book a room for a 1 night stay, but then i've had a headache a day before n i've asked him to go to my best buddy's place.. he didn't told me earlier, klau tak time2 tu jugak i'll agree to go there..hehe..but, its ok..i can claim the pressie later.. :D

So, after solat maghrib off we go to the palace.. i keep on asking "lambat lg ke??" felt like dh berjam2 in the car..haha..punye la tak sabar padahal baru 20 minutes okay..mcm dlm crite Shrek la plak when Donkey asked "are we there yet??" to the Far Far Away Kingdom..hehe..

When we arrived there, wowww!!! horses everywhere!! i'm so happy n excited.. muka ni senyum je manjang..hehe..we went to the Carousel Restaurant for the dinner..before entering the restaurant, i told hubby not to make any surprise need to sing me a birthday song..nnti tak pasal2 i nangis lg t'haru..hehe..enuf only once at Langkawi okay... :P eventho no birthday song for me from all of the staff there, but hubby did sang to me, just for me (naseb baik suara best :P )..n then hugs n kisses from him n u both soo much..

The entrance
kat ceiling at lobby
At the cafe
Well, i dun like the food very much, its just so-so..but the decoration was so damn nice..didn't manage to capture so much photo at the restaurant tho as Arsyad was a bit cranky..he wanna sleep but mama n papa was busy eating..hehe..after he falling asleep, both of us enjoying our meals dgn tenangnye..i love the dessert, ice-cream n cakes..yummy~~

Carousel Restaurant
After both of us dh full, then off we go touring the hotel.. the place was so damn nice!! really looking forward to stay there, the room must be so nice too..can't wait!!!

Horse Horse n Horse again!!

Mia Familia
Thanks honey for the lovely dinner..n thanks for everything..u always make my life lovely n beautiful.. love u soo much..muaaahhhsss~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Picnic a.k.a Birthday Celebration

Nice sunday morning, it was cold n cozy~~.. hmm~ so damn lazy to get out from bed!! luckily arsyad get up early, made a wake up call to both of us so that we can go to Shah Alam at "Pok Dee's" house.. the initial plan was just having breakfast at Pok Dee's house.. then, suddenly the plan was changed to a picnic at Tmn Tasik Shah Alam.. Pok Dee & co bring all the food (nasi lemak, fried rice n the special menu keropok..hehe).. aaa n not to forget the fruits, i like~..hehe :D

my precious~
All my nephews were very excited playing balls, riding bike, chasing with each other or should i say chasing with their mommies n daddies..hahaha.. Arsyad on the other hand was so moody, not smiling at all.. maybe bcoz he's still sleepy.. so, i just let him sit in his bumbo with papa while mama was busy snapping piccas..sampai berpeluh2 snapped here n the end of the day, no one was taking our family piccas..iiskk!!tak aci tol.. :(

Zie & Family
Zafran & Mummy
After the photoshooting session, all of us were having a lil birthday celebration for me (yeah~ it's my 25th gosh!! i'm 25 years old already) n also my nephew, Zaky.. ooo not to forget, arsyad's birthday too..haha..he just turn 6 months old on 27th..hehe..just a simple celebration, but it was fun..

Mama, Arsyad & Kiddos
Zaky & Family
Then after semua dh penat n matahari pon dh naik, all of us went back home..not to our home sweet home but to Pok Dee's house to have our lunch n kiddos wanna play in the pool later that evening..

fuh~ we're so damn tired!!we went back to our home around 5pm..papa already warned me not to sleep as he got surprise for me that night..huhu~ of coz i'll not sleep till 12 midnight's my birthday..hehe..will story about the surprise later.. :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Brother Food~

It was not actually my big bro's homemade cook, but it was Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Western Cuisine & Catering.. as hubby n i didn't know where to have our dinner tonite, so hubby suggested to try the Big Brother Restaurant located at The Strand, Kota Damansara opposite Dataran Sunway (just few minutes from our home).. u may not able to notice the restaurant as it is built slightly higher from the main road.. but, with the owner's idea, he made a very bright sign board at night.. it glows very bright n very attractive n easy to spot.. if u still can't find it, it is just a few doors away from the Alliance Bank..

Ok, let's talk about the food & drinks.. for the drinks, i just ordered myself coke n hubby ordered ice lemon tea.. but, there are a lot of other choices of drinks as they have a special menu book just for their drinks.. n from what i can see they are using illy brand for their coffee beans..n besides gourmet coffee, they've plenty of mocktails too.. n when coming to the food part, u may feel lost when u flipped thru their menu, coz i did..hehe..

Interior Design
we didn't start our dinner with any snack or starters, just straight to the main course..hehe..tak larat la nk mkn byk2.. hubby ordered grilled chicken chop where the chicken is marinated with a special blend of spices n herbs n served with a side order of ur choice (mashed potato or french fries) n ur own choice of gravy (mushroom or black pepper sauce).. while, i ordered Au Gratin Chicken Cher - Boiled n it was stated in the menu "MUST TRY", so i've give it a try.. the chicken was done pretty special.. it is grilled & then send in to oven i guess for topping it up with cheese n then poured the special brown mushroom sauce over it.. it is accompany with a scoop of homemade coleslaw n mashed potato (u can choose either black pepper gravy or french fries tho).. n the result!! Mamma Mia!! Lips Smacking Taste!!

Au Gratin Chicken Cher - Boiled
Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce
The restaurant serves u a hell good of western foods.. it makes u crave for more n more after u try them.. n every dish that they serve come with decorations like what hotel did.. FYI, the chef was former Shangri La Hotel's chef.. so u can expect some good quality foods prepared in the high standard of cleanliness n quality there..

Enuf with all the details, go n try it urself!! The photos itself tells a thousand words... it looks so yummy!! n every dish is below RM30.. the cheapest n finest hotel grade western foods huh~ .. not to mentioned, it is HALAL n got WiFi too.. so what are u waiting for?? nyum nyum!!

p/s: will go again to the restaurant.. n for the next visit, we'll try the dessert - Big Brother is sliced swiss roll topped with ice-cream, assorted fruit cocktails n covered with a special coating just like a mountain..waaaa~ can't wait!! n maybe u should try the dish that starts with the "Big Brother" word in front as i think it is their special menu.. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smiley Little Arsyad

Arsyad loves to smile especially with his mama n papa..hehe..others?? urm~ depends on his mood.. :D

loves u sooo much~ baby

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Evening @ Taman Tasik Shah Alam

As usual, no specific plan what to do n where to go this weekend.. we just stay at home the whole morning n afternoon, no mood at all to go out anywhere as it was so damn hot out there!! so after Solat Asar, i've asked hubby to go out somewhere to snap our family piccas together, testing our tripod as we never use it before..

So, hubby decided to go to Tmn Tasik Shah Alam to snap some outdoor piccas.. it's been a while we didn't has any photoshoot (photoshoot by professional photographer of coz) for our lil one.. hehe.. no budget for any photoshoot by any photographers right now, so just snapped on our own.. haha.. enjoy the slideshow~ :)

It's so damn hard to make Arsyad smile.. at the end of the day, we didn't use the tripod.. haha..mama n papa was trying very hard to entertain Arsyad so that he can give his cutest smile..haiishh!! just managed to capture few tho.. hopefully, we can do it again next time..

p/s: wish if our EOS has new speedlight n lense.. :P

Friday, June 19, 2009

LV Neverfull For Free!!!

Win a Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag - simply by taking part in ShoppingLifestyle readers' contest..its easy!! just follow the step-by-step instructions..please note that this contest is only open to residents of Singapore n Malaysia..

Hurry up!! the closing date is 31 August 2009..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Seater

Arsyad is able to sit with support now..when mama or papa put him in his baby rocker, end up he'll sit like this if we didn't buckle him up:-

So, hubby n i decided to get Bumbo Baby Seat for him, credit to "Mok Mie" for the seat :) ..tq Mok Mie..this baby seat is uniquely designed according to the baby's posture..the bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves!!Bumbo baby seats are suitable for babies from as young as 6 weeks (or as soon as they can support their own heads unaided) to an age of approximately 2 years old..

This award winning infant chairs manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight n is soft n comfortable for the baby, safe, hygienic, n nontoxic..the integral outer skin of the material is durable n easy to is also versatile n can be used safely n conveniently anywhere on any level surface..

Bumbo Baby Seater with Play Tray Set
Bumbo Baby Seater only :D
Arsyad loves it!! he seemed so happy in there..n btw, i've bought this bumbo at Littlewhiz.. they got sale on this item right now till end of June 2009..go n get it now!!it is much much cheaper than other baby online stores n Mothercare..this bumbo baby seat comes in cute colors including lilac, aqua, yellow, blue n lime..i've bought this lime bumbo baby seat + play tray set at only what are u waiting for??!!buy it now before it ends.. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best For Baby Best For You

I know that everyone loves the smell of a baby..i know i do..the word lotion is almost like the word chocolate or fresh milk or a cool shower..a lotion conjures up soothing, calming n relaxing memories, as well as an overall feeling of comfort n well-being..choosing the right lotion for every skin care need is just as important as choosing the right shoes..for a brisk walk for example, u'll not slip into a pair of high neither would u want to use an oil phase lotion right before a work out!!

Johnson's baby lotion is mild enuf for delicate newborn skin, hypoallergenic n moisturizes for a full 24 hours..for years, the Johnson's name has been known as a reputable company in the field of baby my house, just about all of the baby products, hubby n I bought for our lil Arsyad were Johnson's, ranging from "no more tears" shampoo, to naturally Johnson's baby milk lotion..however, although stating BABY on the front of the bottle, it's just as good for adults..

The bottle, i'm sure is well known by almost everyone - a white bottle with the name n brand in big blue letters..the bottle in front of me contains 500ml of the lotion, n retails at around RM20; a bargain considering how many uses u can get out of a bottle..

The formula of this baby milk lotion seems to have changed considerably over the years..they're now claiming it's "even milder"..the mildness of the lotion is added to by the presence of camomile, renowned for its soothing properties..the fragrance has also become progressively lighter over the the bottle, and...well, it smells just like most babies do!! the fragrance is pleasant n not overpoweringly strong, rather like a talcum powder, in fact..

The lotion itself is white in color n of a fairly thin consistency..being fairly thin, u do not need to use much of it at a time, as it will spread over a large area n so even a 200ml bottle can last for ages!! It's amazing value for the price u pay..this is a classic baby product n well known n well loved by a huge number of families n definitely a product to be trusted..

And, good news for all Johnson & Johnson lovers!! Johnson's baby now has a "Salaman Pengikat Kasih bersama Suami & Keluargaku" contest..a lot of prizes are waiting for all of u every week..the deadline will be from 1st June till 31st July 2009..its easy!! buy any of these 3 products below (u'll get the form together with ur purchase):-
  • Johnson's Baby Milk Bath
  • Johnson's Baby Powder Nourishing with Milk
  • Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion
Then, snap a creative pic, u n ur family bersalam-salaman with each other..then send it to:

Peraduan "Salam Pengikat Kasih Bersama Suami & Keluargaku"
P.O. Box 13446, 50810, Kuala Lumpur

Oohh dun forget to attach together the receipt of ur purchase..

p/s: waiting for hubby to snap our family piccas..hehe~

An Evening @ The Playground

Yeah~ i know that my lil Arsyad still can't crawl n of coz walk yet..but it is good as well to bring him out n get some fresh air..n in my case, i brought him to the playground, just beside our apartment..eventhough he can't play the slides n swing yet, but he really enjoyed it by just looking other kids playing n cycling..

The day before, mama didn't join papa n Arsyad as mama was not feeling very well..they just went there for about 1/2 an hour i think, as Arsyad was fallen, when mama join them on the next day, Arsyad was very excited n keep looking here n was like "Taman Layang-Layang" where there were a lot of people brought their kids to play kites there..eventhough it was quite hot, but it was also windy..

There were people selling kites, a lot of kites..from the smallest to the biggest one..n it is very expensive too (some were up to RM70..huh~)..the kites were come in various kind of shapes, from an ordinary kite up to the character's kites such as batman, eagle n few more..can't remember..hehe..maybe next time papa will bring you there again kay Arsyad.. :)

Mama needs to wear sunglass, mama sakit mata.. :p
Arsyad syok tgk kids playing kites behind him..
p/s: really hate when looking at the playground now as people were throwing their rubbish everywhere!!why we can't keep our place clean??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sayid Zulhusni & Amy's Engagement

Saturday, 30th May 2009 

Congratulations to Zulhusni (my bro-in-law) & Amy..all piccas were captured by mr beloved hubby :)

Nice hantaran..

Majlis sarung cincin


Mama n Arsyad :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Arsyad's Story

soooo not in the mood to write anything or typing actually..well, i 'll story a bit for the sake of updating my blog n of coz my lil one, Faliq Arsyad..we always call our precious one, Arsyad so when his paeds called his name Faliq, its kinda weird actually..haha..even mama n papa just ignored the nurse when she called "Syed Faliq"..hahaha..

last week we went back to our hometown for my brother-in-law's engagement, will update the piccas later..Arsyad is already 5 months his immunisation when we came back to KL on 1st June..we're so surprised as Arsyad didn't cry at all..he was so excited to see all the toys in the Doc's room sampai tak sedar kene cucuk..hehe..GOOD BOY!!

Arsyad has a new pose when he's sleeping..hehe..he is just like a big boy now..n everything he touches or grabs, he will try to put it in his mouth..he loves to see himself in the mirror..he likes to hold his toothbrush n put it in his mouth while having his shower.. :) oh btw, he got his 1st tooth when he was 4 months early huh?? :) he loves when we just let him play on the bed or on his playgym as he can freely move, rolling here n there..but of coz, mama n papa will always watch him as we can't leave our baby unattended..

oh n lately he'll cry for his milk every an hour especially at night..mama sungguh penat n restless these few days..n btw, he is now 7.1kg n measures 64.5cm..papa will entertain him every morning before he goes to work while mama sleeping for about an hour..papa said he loves to watch Bob The Builder, Rory The Racing Car n Ozie Boo!! @ Astro papa just let him watch the tele while he's getting ready to go to klau ngan mama, tanak dok diam pon..dgn papa senang je ek..

Enuf of all the stories, let's see my cutie little pie piccas..

Arsyad's new sleeping pose :D
He loves to play with his feet..
Arsyad with his toothbrush :)
Arsyad can stand up on his own now..hehe..
of coz with a lil support :P
see how he moves himself now..

p/s: i'm still thinking whether wanna buy Arsyad a highchair or Bumbo Baby Sitter..he'll start his 1st solid next month.. :) mama can't wait to buy all those cute plates, spoons, cup n etc. ..hehe..mama yg excited lebey..

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