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Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday to Me!!!

Yeah~ today is the day!! Of coz, my hubby is the first one wishing me happy birthday.. And singing me a Happy Birthday song in his own version.. haha.. with lots of hugs and kisses from him and Arsyad this morning.. I'm blessed!!

Alhamdulillah, Allah still gives me a chance to live with happiness and InsyaAllah di bawah rahmat and lindungan-Nya. Ameen~ 

Thanks to all the wishes guys~ especially in facebook, and not to forget to all who sms me.. 

happy birhday mama.. :-)

Now, hubby want to take us to a holiday.. I dun know where yet.. surprise2!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Great Time with Abg Zafran..

I managed to capture few pictures of Arsyad and Zafran swimming together, just before they started to fight and don't want to share the toys anymore.. hahaha.. Love watching them playing together eventho it was just a few minutes of fun.. :D

Mommy.. Zafran main dlm pool.. :P

Arsyad tolong siram abg zafran.. haha

Love this one.. Arsyad tolong sabunkan abg zafran.. haha

Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

I think everyone knows about Susan Boyle, the Britain's Got Talent 2009. Everyone is laughing at her when she step on the stage coz of her appearance. But, once she opened her mouth and start singing, everyone likes WHAT???!! Who would expect that she had a very beautiful and powerful voice. And even Simon like couldn't believe what he saw. It was the best performance ever!! Eventho, she is not as beautiful as Miss Universe, not as stylo or vogue as victoria beckham, but she still believes in herself!! :-)

So, don't ever judge a book by its cover!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I would like to wish to my Ayah, Abah, my beloved hubby and to all father's out there.. Happy Father's Day.. 

Terima kasih Ayah atas semua jasa dan pengorbanan Ayah membesarkan kami adik beradik.. I know sometimes I didn't listen to your advice, sometimes I wasn't there to take care of you.. But deep down inside my heart, I love you so much and I always pray for you Ayah.. Semua nasihat ayah dari Jue kecik sampai la skrg, Jue still ingat and will always keep it in my heart so that I can tell my kids each and every words you've told me.. 

For my darling hubby, no words can describe how I'm glad you are the one!! Thanks a lot for taking care of me and Arsyad.. Thanks a lot for always being there for us.. I dun have anything for you dear~ But, I'll try my best to provide all the love to you and our precious, Arsyad..

Happy Father's Day.. Love u papa.. Mmmuuuaaahhhs~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Water Moments

I always captured every first moments in Arsyad's milestone, so that I won't forget each and every minute of it and he can look it back when he grows up. I did capture his first day in life, first tooth, first crawl, walk, first time he had his solid and many more. That was the reason why hubby bought me a DSLR just before Arsyad was born, way back in December 2008. And till now, this DSLR really useful in our family.

But, the only thing that I'm quite regret was I didn't manage to capture Arsyad's first moment in water. I did snap few pictures of him, but I can't get close enough to get a great shot. I know I'm not a professional photographer, but then I know the basic tips on how to capture a great shots (at least it was great to my eyes huh~.. hehe).

This was the first time Arsyad in water, swimming with his papa. He kind of afraid at first, just want to be with his papa all the time. I had to zoom from far as I'm afraid if the water splashes to my camera. Of coz I dun want to take the risk coz we can't afford to buy a new one. And, guess what??!! The picture was like a 20th attempts I think. Others were blurry and can't get the picture of water splashes. Now I know it is hard to be a professional photographer. It is not just the skill but the tool is also plays an important role in taking a great photo. 

Owh~ I wish I can swim with him too and took the pictures at the same time. Once I joined him in the pool, no one bother to take our pictures together. Aaarrgghh!! I just realized we didn't have a picture together in water. 

I'm thinking of getting myself a water proof camera so that I can capture our pictures together in water. I love this new Sony TX5 - the World's Slimmest Water-proof Camera"!! It brings out the style in any situation. It is not only water proof, but temperature proof, dust proof and shock proof too. Now, I can dive in with this water proof TX5 and capture beautiful underwater shots up to 3m deep. And I can keep on shooting even below freezing point up to -10 degree celsius - no need to worry if we go holiday to cold country after this. And with the superb dust resistance, I can always get spotless images whatever the environment is! The best part of all it is shock proof!! It allows drops of up to a height of 1.5 meter. How good is that?? I don't have to worry if Arsyad accidentally drop it off, as long as it is not that high. haha. 

The compact Cyber-shot TX5 with features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give us the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever. 

still in style huh? we can still pose even in the water.. :-)

Effortless panaromic photo..

We can now enjoy panaromic shots by sweeping the camera horizontally to create stunning landscape shots, or vertically to capture tall objects. Sweep panorama also recognizes faces or subject movement automatically and cleverly stitches the photos together to create a natural looking panaromic shot.

Clear and sharp images in low light environment..

Anti-motion blur mode uses six superimposed frames to create one single optimised image with 50% less noise. This means you are able to shoot with high ISO settings in low-light environments, reducing noise and subject blur, giving you clear and sharp images. It really suitable for me to snap my lil one's indoor picture. He always run here and there, never stick to one place. Usually it will took me about 10 to 20 shots to take his good picture - without a blurry hands or face. haha.

Takes 10 photos in 1 second..

We can also capture fast actions or a moving subject in a sequence of 10 continuous frames per second. This sequence of continuous shots are also grouped to simplify playback as the camera analyses each group in order to locate and display the best shot automatically. Great huh?? No need for us to look one by one and choose which one is the best, it will automatically display the best shot. I like!! Faster and easier for me!

I wish I can have this slim and nice Cyber-shot. No need for me to carry the heavy DSLR anymore. And, the most important one is, it has all the features that I need. Love it so much especially the pink one!! Hehe.

Btw, this entry is specially created for Nuffnang - My Water Moments contest. You wanna get it for free? Click here for details.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Mama..Arsyad Nak Basikal Satu"..

That is what he said when he saw a bicycle.. Not exactly like that, but he'll say "nak nak", with his finger pointing to the bicycle.. Eventho he doesn't know to cycle it yet, but he knew that his feet should be on the paddle and the handle will control the wheels.. hehe..

posing dulu tuk mama.. hehe

pandai naik sendiri.. :D

Last week, when we were at our hometown Arsyad was so excited to see his cousin's bicycles.. It is so colorful and the price is not that expensive like here in KL.. I'll buy you one when we went back again kay Arsyad.. :-)

muka nak nangis sbb kaki tersangkut.. haha

siap ade tempat letak helmet.. :-)

ooopppss!! kepala terkena handle.. haha

senyum mcm papa.. hahaha

Kat sini, nak main kat luar pon mama takut.. Kereta laju2 eventho kat kawasan perumahan.. hurm~ 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarhamah Tokwan..

It has been a week, Allahyarhamah TokWan has been leaving us.. That is the reason why I didn't update anything in my blog.. We received the bad news last Sunday, 6th June 2010 around 5pm.. Off we went to our hometown right away that evening, and arrived around 2am in the morning.. We managed to see arwah for the last time before the funeral, which is the next morning around 11am..

Diharap all of you sama-sama dpt sedekahkan Al-Fatihah to arwah..


Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Bedroom Become His Playroom..

It is so hard to make Arsyad plays in his room. He will, if either one of us was there with him, playing together in the room. If not, our bedroom will be his favorite place. Sometimes it is fine with me, but most of the time I can't stand with all the messes! I know it is hard to get my house clean 24-7 with a 17 months old baby. But then, I try my best to make sure everything will be back to as it was, before I went to sleep or before we went out.

When I saw if he doesn't want to play with that toys anymore, I'll immediately put it back in the storage box. Doing it everyday makes him know that he needs to clean up his toys everytime he is done playing with it. So, here he is trying to put back all the flashes card back into the box. And yup!! He did it on his own, until the last piece of the card. I'm so proud of you baby~ :-)

Get the box first..

Try to put one..

Trying so hard.. :D

Letak kat chest drawer lg senang.. hehe

On a different day.. :-)

Owh~ he'll clap his hand everytime he managed to put it back in the box. And I'll clap too so that he will enjoy doing it. :-)

But then, the most favorite way of cleaning up is hiding all the toys, NOT keeping it back to its place. Haha. Arsyad loves to do that. Sometimes he'll put it behind our bed, in the laundry basket, behind the TV, in our wardrobe and anywhere that we can't even think to find it there. I just laughed out loud when I found something everytime I clean up the house. Clever boy huh~ :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Brush My Baby's Teeth?

Do you know how to make our baby wants to brush his teeth? It is so hard to do it with my lil one. Sometimes, I just let him play with the toothbrush coz he won't open his mouth everytime I wanna brush his teeth. I did brush my teeth together with him, so that he'll follow me. Turn out he wanted to help me by giving me his toothbrush and trying to put it in my mouth.

Now gigi geraham Arsyad dh tumbuh. Lagi susah la nak bersihkan. Haaaiiyyyaa~ Sometimes I just wipe his teeth with clean cloth. Have to force him a bit tho. I dun know how to make it fun and more interesting so that he will brush his teeth without forcing him too. Btw, last time we went to Guardian to buy some stuff, and then I saw this First Teeth Baby Toothpaste. I know my baby can't use any toothpaste yet coz he doesn't know how to spill it out. But then, this toothpaste is fluoride free and safe for baby to swallow.

It has active milk enzymes and is naturally flavored with apple and banana. It is recommended for babies age 3 months and above. It is a bit pricey tho, for a small tube of 40g, it cost RM25.90. So, my hubby didn't let me buy it. He said we need to teach him to like brushing his teeth first then start using the toothpaste. But then, what if the toothpaste can make him like to brush his teeth? Coz it has flavors. And, all babies love bananas right? hahaha.. :P

Please help me mommas. Give me some ideas to make my son loves brushing his teeth instead of me forcing him too. :-(

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It was Indeed A Great Lunch Ever!!!

Yesterday, my lovely hubby offered to make something for lunch as I'm not feeling very well. Usually, he'll just go out and buy something instead of offered himself to cook. Hehe. So, I just said okay and continue lying down and resting with Arsyad keep on asking me to play with him. Not really resting and relaxing then. Haha.

And so off he went to the kitchen and start cooking. I didn't even bother to go down and asked if he need any help coz I know he can cook and also clean up everything once he done. He used to cook maggi, fried rice, nuggets, beef burger, sausage and anything which is simple and only took few minutes to prepare. And, he'll always clean up everything especially if I did the cooking. Lucky me!! Hehe. For me, cooking is not that tired, but the cleaning part is!!

About an hour later, he asked me to come down and had our lunch together. He managed to cook spaghetti carbonara. Eventho it didn't taste like the one at Delicious but it was not bad at all!! I'm so impressed with you sayang~ hehe.. 

Nyum2~ Arsyad mkn sausage.. hehe

Thanks a lot!! I love you so much.. Mmmmuuuaahhhss~ Lain kali buat lagi eh.. hehe.. :D

Birthday Complimentary Treat

Well~ It is not my birthday yet.. Hehe.. 27days more to go till I turn to 26!! Still young right? :P

My heel felt really hurt these few days. No, it didn't crack. But I think bcoz of I always stand up too long and I didn't wear slipper in the house. After applying Ellgy, it felt much more better ( I love Ellgy :-) ). Huh~ I wish someone can massage my feet and my whole body coz I really need one. Hehe.

Hubby did promise me to take care of Arsyad while I'm pampering myself with facial and spa. But, there's always something came up everytime I wanna go to do it. This time around I received a birthday complimentary treat by MBF Cards. So, I've to use it coz it is FREE and valid till end of June only! I still didn't manage to call Heavenly Spa to make an appointment. 

I can choose either Body Detoxification Massage (worth RM298) or Hydro Lift Facial (worth RM238). Of coz I'll choose the body massage. I can do the facial next time. Hehe. I can't wait to indulge myself with their body spa treatment's signature. It has won a loud applause from many customers who have tried it. So, no regret to try right?! :D

Btw, Heavenly Spa has promotion for the 1st trial at only RM80 - valid till 30th June 2010 only. You can choose either one of their packages. You can read the details here.

I'll review about their services once I try it. :-)

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