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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Batrisyia and Arissa Double Bash

We've had so much fun today, celebrating Batrisyia and Arissa's birthday.. Batrisyia turns 8 on 20th and Arissa turns 2 on 13th, share the same our anniversary's month.. hehe.. All of us gathered together (family and friends) at Delifrance, The Strand Kota Damansara around 2pm..

Arissa, Batrisyia and Amsyar were all very excited waiting for others to come.. All of them enjoying themselves running here and there, luckily the restaurant were closed from 2pm till 4pm for the birthday celebration.. huhu~ private party ok!! :-)

I didn't snap so many piccas as my sista did hire Min from cikimiki to capture the great moments at that time.. So, I just enjoyed myself, chit chat with all my siblings and tried all the meals provided.. hehe :D Owh~ I love the Dora and Boots cake.. It is so damn cute!! I thought I did snap one, but then I didn't.. haaiiyyaa~ camane la bley terlupe..

Arsyad enjoyed himself at first, but then after the restaurant was full with all the guests, he started to cry and wanted to be held all the time.. I think he was afraid with the kiddos - running, fighting, and balloon pecah ~kedebom!!~ hahaha.. Okay, enuff with all the stories.. These are the only pictures that I managed to snap (mane yg takde tu, sorryla ek.. hehe..) and sila jgn bosan klau byk sgt gambar, coz I malas nk collage kan..haha.. :D

birthday girl - Batrisyia

birthday girl lg sorang - Arissa

Abang Amsyar yg sungguh susah nk amek gambar.. huh~

 My lil hero pon nk join sama..

Zaky enjoyed eating his spaghetti..

Zafran mkn diam2 tau, nnti mummy marah.. haha..

Aren't they cute together?? :-)

Sempat lg pegi party before beranak..

tgh berkumpul nak tiup lilin.. see the cake? I like it!!

My sistas with birthday girl..

Mama, ayah and Arissa.. 2 lagi sibuk main :D

Papa and Arsyad

Mama pon nak jugak.. hahaha

Arsyad dh start cranky dh ni..

birthday girl dh tido kepenatan..

Ayah masa kecik mcm kat blkg tuh la.. haha

Ahnaf yg chubby~

Nyum nyum~

Cik Ta with Umar and birthday girl.. :D

Zafran hug perut mummy yg besar tuh.. :D

The rest I upload kat fb la plak.. huhu~

p/s: Thank you sis for the invitation.. All of you are so lovely with the orange theme.. :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Health Habits

I read some articles while waiting for my baby's turn to see his paed at KJMC.. So, I just wanna share something that I think it is important and a very good info to all of us, mommies.. :-)

TO give our baby a good start in life, we must be able to provide basic hygiene care, example, bathing and changing diapers.. This is also the time to introduce our child to healthy lifestyle habits and good nutrition, beginning with breastfeeding.. Another important thing is to ensure our child is given all the recommended immunisations..

What is immunisations?
Active immunisation is the use of vaccines to protect against particular diseases caused by bacteria or viruses.

What are vaccines?
Vaccines contain weakened, dead or (usually) fragmented viruses and/or bacteria that are responsible for some serious diseases. The body sees these fragments as foreign and develops an immune response (immunity) against them, without exposing the child to the disease.

How does immunity work?
When a virus or bacteria enters the body, our immune system develops an immune response, which includes antibodies specifically against the virus or bacteria, to fight it. The first time an organism enters the body, the immune system is not ready and it takes some time to make antibodies. During this time we may become ill. However, if our immune system, including the antibodies, can control the organism we will recover.

After an infection, the immune system retains a memory of the infecting organism that attacked us, and if it enters our body again, it is usually controlled before we become ill. Active immunisation using vaccines works in the same way - but without us having to have the disease first.

Is immunisation safe?
Vaccines must go through many tests before they can be used. The vaccines used have been proven to have excellent safety profiles and to be highly effective. Studies have shown that if all doses of vaccines are given properly they will protect 80-95% of the children who are immunised.

Some children who have been immunised may still become ill with the disease, but usually the illness is much less serious. The risk from disease is far greater than the risk from immunisation.

When should my child not be immunised?
If your child is undergoing medical treatment, has a serious disease or lives with someone with a severe disease, has an immune system that is not working properly or had severe allergic reactions to immunisations before, or has recently had other vaccinations or blood treatments, immunisation may not be advisable. Talk to your doctor.

What should be expected?
Your baby will probably cry when receiving his/her immunisation shot. After the shot, the area will be sore to the touch. He/she may also run a slight fever and be a little more tired than usual. Often, doctors will prescribe a non-aspirin pain-killer to ease the fever and discomfort.

A number of children will have a minor reaction to immunisation. Serious reactions, eg, severe allergic reactions, can happen, but are very rare. Your doctor is trained to handle such problems.

Arsyad just got his MMRV shot (M - Measles, M - Mumps, R - Rubella and V - Varicella).. And, he was down with a slight fever for about 2 days after that.. Owh~ he even got the vaccination certificate and fridge magnet for that.. hehe.. I'm not yet printing his name on it.. It is so cute.. So damn lazy to snap the picture.. hehe.. Hope these info can give us more knowledge and awareness about immunisation :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kids Portraiture Clinic

I've never attended any photography class or workshop before, this was my first time.. And, thanks to my dear hubby coz he is the one who insists me to participate in the clinic.. Alhamdulillah I managed to attend the clinic at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya.. I have to leave Arsyad with his papa for about 6 to 7 hours.. :-(

I'm so happy with the clinic as I learn a lot from Zubye and other participants as well.. I dun have so much knowledge on the setting or anything about photography (I just learn from magazines and internet).. So it is quite difficult for me to catch up at first, coz everyone just focus on framing and how to take a good picture.. Me on the other hand, baru nak btolkan setting tu setting nih.. haha.. But, I'm quite satisfied with the pictures that I managed to snap.. It is so damn difficult to capture the best moment of other kids than your own.. huh~ Btol2 kene sabar and pantas..

one of the cilik models - sweet Adelia

Adelia and Irfan

Irfan with his lego

Ariana - a bit moody on that day.. but she still sweet and cute :-)

I hope I can take better picture of Arsyad after this.. :-) Need to practice, practice and practice.. :D

p/s: Anyone, feel free to comment ya~.. I wanna improve myself, so doesn't matter whether the comment is good or bad.. :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Go Back To School!!

Arsyad did something that make me smile and laugh just now.. He walked into the room and took his Sammy bag and called me "Mama", and then waved bye bye.. I asked him where he wanna go.. Then he just answered "tu" and point his finger to the tele.. hahaha.. Now he knew everytime he wanna go somewhere, mama and papa will bring the Sammy bag together to put his diaper, baby wipes, extra clothes and also his favorite biscuit.. So, he did the same thing even he just wanna go outside the room which is just few feet away.. hahaha..

It is so damn funny watching him walked out slowly from the room with the bag behind him.. :-) Btw, tajuk entry takde kaitan pon ngan ape yg I nak cite sebenarnye.. haha.. I didn't plan to send Arsyad to any playschool yet.. He is still young and I think he even can learn a lot from home and his mama of coz.. And, I didn't worry too much if he doesn't socialize with other kids coz I know my son will get along with them.. Just give him few minutes to warming up himself, then he'll good to go and play with.. hehe..

Hmm~ my baby is growing up so fast!! He'll turn to 14 months old next saturday.. He can do a lot of things nowadays, and there must be something new that he discovers everyday.. He likes to hide his toys everywhere.. Last time, I found his Barney cup behind the tele, his books behind the bed, his ferrari car in the laundry basket, papa's handphone in the box, his toothbrush in my handbag, remote control in the chest drawer (I dun know when did he put it), and his ABC's magnet inside the washing machine (luckily I realized it before I put in all the dirty clothes).. It makes me smile everytime I found all those toys.. :-) Isn't it cute and funny? hehe.. Hubby and I laughed out loud when we try to find his handphone and found out that it was in the box.. Luckily hubby didn't silent off his phone, klau tak silap2 beli handphone baru la kan? :P

I wanna story more about my lil one, but then I'm so damn tired right now.. I'll continue in my next entry yea~ For now, just enjoy these pictures of Arsyad with his Sammy bag :-)

tawaf bilik 2 3 kali konon2 gi jln.. haha

bye bye mama~

pusing2 skali nk buang bag tuh.. last2 tersangkut kat kaki.. haha

Love u baby.. mmmuuaahhhss~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Testing My New Canon 50mm Lense

Hubby just bought me a new 50mm lense yesterday.. And, these are the pictures that I managed to capture as my cilik model down with fever last night and today.. So, he doesn't have any mood to smile and laugh as usual..

Btw, I'm still learning.. This is my 1st attempt.. Hopefully after tomorrow my picture will be better :-)

posed for mama :D
at wan cu's house..
muka nak nangis lepas jatuh.. hehe

happy playing with his Barney's cup eventho demam..
muka tgh tahan berat Thomas's box..hehe

Thanks dear for the lense.. I love it.. hehe.. mmmuuahhhsss~ :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Sales Blog!!

Hey guys~

Check out my new sales blog yeah~ I'm still working on it, but hey~ no harm to visit rite??

If you have any question or want to order any of the products or even wanna be a dealer too, do not hesitate to contact me at or sms/call me 013-7732728..

Happy shooping~ :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Is So Special With This Big Purple Dinosaur??

I think most of you know what is the "big purple dinosaur" is rite? At least for those who have kids, for sure all of you know that it is Barney~ (please read like those kids in the VCD sounds like.. Barney~~ then all of them running towards Barney and hug him.. hahaha..).. I dun know what is so special about this big dinosaur that makes my baby wide awake till now, 1:40 am in the morning.. The same VCD is still playing from 10pm till now, which I dun know how many times I press the play button already.. I am so damn tired and sleepy, but how can I sleep if he is still running, dancing and singing in his own version all the time..

I've tried to make him sleep by switching off the tele.. You know what he did? He gave me the remote and asked me to switch it on back.. Adoii~ sabar je la.. So, I just let him watch the tele and me on the other hand, grab my camera and snap all these piccas.. hehe

khusyuk tol tgk Barney..
Thomas box mesti ade kat depan.. 
tgk sampai camtu skali..tak lenguh ke kepala tu arsyad??

dancing along with Barney and Baby Bop..clap his hands,
his shoulders and his hip..
sampai step on Thomas's box to kiss BJ.. haha..

too close to the tele.. mama risau takut lama2 rabun..

Does your kids love to watch Barney too? Arsyad loves to watch other than Barney too, like Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Oozie Boo's, Sesame Street.. But then he loves Barney the most.. And sometimes he can clearly said "Barney" everytime he saw that big purple dinosaur.. Last time we went to Santai Restaurant at Kota Damansara, his papa brought him to the DVD store next to the restaurant.. His papa always bring him together everytime he wanna buy the DVD.. And, Arsyad already knew where was the Barney DVD at the rack.. He'll point his finger to that DVD and said Barney.. hahaha.. Watch out papa.. Nanti everytime pegi makan kat Santai, ajak pegi beli DVD baru tau.. hahaha.. 

Owh~ my baby was so behaved these few weeks back.. He is active as always, but I dun have any trouble at all everytime I was driving all alone with him and even when I went out to the mall, only with 2 of us.. He'll sit in his car seat and stroller all the time.. I think he enjoyed his ride, watching outside and pokpekpokpek talking to me..hahaha.. He'll point his finger to something outside the window and told me what he saw.. He doesn't clearly told me that it was a bird when he saw a bird, but I knew he was telling me that by saying "there".. Nampak aeroplane pon "there", nampak lights pon "there", almost everything he'll say "there" with his finger point to the object.. hehe.. Nanti dh bley ckp, sure byk mulut anak mama ni.. Tak larat la mama nk layan.. huhu~ :D

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