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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stupid Maid

No, it is not my maid's story, I don't even have a maid. But, it is my neighbour's. Everytime I went to the playground, I always saw these 3 little kids playing together without an adult supervision. I know it is safe in our house area, but still if any incident happen, who knows right? 

First time I saw them playing, their maid was there together with them. But, what she did was just sitting and didn't monitor the kids at all. Until the boy fell on a rock and got hurt on his knee. You know what she did? She scolded him out loud to that kid and slapped a bit on his butt and leg.  I was so damn shocked coz she even didn't bother I was there looking at her fiercely. And the other two girls were playing small rocks and got themselves dirty, and she also slapped them as well. She asked them to go home and scolding them all the way. She even pull the youngest's arm so harsh. 

The second time I saw them was few days back. As usual, there were only the kids playing together. Suddenly, the maid came from far shouting at them, asking them who let them go out from the house. I was like, WHAT?? You don't even notice that the kids went out on their own. Can you see how ignorance the maid was?? She scolded all of them, the other two (older sista and bro) ran immediately once they heard the maid's voice. But the little one was so damn scared and crying out loud calling his brother and sister. Once the maid besides her, she pull the kid's ear and drag her back to their house. I felt like wanna scold that damn maid, but I don't know why I didn't do that.

I don't know which house they were living. But, I was a bit concerned coz if she can do it in front of other people like that, she might can even do worse at home. And I can see that the kids were so damn scared, that was why there were running away. I don't know whether I should tell their parents or not coz it was weekend. I wonder why their parents not at home. What should I do??


  1. wahhhh bahaya camni, baik ikha tgk yg mana satu umahnye, then bagitau parents dia, kesian bebudak bertiga tu, kalo kat luar pun maid boleh buat camtu, kat dlm umah apatah lagiii, kesian bebudak tukan

  2. what u can do......record using phone attitude maid tu. then search the house and show mak bpk budak tu video yg u ambil. Hmm mak bapak busy sangat ke sampai hujung minggupun xde.

  3. pleaseee..tell to their parents...juz sebagai jiran u sholud tell. coz maybe parents dia xtau..depan baik belakang mcm2 dia wat. tu depan public dia berani tunjuk..apatahlagi kat dlm rumah..who knows?..please...bagtau k..betul kata saudari diatas..rakam video n u sholud follow kat mana dia tinggal...juz imagine kalau benda nie berlaku pada anak kita..kita rasa sgt bersyukur jika ada org perihatin utk memaklumkan pada kita apa yg berlaku semasa ketiadaan kita...that my opinion...pleasee update kalau u dpt memaklumkan apa yg berlaku...juz nak tau wats reaction dia punya parents.

  4. Should have cctv at home to monitor the maids...and you will know roughly what happened when you are not at sad to see the kids being treated like that. They are innocent! What were their parents doing? Dreaming??? So many bad stories about maid that we heard day by day... Parents must play a role to prevent it too! Ooooopss I got emotional when it comes to maid thingy!!!

  5. Salam, i am totally agreed with notty netti's comments...if u can, record this particular's maid and find the children's parents...takpe..biar ckp bz body or what but fikir for the children's safety...takut2 esok lusa keluar pulak kat paper abt those kids...pasal kes maid dera etc... :-(

  6. mamasyaza: tuh la kan.. kesian tol tgk budak2 tu..

    notti netti: good idea!! will do when I saw them again and definitely I'll search their house..

    Anon: I pon tak tau la ape reaction parents dia.. hopefully tak ckp I ni busy body la..

    sis JeM: We always got emotional when it comes to maid!!

    Anon: Yup, agreed with her too.. I can't even look at the kids.. kesian sgt..

  7. salam to u.

    im a new here. and i totally agree with others opinion. do the video record as ur proof. then, its ur call either to make a report or not.

    god! feel sorry to the kids. :(

  8. That's not good... someone has to be brave enough to call the attention of that maid. If she doesn't listen then just go to the nearest social welfare to ask for help.


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