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Monday, January 10, 2011

Arsyad's 2nd Movie Experience @ TGV, One Utama

We went to TGV One Utama to watch Harry Porter. I know the movie is a bit out dated but I still wanna watch it coz I read the book. So, I wanna see whether the movie will be as good as the story line in the novel or not. The movie is still available only at TGV, One Utama. So, off we went to One Utama and hoping that Arsyad will be okay watching the movie just like last time, watching Toy Story 3.

There were only about 10 people in that cinema. When the movie first started, Arsyad was okay sitting on his papa's lap. Then, when the snake started to appear, Arsyad was scared, very2 scared. He came to me, hug me and started to cry. Then, I brought him out to calm him down. And he didn't want to go inside ever again. Hubby then came out and switched with me. So, I did watch till the end of the movie. But, it was so damn boring, watching alone!! I heard my lil one laughing out loud outside the hall, having fun with his papa. When I came out, hubby shows me the pictures and videos of Arsyad while they're outside. These are 2 of them. 

Macam-macam la Arsyad ni.. Hahaha.. I can't upload the videos coz the size is quite big, so damn lazy to edit.. I think we can't bring Arsyad for any movie anymore except the kiddos movie only.. :D


  1. busan le tu, serupa cam anak akak jugak

  2. ni bukan bosan.. tp takut dok dlm cinema.. hahaha


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