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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Lil Prince at 2 Years Old

Arsyad is already 2 years old!! Wow~ I can't believe it my lil baby has grown up so fast.. I still can remember the moment when our eyes met, and holding him in my arms for the first time.. Owh~ I miss that moment.. Maybe it's time for the next one?? Hahaha.. 

I think I didn't update much about Arsyad's milestones in here.. Always forgot to do that coz I can't really stay in front of my lappy to type all those achievements.. He needs more and more my attention nowadays..  Sometimes people might see that I seem to look like one happy go lucky mother who doesn't have to deal with much problems raising the kid! Haha.. I wished!! 

So, let us see what I can recall he is capable to do nowadays:-

He can say a lot of words now. Some of them very clear and correct and some, just almost right. Haha. He can say car, frog, horse, cat, dog, bird, duck, plane refers to aeroplane, air (water), sheep, ball, shoe, book, bee, nak, taknak, yak (poo-poo), kak (bukak), tup (tutup), choo-choo (train), shu (milk), cuit (biscuit), ower (shower), ellow (yellow) and lots more. I can't remember already.

And he can understands instruction much better than before. He understands when I ask him to take off his shoe, take off his pants, ask him to sit down while having his meal, put something in the drawer or take his spoon or bowl/plate and lots more. He even told me everytime he poo-poo, take off his pants and wait for me in front of the bathroom. I don't know whether he is ready to potty train or not, but I think I'll wait till he really can say the word "wee-wee". 

He loves to run, like to scribble, really love playing his blocks and cars and of course loves to take out everything from his toy box. Then you can't even walk on the floor coz his toys are everywhere. If you ask him to put all the toys back in the box, he'll do it. But he'll do it again right after that. Haha. So, just let him be coz it will be just the same.

at the family area.. should wait till you see in my room, his room and downstairs..huh~

Owh~ one of his favorites thing to do is to imitate what he saw in the tele. Sometimes I don't know what he is trying to do, but he acts just like in the tele. His expression is so damn funny. You should see when he does the shocking face, when he laughs (buat2 gelak, sambil gelak tangan tutup mulut), when he does the dinosaur's sound "aaaaaarrrggghh" (suara kasar tp badan kecik).. Haha.. So damn funny!! 

Everytime we went to the Toys'r us or Ikea, hubby and I always let him play with all the toys for a while. Then, he'll say bye-bye to all the toys when we wanna go home. Same when we went to the playground. He'll say bye-bye to the slide and swing when we want to go home. We taught him to do that at earlier stage coz we don't want him to get a toy everytime we go out. He'll get one when we want to reward him with a good behaviour and on a special occasion. I'm so lucky coz he'll not lying on the floor if he didn't get the thing that he wants.

He refuses to sit in his car seat and stroller. Luckily, he'll sit beside me in the car and sit properly if he just went out with his papa. Not much trouble but it was tiring when he started to run in the mall and we have to chase him. Then we have to carry him when he wants to sleep. It makes me more tiring when he wants me to carry him instead of his papa. Huh~ sabar je la..

He loves to play with his cousins especially abg zafran. Others, need to warm up a bit then he can play happily with them. He is a bit shy with strangers. He is just with me at home, so I think he needs to play with other kids more often.

And he also now in the terrible two phase. Not really terrible but it is challenging to me and really test my patience. He wanted to do things on his own ways and when he wanted something, sometimes he'll say it properly but sometimes he wouldn't. He would just cry right away. He could scream and cry for hours if I let him be. He loves to poke me and his papa. Everytime I explain that it is not nice to do that he'll just laugh and do it again. 

He also wants me more than his papa. I know coz I am with him 24/7, but before this he was just okay playing on his own while I'm doing the laundry and cooking. But now, he will cry if I went to the kitchen and cook to prepare my lunch. I try to make him involve in the cooking and laundry process, like give him a cloth to put in the washing machine, make him open the softener container, give him the pan and vegetable so that he can imitate me cooking. But, all he wants to do is just hold tight to my leg and it makes me hard to walk.

I know at this stage, toddlers easily get frustrated becoz we, parents fail to understand them. With their very limited vocabs, they just don't know how to explain things to adults. So I try my very best to understand what he was trying to imply. Coz if I don't know what he wants, he will just cry right away. Kalau tak nangis, merajuk; tangan gosok2 mata and then buat bunyi sok sek sok sek. Sangat pandai berlakon kay si cilik ni. Haha.

I need to have a LOT of patience. Sometimes I just feel like wanna scold him, but when I look at him when he was sleeping and smiling, I just forgot everything. He makes my life wonderful eventho sometimes he drives me crazy. Haha. I love you baby..


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