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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Green @ Our House

Finally, hubby managed to show his talent in landscape. Haha. He finally finished up our little landscape with this lovely green grass and white rocks. It is just simple, lovely and I love it. He still has more things to add on I guess. Just wait and see. Hehe.

Need to take out the parasites there..

At least I have something to look at in front of our house now. And hopefully it will just as nice as this forever, don't want it to be like jungle!! Haha.


  1. cantek! jue, bestnye ade laman rumah camni.. hijau je pemandangan.. sonok! :)

  2. comel je. :) nanti2 bole la tambah bangau ke kat tepi2 tu hihihi...

  3. nice landscape.. rumah saya tanah masih terbiar.. entah bila datang mood nak buat entah.. anyway, this can give idea to me.. :)

  4. nYomel: best kan?? seronok je tgk ade hijau eventho kecik je kwsan tu.. hehe

    Syiqim: bangau?? mau anak I main campak je bangau tu.. hahaha

    This is.. : ni pon takes time nk buat tuh.. slalu je malas.. tp bile siap puas hati n seronok mata memandang.. :-)

  5. comeynyee...and nice too. at least you have something to feast your eyes every time u reach home from work kan...


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