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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Addicted to Junior Masterchef Australia

Did you watch the Junior Masterchef Australia? I did watch the Masterchef, USA. Then when I found out about this Junior Masterchef, I'm like WHAT?? How come this young kids can cook extremely well? I love watching this show instead of the Masterchef, coz the judges are so damn nice by giving a very good comment so that the contestants will not be de-motivated to cook again. And, the kids are so damn cute and funny. They were really enjoying themselves cooking in the Masterchef kitchen.

I'm really addicted to this show!! I just finished watching all the episodes just now. And I'm glad Isabella won the first ever Junior Masterchef Australia. I even cried watching how the sisters support each other, and even cried when only one of them can make it to the final two. I'm so amazed on how they plate their dish, it is so beautiful and nice to look at. Just like a professional chef. How I wish I can cook just like them. 

Eventho they were giving the recipes in their pressure test and some of the challenges, but I still think that it is hard to cook within an hour especially to cook something that you've ever done before. I think all of them can be a great chef in future coz these kids have a great imagination and very creative in creating a great dish.

Check out how great their dish was. It was perfectly put on the plate, and both of them got a perfect score. 


  1. Wahh.. mcm menarik je show ni?
    mau cari laaa.. :)

  2. me addicted to this show too!

  3. Read -a blog that is contributed to the grand champion of Junior MasterChef, Isabella Bliss. Congrats and Take care.

    Read the tips and suggestions about cooking.


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