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Friday, January 7, 2011

New New New Batik Collection

For price information, please e-mail Upon enquiry, please provide your details including Name, Contact no and Product Code. As usual, the MORE YOU BUY, the MORE DISCOUNT YOU WILL GET!! So Hurry before it's GONE!!

CL02 - Sateen

CL03 - Sateen

CL04 - Sateen

CL05 - Crepe

CL06 - Sateen

CL07 - Sateen

CL08 - Sateen

CL09 - Sateen

CL10 - Sateen

CL11 - Crepe

CL12 - Crepe

CL13 - Sateen

CL14 - Sateen

CL15 - Sateen

CL16 - Sateen

CL17 - Sateen

CL18 - Sateen

CL19 - Exclusive Sateen

CL20 - Chiffon (Sooo Sweet)

CL21 - Sateen

E-mail me for further inquiry.. :-)


  1. wahh cantik2 semuanya.. berwarna warni :D



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