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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bread Pudding

I've made another bread pudding last night. This time around it was not that hard, just soft and yummy and the most important thing is hubby loves it!! Hehe.

Fresh from the oven.. :D


I can just eat this over and over again. Thanks sis for the easy recipe. :-)


  1. sedapnye, anak2 akak suka sgt ngan puding roti camni

  2. jue, nk resepi ni jgk..nk try bt jgk..oven br tu lum rasmi lg heheehe..hubby ku juge suke puding roti ni :)

  3. mamasyaza: best kan.. kenyang pon kenyang.. :-)

    fiza: nnti jue buat 1 entry lain share steps by steps.. hehe

    sis JeM: nak recipe ke nk mkn trus?? haha..


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