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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Arsyad's 2nd Birthday Celebration

Arsyad is already 2 years old. Oh Gosshh!! My baby grows up so fast!! His birthday was actually on 27th Dec, but then we did the birthday celebration on 1st Jan 2011, which is yesterday. Just a simple celebration between family and close friends, no clowns, no magician, no games and etc. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Eventho it was so damn tiring, but it was indeed a very fun day, catching up with friends and family. I managed to do all the decorations a night before and early morning on the day itself. I can't do so much coz Arsyad keep on disturbing me. Everytime I put on something on the table, he'll take it down and throw it away. So the things will just go up and down the table. Haha. Luckily, everything was on its place when people start coming to our house.

Hubby on the other hand was very busy with a hard job one; arranged the tables, chairs, our small landscape and lots more. Thanks a lot dear for helping me too with the decorations. Love u more and more.  :D

Enuff with all the stories. Enjoy some of the photos that most of it hubby and I captured, unless we're in the pictures. Hehe.

Welcome to..

Thanks cik ta for the pulut kuning..

Happy Birthday Arsyad..

Party hat..

The lollipops..

Mini muffins..

Mineral water..


My lil prince & birthday boy..

"Qisha nak?" asked Arsyad

Lil Aidan with a ball..

and his lil brother, Aryan with Wan Cu..

Cik Ayu & Arif..

My sista and her lovely daughter yg menunjukkan braces baru..haha

My lovely MIL and aunty.. Thanks for everything, love u both so much..

The birthday cake.. Abes licin.. hehe

Waiting for the kids to gather around.. Aaarrghh~ look at my eyes!!

Birthday boy moody, time for him to take a nap. Don't wanna blow the candle.

Malu2 bile org nyanyi Happy Birthday song to him.. haha

Mama plak yg tiup..haha

Both of them looks very tired.. Love u so much my heroes..

Finally, with some of his presents..

Happy 2nd birthday my lil prince. Mama and papa love u more than everything. Hopefully you'll be anak yg soleh di dunia and akhirat. Amin~


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARSYAD, best ada pulut kuning tu.
    banyaknye hadiah yg arsyad dpt, mesti bestkan.

  2. thanks akak.. best2.. lepas satu satu dia bukak..dh bersepah 1 umah ni.. haha

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Arsyad yg handsome!!!

    Hopefully you'll be anak yg soleh di dunia and akhirat untuk mama & papa ye... Ameen...

  4. salam :)
    nice & simple decor for a kid's birthday party..
    mind if i ask u...where do u shop for these?


  5. mamazana: Thanks for the wish.. Amin~

    Anon: I did it by myself most of it..lots of printing and cutting need to be done.. I just bought the cupcakes, party hat, lollipops..U can hire the party planner if you want.. Just google it.. :-)

  6. salam, can i know where did u buy the lollipops and table cover please? thanks :)

  7. salam.. u can get the lollipops here and i bought the table cover at mydin.. hehe

  8. thanks...the tags tu pun design sendiri or u got it from internet? if yes, mind sharing? :)


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