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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Lovely Evening Together..

I brought Arsyad to the playground yesterday evening. Along the way, he was talking non-stop. I didn't know what he was trying to say, but I think he want to tell me everything he saw. He told me about the cat, the bird, and aeroplane that he saw. I just understand those words, others I've no idea at all. Haha. But, it was so much fun walking together, holding hands, and he kept on telling me stories. :D

He was having fun playing the slides and climbing up and down the stairs until he wanted to play the swing. One thing that I don't like about this playground is the swing coz there was no swing for the babies, you know what I meant, the one that your baby can sit on it without you holding him. But he still want to play with it, so I've to hold him at the back coz he refused to sit on me. Luckily he didn't fell eventho there's one time that he almost did. 

Then, when there were more crowds at the playground, Arsyad started to play at the badminton court, which has nothing to play with. But he enjoyed himself running and playing with his little car that he brought with him all the time. And when there was an aeroplane flew by, he will wave goodbye and then started to run again. When he was tired, he will stop and have a few minutes rest before started to play again.

watching other kids playing the slides.. 

He didn't like playing with strangers. He would rather playing alone instead of mixing around with other kids. But he loves watching other kids playing together. He'll laugh if he saw something funny and then he'll be great to join them. :-)

Our evening didn't end here. When we arrived home, Arsyad wanted to play in his pool. So, I gave him few minutes to play in it while I did some cleaning at the porch.

One thing I realized when Arsyad was playing in his pool or swimming pool, he'll just stand there, playing the ball or any other toys inside the pool. He didn't want to lie down in the pool or at least get his all body wet. I've to splash the water to him, then he'll started to jump. Hurm~ I wonder why..

Btw, I really enjoy playing with him like this. No need to hear him screaming and crying. Hopefullly, it will be like this everyday. :-)


  1. arsyad sebijik cam sikecik akak, mesti kena bwk keta mainan kecik, pegi mana2 pun, sebelah mlm, time nak tdo, lagik byk keta menan, penuh katil, sampai kena bising ngan en. abah

  2. mmg favorite dia cars.. ke mane2 je mesti bwk kete.. hehe


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