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Monday, January 24, 2011

Beef Lasagna In The House!!

This was my first attempt to do this beef lasagna and it turns out well besides the not so pretty topping. Hey~ but don't judge a book by its cover right? It tastes great, at least to my taste. Hehe. The most important thing is, it was not so cheesy and I can eat it over and over again. Yummy~

It was quite easy, but need to be patience a bit coz you have to layer it one by one. First you have to put the lasagna sheet, then the beef bolognese, followed by the cheese cheddar, then the white sauce. And repeat it again till you put the beef bolognese and mozarella cheese on top. Then put it in the oven for about 30 minutes and done!!

For the beef bolognese, I just use the same recipe as I did for the spaghetti. And for the white sauce, just use the fresh milk, flour, a bit of black pepper and pinch of salt. Need to whisk it until it is boil and soupy, then it is ready to be served on the lasagna. 

For the lasagna sheet, just buy the instant one. I used the San Remo's lasagna sheet. Put it in the boiling water and wait till it is soft. Then just follow the steps on how to layer it one by one. Quite easy right?? Go and give it a try!! :-)


  1. looks yummy!
    hmm.. i shud give it a try too kann..??
    mane tau jadi? *dgn penoh harapan*


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  3. nnt share la resipi jue, puding roti tu pn nmpk cam best gak hehehe

  4. nYomeL: cuba cuba.. sure jd nye.. tak susah pon..

    Wallcraft: will visit urs soon.. Thanks a lot..

    NadiaNatasha: resipi nnti jue buat insyaAllah..


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