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Friday, January 21, 2011

SCI Kitchen After Sale Review

I did a review about this SCI Kitchen a long time ago. And I received loads and loads of e-mail asking about their services, workmanship, prices and so many more. I'm so glad that what I wrote in here really useful for some of you. So now I want to share with all of you my experience with the SCI Kitchen after almost a year using their kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.

A few months back, my hubby accidentally drop off the mug with water in it on the kitchen top. Then I don't know how the water got inside the glass of the cabinet. When I carefully looked at it, there was actually an open hole at the corner of the glass. That was why the water can get inside the glass. And for my wardrobe, the soft close was broken. Maybe bcoz Arsyad always play with the sliding doors. So we called the SCI Kitchen and asked them to come over to look it and of course we want them to replace it as it is still under warranty. 

And guess what?? It took them almost 1 month plus to come over and fix the problem. I didn't care about it so much coz i still can cook and use the cabinet. But I'm glad they still came over. And they just checked all the cabinets and did some touch up to all the doors and drawers. They fix the soft close and replace the new glass drawer at my cabinet. 

Overall, they did a great job and I really satisfied with their services beside the calling part. It was irritating to call them over and over again. If you ask me whether you should do the cabinet with them or not, I can't decide it for you. It depends on your budget. But, in terms of their workmanship and services, all I can say is, it is okay and I'm satisfied with it. I cook everyday in my kitchen, and my kitchen cabinet is still look fabulous. As long as you take a really good care of it, the cabinets will last forever, doesn't matter which material you use. So, think and decide wisely.


  1. salam, i really like the design of your kitchen cabinet..modern and simple. would you mind emailing the price of your kitchen cab at My kitchen size is around the same size. Actually, i did a booking with SCI for wardrobe during homedec last year. Now loking around whether nak ambik kitchen cabinet with them or not. TQ.

  2. Salam.. Thanks a lot for ur comment.. I've already e-mail to you.. :-)

  3. salam, zulaikha. betul kata fida. mmg cantik kitchen cabinet rumah u. actually saya pun tgh cari design yang sesuai utk rumah yang baru nak renovate (Desa coalfields, sungai buloh). dapur pun lebih kurang mcm rumah u. Boleh share dgn saya harganya? Trima kasih :)

  4. yess, saya pun nak jgk price list kitchen u ni.. if you don't mind: Thanks..

  5. salam..
    I baru bayar deposit for kian u still have the quotation from your previous survey? Tengah pening nak proceed ke tak.Btw, nice kitchen;)

  6. mmm.. cantik nyer...boleh email price? diorg bg i soft close n dish rack free.. tu jer.. u?

  7. salam. boleh email detail harga u dapat.. cantik dapur.. saya pun tengah survey jugak , lagi 3,4 bulan insyaAllah dapat kunci rumah.. thanks. salam.

  8. madam zu, if u dun mind..can u email the quotation from the SCI email address is thank you so much for your kind information..really great!!


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