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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arsyad's Hobby!!

Since Arsyad was still a small baby, he always love car more than any other toys, and till today he still loves car. I don't know how does that happen. Maybe bcoz his papa bought and collect all the Ferrari cars before he was born. Then it becomes his favorite too. Boley ke camtu?? Haha.

And with all the collections he has, he started to learn more things now. He started to make a looong queue with all the cars that he had. He even make a looong queue with other things too, the trains, helicopters, airplanes, lorry and lots more. I don't know where he learns to do that, but he is learning new skill every single day.. and I'm glad looking at the progress!! I'm the one who raise him from the very 1st day of his life, and I still can't believe it!!

Here he is trying to make a straight line of cars. Sorry for the bad pictures' quality, just snap using my phone.

Need to make sure all are in line.. 

 Then started to count, 1 2 3 4 5..

Continue to make a longer line..

Then started to throw everything away and start with the helicopters plak..

I think most boys at this stage will play like this, coz my nephew also like that. What about girls? Did they play like this as well?? Hurm~ curious..


  1. alahai so cute! very creative la arsyad ni. irfan likes car too! suka mian macam ni jugak :-)

  2. boys mmg suke kot main camni.. test their seriation skill.. hehe

  3. cute!! sama ngan my eldest boy khaleef, when he was 2 mmg suka susun the little happy meal toys, all in a row! ;)

  4. sikecik akak pun camni jugakkk, kat ruang tamu tu penuh ngan keta menan dia, tu blom bwk masuk dlm bilik tdo, seblom masuk tdo, kena kemas katil dulu, penuh dgn keta menan dia

  5. bnyk nye cars.....auntie nak pinjam satu boleh?

  6. syiqim: mmg boys camni kot.. hehe

    mamasyaza: pejam mata je la tgk toys merata2.. hehehe

    cikayu: boley2..hehe


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