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Monday, December 7, 2009

After 17 days of silence...

Hi peeps!! It's quite some time since my last update huh.. Lots of things happened, my baby and i down with fever, Hari Raya Aidiladha, and some family matters.. So, plus this and that i didn't able to update my blog (padahal many excuses!!)..

Btw, my lil one can walk already, to be exact when he was 10 and half months old.. Now, he is still learning to stabilize himself while walking.. U know what i mean.. hehe.. But, he can walk far enuf nowadays, sometimes from my room to the living, quite far actually.. He will not give up eventho he knew he will always fall down.. He already master in climbing up the stairs, just give him few seconds, tup tup dh sampai atas.. hahaha.. Seriously, he can climb so damn fast!! But, going down.. a big NO.. He still doesn't know how to get down properly..

Di pagi Raya Aidiladha..
Hope it's still not too late to wish
Salam Aidiladha to all Muslims..
He is so talkative especially in front of his mama n papa.. Others?? Hurm~ depends on his mood.. Eventho we didn't understand what is actually he was talking about, but we still pretending that we do understand so that he won't stop talking.. He likes to pretend talking on the phone.. Everytime i said "Hello", he'll put the phone at his ear.. He'll only do that with handphones okay.. So, actually he can differentiate which one is handphone and which one is not.. He loves to play with his papa, suke giler2 nye okay.. Sampai gelak kaw2 nye.. hahaha.. Really love watching both of them playing and laughing together.. So damn cute and funny too!!

Muka demam..

Lembik je.. Poor baby :(
Enuf about my baby.. Another 20 days before he turns to big 1.. Huh cepatnye!! Tup tup dah 1 year old dah my baby.. Hurm~ Dun know whether we have time to do a little celebration for his birthday.. Just wait and see..

Mama & Arsyad yg demam..
Arsyad's trying to smile.. sian anak mama ni..
We still didn't pack our stuff.. Lots and lots of things need to be put in the box.. I need to do all those things coz if i let my hubby does it, alamatnye tak jumpe la brg2 tu semua nnti bile nk unpack.. hahaha.. So damn lazy to do that, but then i've no choice.. We just have 2 weeks time to pack before we move out to our home sweet home.. Alhamdulillah, everything are almost done.. Just wanna call up the plumber for the water filter and water heater installation, call up the cleaner to clean up our house.. Then, we're good to move in.. I didn't manage to snap our new house's picture.. InsyaAllah will do so once we move in.. Just a simple renovation, but i love it very much.. Can't wait for the curtain!! :)

Today is actually My Sweet Darling Hubby's 27th birthday.. Happy Birthday honey!! I love u so much.. Sorry coz i've no surprise for u this year.. Tak sempat nk pk and plan for anything.. But, I'll make it up to u later kay baby~ And the most important thing is i always pray for u.. InsyaAllah, as long as hidup kita diberkati and dirahmati Allah, everything will be fine.. Mmmmuuuaahhhhhss~ Love u Love u Love u.. haha.. Jgn muntah sudah.. :P

Ok, enuff for now.. Need to start packing.. Yeah~ U can do it Jue!!! hahaha..


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