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Monday, December 21, 2009

Blogging @ Our New Home

We just moved in all our stuff yesterday, but then we didn't sleep here coz so damn tired to unpack and clean up a bit.. I know it will take some times for us to unpack, but I can't sleep with all the mess.. Just like now, it is almost 3 am in the morning, and my eyes are still wide open.. Actually I'll be like that, difficult to sleep at new places.. Luckily Arsyad was not like that.. Hehe..

I'm glad everything went smoothly.. We paid RM280 for the lorry plus 5 men to pick up all our stuff.. Eventho it was so damn tired, but we were so damn excited.. Finally, we've our own house!! InsyaAllah, by time goes by, we'll furnish our house with all the lovely cabinets, wardrobes and furniture..

We're still waiting for our curtain, InsyaAllah it'll be installed on 3rd or 4th January 2010.. Huh~ next year tuh!! Haha.. Padahal lagi 2 minggu jek.. :P Owh~ btw, Arsyad will turn to big 1 on 27th Dec.. Waaa!! So fast!! We didn't plan anything on what to do on his birthday.. Dun have so much time to plan for his birthday celebration.. But, I'll try my best to do something special on his big day.. Dun wanna miss that moment.. :D

Maybe i should put Arsyad's wishlist on what he wants on his birthday.. Hahaha.. This is what he loves from my observation.. "So, aunties and uncles, please give me these on my birthday.. I would really appreciate it coz I love to have them all in my new room that mama and papa prepared for me.."
  • Thomas's Train Set - I love to play with Abg Zafran's Thomas's train set.. He even has lots and lots of trains, not just Thomas and his frens.. I love watching all the trains steam along the track..
picture -google-
  • Books - Mama always read me a story and sing all kinds of nursery rhymes to me.. Owh I really love to see all the colorful books.. Any books, either big or small, I will surely love to read all of them.. hehe..
  • Start Walk and Ride - I'm still learning on how to walk, still trying to stabilize myself.. I think this toy is good for me to learn on how to walk properly, and once i expert in walking, I can ride on it.. Isn't it fun? 2 in 1 toy.. hehe..

picture -google-
  • Barney & Friends DVD - I'm truly a hardcore fan of Barney.. Did i tell u that? So, any DVD as long as it Barney's, I'll watch it again and again sampai mama muntah.. hahaha..
picture -google-
  • Neck Pillow - I really need one of this.. Especially when i fell asleep in my car seat.. At least with this pillow, it can support my neck every time i fall asleep.. No need for mama to hold my head all the time.. :D
picture -google-

"I dun know what else I want for my birthday.. Hurm~ But I do know that I always want my mama and papa to be around me all the time, especially mama.. I can't leave without them!! Hehe.. Love both of u sooo much.. mmmmuuuaaahhhsss~"

Okay, enuff Arsyad.. Go back to sleep coz mama wanna sleep too.. Love u too baby..


  1. arsyad is almost 1! yeay!!!!
    wah dah pandai ekk.. siap ade wishlist sendiri lagi :D

  2. Wah, dah pindah!!! Can't wait to move in too.. Target within this next one month la.. my parents advised that it is good to move in Muharram..

  3. fizamior: haa tu la kejap jek dh nak setahun.. tu mcm wishlist mama jek..haha

    Noris: aah dh moved in.. Mmg plan dh pindah awal Muharram, tu yg pindah jugak eventho tak lengkap lg dlm umah tuh..hehe..


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