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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Astro Sucks!!

I hate Astro!! We've paid more to watch their programmes, but then their services are sucks!! We can't watch our tele today coz no signal at all!! Eventho the weather is just fine, takde ribut petir, hujan lebat, but still NO SIGNAL!!

Hubby did call their service centre in case our account got problem what not.. But then, the operator said our account is active, no remaining unpaid.. Then he asked whether it is raining at our place.. Haaiiyooo!! Kalau hujan, takde la plak aku nak complain!! After a while, tried taking out the card, switch on and off the decoder, but still "Current Services Are Not Available".. The operator then said their technician need to come over to our house to check what is the problem.. We thought that it will be free.. haha.. Jgn harap la kan!! Need to pay RM50 to them, just to come here and check what is the problem.. Belom tau lg ade problem ke tak tuh, jp agi kene tukar tuh tukar nih, mampus kene bayar lg.. haha..

So how i'm gonna watch the tele?? Takde dh ke company lain nk compete ngan Astro nih, that can offer cheaper rates and better servies?? Like Air Asia vs MAS, DIGI vs CELCOM or MAXIS.. Ggggrrrrrr!!!


  1. ada.. tunggu TM offer HSBB ada tv on demand!! price wise maybe mcm astro but channel mungkin hundreds of them..

    just wait sampai infra dah ade kat Subang Galaxy tu yeeeeee... :)

  2. Hahahha... sabar je lah.... semua org dah kena beb... makan hati berulam jantung je lahhh... ^_^

  3. Tu la.. Rase nk terminate jek, coz i rase most of the time i watch Barney & Frens.. haha.. Tp, hubby of coz takle coz nk tgk bola.. Sabar je la..

  4. ha betul2!!! agreed! sgt teruk... been in that situation also

  5. Hurm.. nak buat camane.. nak tanak kene subscribe jugak astro kan, we've no choice.. Lain la klau mmg tanak tgk tv lgsg.. huhu~


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